петък, 21 септември 2012 г.


Ден преди настъпването на анстрономическата есен, кратък спомен за лятото...

One day before the autumnal equinox, let's remember this year's summer...
Снимките са черно-бели, защото в най-голямата августовска жега изпитах желание да уталожа малко пищността на цветовете наоколо и да видя града си по нов начин...

My pics are in black and white, because one August afternoon I tried to cool down the emotions from the feast of colours, blue sky and hot sun rays. And to see the inner beauty of  my town...


Все пак ще завърша с малко цвят. Ето какви подаръчета измайсторихме у дома...
And now... a colourful ending. Here's what we made for the giveaway....
Съпругът ми - за Ясмина. Останахме засмени, смутени, очаровани и истински щастливи от това, че сме я зарадвали и е намерила местенце за красотите на Вълшебната Стена с творения на Еличка и Деничка!!

My husband - for Yasmina. We didn't expect such a sweet "thank you!" and felt really happy, smiling widely, with souls, full of joy and delight!

И моите бижута. Те пристигнаха в Португалия само за седмица. Вижте по какъв невероятен начин Fados do lar съобщи за това в блога си!! 

And my necklaces. They reached Portugal in a week.See the amazing way in which Fados do lar shared her joy with us!!

Утре посрещаме есента. Любим или не, това е безспорно един красив сезон. Затова ви пожелавам да почерпите сила от ароматите, вкусовете и цветовете му! Да складирате добро настроение, здраве и вдъхновение за зимата... 

Tomorrow some of us will meet Autumn, others - Spring! I'm sure we will all enjoy these beautiful seasons and they will bring us energy, inspiration and lots of smiles!:))

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  1. много е красиво лятото така в черно-бяло :))) а моите бижута не спирам да си ги слагам, Гуцинде също много ги хареса и иска да ми ги открадне :)))))

  2. Нали? Аз не ползвам "услугите" на Photoshop - сигурно би могло да се поизсветли, например, тук-таме. Но сенките показват, че е слънчево! И това ми стига. Всъщност виж колко нюанси на сивото има!
    За малката госпожица ще има мънички бижута. Догодина, живот и здраве да е!:)))Цункай я!

  3. Задали са се доста слънчеви дни - така че летните бижута още ще са актуални. Радваме се, че ти харесват!

  4. It will be autumn here in New York, and some songs sing about this. I always love this season, as the cooler air grants us a bit more energy, while the lingering sunshine still provides life to our plants ... and also to us!

    Cultural events begin to emerge in the coming weeks in this big city, and I aways feel a bit guilty not to be able to indulge my cultural appetites as much as I would wish.

    (Of course, at the same time, I do continue in my own creativity, so perhaps it's good to create, not only partake of the arts?)


  5. Rossichka,black and white photos to see the inner beauty of your city. I had never thought that the black and white photos had this power, but although you don't know your city, I saw more than inner beauty I saw the poetry of everyday life. Beautiful post.

  6. Dear Frances, if Autumn makes you feel full of energy and inspiration, then it's the best time to let your own creativity bloom!:)
    Here this is a very active art season, too, with lots of cultural events: theatre, opera and ballet premieres, exhibitions, concerts, different kinds of festivals. I'm going in an hour to attend such an event, in which my husband and son participate. Maybe I'll have a post about it (if I take good pics)!
    Enjoy Autumn!:)

  7. "The poetry of everyday life..." I think you are right, Maria! Thank you! In fact these are random photos, taken in the park and around it, where I had some job to do that day. I could have been elsewhere. Now I plan to go out for an autumn "black and white" photo-walk - some day in October.
    Have a marvellous Spring!:)

  8. Such lovely pictures and a great idea to cool them down :D

  9. I wasn't sure someone would like the idea, so THANK YOU!:))))

  10. such wonderful photographs, dreamy wonderful
    and your shell jewelry is charming, lovely gifts

  11. Thank you, Tammie! I didn't use "Photoshop" - the photos are just what they are!I simply caught some moments, passing through the park:)
    I'm glad I sent joy to the two ladies...

  12. Lovely to see your town "cooled down" in black and white snippets, especially the foliage shots... And a lovely colourful ending with the sweet stone jewelry. I really must try to make some one day. Anything's possible eh? :)

  13. Yes, you are so skilful, that your attempts would be successful!:) I'm glad that you liked the photos, the idea of the "cooled down" town amidst the Autumn heat... Thank you!

  14. Hi, R. always I love your interpretations. I do not like analysis, people who analyze works of art (or whatever), they may be frustrated artists, but an interpretation is something all of us can do, is about what we feel when we see what we see, no?
    I'm reading a book called Cain of the Portuguese writer Jose Saramago, and that inspired me this illustration, (maybe I should do more)
    oh when I told you: say yes
    I was referring about that you paint more stones, and show it on your blog! ha ha, that's all!
    I love your black and white photos, I like the photo of the shadow, and the buildings!
    greetings, hugs and kisses! :)))))))))))))))))))))

  15. Hello! I don't know Jose Saramago's books, but I read about him in Internet and found out that his "Blindness" is translated in Bulgarian. Maybe I'll read it one day... As far as I understand he's, interested in the biblical theme, so I see why you were provoked for your drawing!)
    When I have the feeling, I will draw some more pebbles, for sure, but now I'm "on another wave"! Thanks for encouraging me!
    I'll take some more photos in black and white, too! I think that portraits become terrific, much better than in colour!

    A big hug!:))))

  16. Pretty days you have there!

    My aunt has a small house in Bulgaria, I should visit her there one day to see your beautiful country.

    Highly I recommend that Blindness-book by Jose Saramago, one of the strongest books for me.

    Have a calm weekend!

  17. Hello!
    Oh, what a news!!! It would be lovely to meet you here, in Bulgaria, one day!:)) I suppose your aunt's house is in a beautiful region!
    Well, I'll do my best to find the book and read it...

    Have a wonderful weekend, too!:)

  18. много ви обичам, дазнаеш!!!!! :))))))