понеделник, 25 август 2014 г.


Все още лятото е в сила. Ходим боси, с дрехи без ръкави, спим само с чаршафи, крием се под сенките, срещаме се с приятели на чаша кафе или бира по-често от обикновено, разхождаме се повече, планираме късни отпуски или поредните краткотрайни бягства сред природата... Но напоследък започнах да усещам едно леко безпокойство... Поглеждам плахо към календара и виждам как септември необратимо наближава. Ами време му е! Пък и си личи...

It's still summer.  We are barefoot, wearing clothes without sleeves, sleeping without blankets, hiding under big shadows, meeting friends more often than usual for a cuppa or just to drink beer together, even planning late holiday trips... But I have recently begun to feel some  kind of disturbance... And looking at the calendar it was all clear - September's nearing!  So many signs for that...

По-рано се стъмнява. Вечер захладнява. Свободни места за коли около блока ни отново няма. Ремонтите зачестиха (не че са спирали!). Рекламите за новата учебна година заваляха. Кестените прегоряха. Някои дървета започнаха незабелязано да пожълтяват. Все по-често се носи миризма на печени чушки, а сладоледът стои недоизяден във фризера... Листовките за закупуване на дърва за огрев пълнят пощенските кутии. Последните щъркели отлитат (колко много бяха тази година!) С две думи - идва есента.

Evenings come earlier. It's chilly at night. There are no more free car places in front of our block. Some of the trees have already yellow leaves. The commercials for the new school year are everywhere (it begins on 15th of September). The ice cream stays in the fridge, while one can feel more often the smell of roasted peppers in the air.:) The last storks leave their nests... In conclusion - Autumn is coming.

И ми е тъжно този път. Заради лекотата и леснината, с която се живее на лято. (Въпреки че не е моят сезон. Въпреки че не обичам горещините.) 

And I'm feeling sad and sorry that this summer is almost over.
Because... Living is somehow easy and pleasant. (Although it's not my season - I can't bear the hot weather.)

Заради свободното време, което ще ми липсва. (Толкова сладко и зареждащо за всеки следващ проект, а те не спряха през последните месеци!)

Because... I had free time - making me feel fine, helping me get closer to myself, inspiring and recharging between the several projects our family theatre group organized and participated in during the last few months.

Заради къщата ни, пълна с оживление, радост и обич. (Много скоро отново ще сервираме масата само за двама... А това е нещо ново, с което не мога да свикна.:(( )

Because... Our home is full of life, joy and love! (Very soon we'll serve the table for two again! Something new in our life, that I still can't get used to!:((  )

Но пък знам, че есента ще е пищна - на цветове, аромати и вкусове. На дим и прохлада, на галеща топлина и свежест след дъжд, на красиви сенки и чудни отражения в локвите. На птици в полет. И отново в блоговете ще споделяме от красиви по-красиви мигове.
А един ден, когато вече няма да можем да вървим дълго и ръцете ни може би ще треперят, за да държат фотоапарата, тези спомени, подреждани сега с ентусиазъм, ще ни връщат назад в живота ни - към любими хора, вълнуващи моменти и толкова много красота... 

But I know that it will be a gorgeous autumn - rich in colours, smells and tastes. A lovely mixture of smoke, caressing sun, fresh air, flock flights, whimsical shadows and beautiful reflections after rain. And we will share our new precious moments in our blogs again.
And a day will come, when we won't be able to make long walks anymore or our hands won't have the strength to hold the cameras... So then, we'll come back to these precious memories of our lives, gathered here with so much enthusiasm. And we'll enjoy the exciting moments, the beauty and the faces of our beloved ones, kept here... Shared with you...

И за някои от нас сред тях ще е тазгодишното лято.:)

For some of us this summer will be among these memories.:)

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  1. обич за теб, за вас! сред най-любимите ми хора на света сте! <3

    1. И ти, миличка Ясмина! Тъкмо видях последните ти снимки... Така съжалявам, че не се видяхме! ххх

  2. A post that captures that melancholy that is a good melancholy. It has been quite a summer but we too have Autumn in the air. Blackberries and apples, brown leaves and the loss of our summer birds, who have fled south now.

    1. Oh, Charlotte! You made the picture of the coming Autumn richer, thank you! Maybe we will all draw it together?:)
      But still, I hope there's a lot for you to enjoy in the rest of August!

  3. Rossichka, you paint this picture well, of a time when one season yields to the next. We still hold many dear memories of summer, and perhaps wish to add more summer memories. Yet. Every time that we venture outdoors all the signals are there. The daylight hours grow shorter. Things seems a bit crisper.

    Pretty soon, we will have to find our socks, and put our sandals away. xo

    1. Yes, the summer is outdoors, but I'm getting more and more anxious...:)
      But you are right, Frances - there's still time for adding some new memories! And I hope Thursday will be such a day for us both!:D

  4. What beautiful and melancholic words! Saying goodbye to the summer is so hard, allthough autumn is my favorite season. You know you must soak in the warmth and the free barefoot life, because soon rain, cold and darkness take over. The period of transition is exciting.
    Your pictures are great and I love to see so many personal things, like your Tove Jansson book, your flower shoes, the sandy heart (on your sons back?), your food, piglet, and i love the pics of yourself! Your hair is so beautiful! The color of autumn leaves.
    Love, Hedwig

    1. Piglet always accompanies me, when I travel. But I have never ever taken photos of it in the different places, towns and countries we have visited together. So I decided - better late than never!:))
      I've just come back from a one day family "escape" to a small village - in peace and quiet; only we, the sun, white clouds, light wind, birds, crickets and a deliiiiiicious dinner under the stars:)))
      Thanks for being my friend!xxx

    2. Oh, that sounds wonderful: diner under the stars! I am happy for you, my good friend!!!!

  5. hey what happened here? I left a lengthy comment and disappeared !!!!
    oh !!!!!!!!!! Anyway I forgot to say that I love the elephant !!! and the "man-leave"

  6. Here i go again word by word:
    You write, and describe the transition between summer and fall, such a poetic way, that I was almost there.
    Rossichka understand your melancholy words perfectly, because in addition to the change of season, I suppose your son returns to his studies, and once again you house will empty places (empty of his presence, his voice, his smell) No it's easy, I know very well. But that's life. In addition, the change of seasons, spring-summer-autumn-winter makes us feel refreshed. perhaps fall makes us feel that a year went, but then the spring, tells us that life goes on, I could not live in those countries in which, throughout the year is summer, or all year is winter. I like the change. Fortunately, the fall and winter, not make me sad, I like and enjoy both the cold and the summer heat.
    I read your answer to Hedwig, you've noticed a few comments on your blog. I think it's not summer. I think the "phenomenon blog" ceased to be a novelty, and people go to Face Book or other social networks. I also have very few comments, but I still like to draw for my blog. I do not often due to time, but not by disinterest.
    Ok. i wish you a nice week end and send to you and Husband a warm hug!!!!

  7. I send you both sunny hugs from the last summer day, too!:)
    Well, I haven't thought of that and I suppose you are right about Facebook, Twitter and others... But what to do? I will remain here, in Blogland, simply because I love it! I continue to think it is a very special place for sharing experiences, feelings, reflections; for finding kindred souls and people who inspire you; for seeing the unseen, for learning new things... The leading force (at least for me) is following my interests, discovering new ones and following them, too...Don't you think that the comments we write are like letters sometimes? While in Facebook people mostly chat (but that's my opinion). Nevermind, I hope that we'll continue to meet here, even if this doesn't happen as often as it used to be...
    Me, I like the change of seasons, too. And you are right about autumn - it' will bring us again that sense of emptiness... But that's life. And this is a new page of it for each one of us, a page that waits to be written.:0)

    1. Yes, my intention is to continue showing some things I do, through my blog. although many are gone. I think people keep coming and watching, but are lazy to leave a comment.
      A kiss and a hug! :)

    2. :)
      Yes, people are a bit lazy and busy with family matters and having a rest during this part of the year. We'll see whether something will change in the next few months! xox

  8. Dear friend how long do not talk to you. Our My life has changed so much. Trips, courses, exhibitions ... But never forget you.
    Your blog is always a beauty, tasteful, super neat. I will organize myself better in order not to lose his post as always dear Bye Mariacininha

    1. Dear Maria, I hope you enjoy your life changes. Exhibitions, courses - that sounds so nice! I wish you a lot of sucess and inspiration!
      Thanks for your kind words!:) I love visiting your blog with your wonderful papercuts so much!:)

  9. such a lovely summers journey with you. so much fun, good fun, great places and fun arts, great people, thoughts and dreams of life. thank you for sharing your beauty!

    1. I'm glad this beauty reached you! Yes, this summer's journeys were full of nice surprises and so much fun!!

  10. A lovely post Rossi :) 'm not good in the very hot sun but I'm very sad the summer's at an end too. Our term started today and I'm not ready for autumn yet no matter how beautiful it might be. I shall enjoy being able to blog again regularly and to visit you here.
    Jess x

  11. I'm a little bit sorry, too that these are the last summer days/weeks. We had "normal" temperatures this year - around 30-34 degrees C instead of the habitual for our town 40-45 degrees C. That's why it was not a torture for me to breathe and to sleep.:)
    There're lots of trees around our block. I like to watch the dancing shadows of the leaves (still green!) before sunset! Next month everyting will change...
    See you!:)xx