четвъртък, 7 август 2014 г.


Ето го продължението на предишния пост. За природата в Широка Лъка и цветовете й, които по вълшебен начен контрастират на белите къщи!

So this is the continuation of my previous post about  Shiroka Laka. See the fantastic way in which colours contrast with the white houses there!
В цветята...
In the flowers...

В боровите гори и танцуващата река...
In the pine forests and the dancing river...

Дори в щипките (признак, че има живот)...
Even in the clothespins (a sign that there's life!)...

Те са във всички онези прекрасности, които отнесох  със себе си, за да се връщам отново и отново към тях, когато ми е студено...
These bright colours are in every single image I brought home, to remember when I am cold...

Или просто когато искам да си спомня магията на чановете !

Or when I just want to hear again the singing bells of the Rhodope mountain - the magical chanove!

Широка Лъка - вълшебство, което няма край!:)
Shiroka Laka - this magical realm is waiting for you!:)

P.S. The interest of my blog-friend Frances provoked me to add another detail to Shiroka Laka - its folklore music traditions. The village is famous for the National high school for folklore arts (singing, playing traditional folklore instruments and folklore dances).
And a little surprise to your attention - the beautiful song "Izlel e Delyo haidutin", which was selected to fly with Voyager spacecraft in 1977! Performing - the incredible Rhodopean singer Valya Balkanska! Hope you'll like it!


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  1. Thank you, there's so much to be seen there!:)

  2. Rossichka, you have indeed shown us a unique place in these two posts. I think that I will have to find some time to do some research to learn even more about Shiroka Laka.

    You have opened a door for me. Many thanks. xo

    1. Oh, I'm so glad I provoked your interest, Frances! I have more posts about Shiroka Luka because of our participation in the same project throughout the years (under the label Shiroka Luka). The village is also famous for its music traditions and the National High school for folklore (singers, instrumentalists and dancers) - http://www.nufi-bg.com/gallery.html
      Here is the Bulgarian folk song that flies in space with Voyager - performed by the Rhodopean singer Valya Balkanska.

  3. Hi Rossi! You take very good pictures. I congratulate you!
    This small village is very beautiful no doubt.
    I liked the Bulgarian flok song somehow reminded me of a Spanish Celtic music, and singing, something Portuguese, that I have heard.
    I do not understand why the video has pictures of the planets?
    OK. good weekend !!! and thank you very much for your comment! :)

  4. Our folk music is very specific, though this particular song sounds somehow different to me. It was launched with Voyager spaceship in 1977 in a golden disc with music from different countries on Earth. Just in case some civilization finds it one day...:)))))))
    You can read some brief information in the beginning of the video.

  5. Dear Rossichka, your country is very beautiful, but you have a good eye for the pittoresque! Your pictures are beautiful! I love the details you put in the spotlight. The flowers against an old wall or finding their way between the stony path. I love clothlines with laundry, but just the pins is nice too. I am always touched by hanging laundry and you put words to it: It means there is human life!
    Thanks for another great impression of your country!
    Hugs and kisses, hedwig

    1. Dear Hedie, you feel me from one word, from one photo!:) Thank you, my friend! To be honest, I am a little bit disappointed and rather sad, that nearly no one has commented here (either because Blog life is not very intense in summer, or because my recent posts are not that interesting for the others)... I am sorry if most of my followers haven't seen the beauties I wanted so much to share. But your comment, as well as the rest, are enough to know that I have taken you a step further into my world, revealing you the beautiful nature of Bulgaria.:))) Stay tuned, because a new post is "knocking at the door"! With love!!

    2. I think its because of the summer that there are less comments than usual. Life is a bit disorganised in the holiday season. My comment came late too, because I was busy with a house full of guests. Don't take it personal, your post is interesting as always!!!

    3. :) xxxx
      I wish you many more unforgettable summer days and nights!

  6. Hi Rossichka, so many beautiful photos you have this time to share with us, what a beautiful country you have!
    To walk with you and discover so many beautiful things and moments, this is the best food for any soul on Earth,
    Wish you and all your Friends a very nice day!!

    1. Oh, Ale, I have never thought that my blog and personality can have such an influence on someone, but Thank you!:) I am glad to know that you liked this small place in the Rhodope mountains! It really has a specific charm.
      Have a wonderful weekend - you and your family! And say "hi!" to Fox and Birdie!:D