събота, 6 септември 2014 г.


Преди няколко дни, при разчистването на стари вещи, попаднах на мои забравени рисунки, грижливо прибрани от скъпите ми родители! И умората в миг се изпари! Като дете много обичах да прерисувам илюстрации от любимите си книжки. 

Some days ago I stumbled upon completely forgotten old drawings of mine, carefully preserved by my dear parents! When I was a little girl, I had  a passion for re-drawing illustrations from children's books. 

Тези музиканти, например,  съм ги прерисувала на около четири годишна възраст.

I was about 4-years old when I re-drew these funny musicians (the picture has a date).

А книжката с френски приказки ми беше любима на 9-11 години. Илюстрациите  й - черно-бели. Ако я намеря, ще ги снимам.

I remember that when I was 9-11 years old, I loved to read a book with French fairytales. The illustrations were in black and white.

Преди няколко години публикувах подобни рисунки тук.

Some years ago I posted other re-drawings here. 

П.П. Първата и последната рисунки са мои "илюстрации" В книжка с поезия за деца!:D Доколко стихотворенията са детски, от позицията на днешния ден, е тема за размисъл... "Ние се събуждаме с усмивки" от Николай Зидаров, изд."Български писател" 1963 г.  
(Снимките "не искат" да се обърнат и това си е...)

P.S. The first and the last drawings are my "illustrations" IN a very old book with poetry for children!:D
(The pics don't "want" to rotate...)

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  1. Rossichka, I am so glad that your parents have preserved these early drawings. How wonderful to see what a talented artist you were at that young age. I love the use of colors and the way in which you did your own adaptations of favorite storybook characters.

    It seems to me that you were already forming some ideas that would grow into your unique take on puppetry and story telling, as you were growing up in a creative family.

    Lovely! xo

  2. Thank you, Frances, for the kind words about my parents! My father was a surgeon and neurosurgeon, my mother - a teacher in French, but they both had gifts for arts. So that's how they raised my brother and me - with a special attitude towards music, balley, drawing... I'll be forever thankful for that experience that is surely among the main reasons which have led me to puppet art!:)xo

  3. These drawings are very good, even though you've redrawn. The sense of form, yet the perspective you had it since childhood. Do not have continued to draw now that are a little more adult? :)
    Never is too late !!! :))))

  4. Thanks, Roberto! Maybe I will try, just for pleasure. I've bought a big book showing different techniques of drawing. Watercolours are tempting me, maybe because I didn't learn this at school. We'll see...:) A big smile for your day!!

    1. Rossichka, all you do you must to do for pleasure! :) have a nice weekend!!! :)

  5. Hello dear Rossi! I love tose musicans! That's a really lively drawing. The others are very sweet. Lots of prinsessas! I can imagine the little girl doing her best with coloring pencils.
    Redrawing is very good exercise. As a kid I didn't exactly redraw, but copy a style, like Disney. Snowwhite and dwarfs, princes and cosy homes. It makes me nostalgic for little girltimes!
    Thanks for sharing and lots of love, Hedwig

  6. Yes, Hedie, it's nostalgic, but sweet and refreshing to go back to "little girl times"! Thanks for visiting! Say "hi!" to your dog-friends!:D xxx

  7. Good Morning dear friend! I saw the photo of your beautiful mother. I am sending a warm hug from my heart to yours! ♥

  8. Thanks for the support and the friendship, Roberto!xox

  9. Rossichka, these are so sweet and beautiful! You can already see what a wondrously creative and thoughtful artist you are. I love the colours and freedom. These are so precious and gave me a huge smile on this grey (but lovely - I like grey :-) London, Saturday morning - thank you! xx

  10. A big thank you with blushed cheeks from a gray and chilly autumn day!:) We are expecting Indian summer the next week-hurrah!:)