петък, 31 август 2012 г.


Преди три години през август се роди моят блог. Много вода изтече оттогава, а аз все така му се радвам. И обичам чрез него да плувам в избрани от мен светове на мили, интелигентни, талантливи, творящи хора. Да общувам с тях. Да откривам нови приятели.
Не съжалявам, че го създадох. Не съжалявам за заглавието. Не съжалявам за времето, което му отделям. Защото всяко нещо, което обичаш, се нуждае от грижи.

My blog appeared three years ago, in August. I was so proud then. And glad. And full of sweet expectations. Today, I'm still happy to have it. It's the place where I meet so many kind, good-hearted, talented, intelligent people. I love to "talk" with them and to find new friends.
I don't regret about anything - the title, the posts, the hours that I've "lost" here. Because everything you love, needs time and cares.

Август е най-активният месец за почивка у нас. Но аз пак не стигнах до морето. Затова синът ми се опита да ми го "донесе" вкъщи със серия от приказни снимки...

Most Bulgarians choose the month of August for spending their vacations at the seaside. Here're some of the photos, taken by my son, revealing our incredibly beautiful Black Sea...

По случай третата годишнина на блога, искам да направя МОРСКО подаръче на някого от вас...

So... in order to celebrate the third anniversary of my blog, I would like to make a SEA gift for someone of you.

Това морско камъче, което се превърна в "горско"... :)

This sea pebble, that transformed into a "forest" one... :)
И бижу, сътворено от тези красоти... 

And a piece of jewellery, created from such materials...

Като бижутата, които деца и родители направиха в съботните ни работилнички...

Like the ones, children and parents made in our Saturday workshops...


За да участвате в този giveaway, трябва да сте мой последовател. Споделете с какво ще остане това лято в спомените ви, а също ми кажете какво предпочитате: гривничка или герданче!
В следващия петък ще изтегля името на един от вас. КЪСМЕТ!
И благодаря за подкрепата, приятелството, вдъхновението и за толкова други неща!...

You can enter my giveaway if you are my follower. I'm curious to know what you'll remember this summer with! And, please, tell me what do you prefer: a necklace or a bracelet!
Next Friday I'll choose randomly the name of one of you. GOOD LUCK, EVERYBODY!
And thank you about the support, the encouragement, the friendship, the inspiration and about so many other things!...


П.П. Ще има още един късметлия - за да стане празникът на блога по-весел, съпругът ми ще се включи с негово бижу (аз всъщност се уча от него!)! Ихаа!!! :0-)

P:S: Hurray! My husband just told me he wants to make a piece of jewellery for someone, too. (He is the master, we are learning "how-to" from him.) So... fingers crossed! :0-)

 Friday, 22 o'clock
The entry for my giveaway is closed! I'll publish the winners later this evening.

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  1. Beautiful shots of the Black Sea.
    And I love the shells and hand-made jewelry.
    Great pics.

  2. Hello and thanks for commenting!
    And... what did this summer bring you?:)

  3. Beautiful photos!!, and beautiful hand made jewelry, Lots of good things from this summer for me, nice warm weather, beautiful places to visit, a garden full of flowers and colors, and a great garden with lots of veggies to eat, and the wonderful visit of my youngest son, together we went out to discover the nice city of Montreal!!

    Thanks Rossichka for this great giveaway, congratulations for your 3rd aniversary!! you always give a lot to us, every visit to your blog is an open window to a magic world!! a special thanks for every one of your post and every one of your visits to mine and those wonderful comments, I love to read each one of them, give a speacial thanks to your husband :o)

  4. So you had a summer, rich in colours and emotions!:)
    Thank you, Ale, for your nice, friendly words! It's always a pleasure to feel your "presence", to exchange thoughts and smiles, to dream up together different stories!:)))

  5. Прекрасни морски снимки! Нареждам се и аз в томболата :)))) Прегръдки на всички ви!

  6. Включена си! Ама ще ми отговориш ли на някой от въпросите...?:)хх

  7. Good morning from New York. I have often visited your delightful site, traveling from Gretel's Middle of Nowhere.

    Today, I have treated myself to connecting as a Follower. I am looking forward to seeing your future posts. Once upon a time, I studied the Russian language for about two years. I have forgotten just about everything, but might be able to revive some memories through your generous dual translations.

    Best wishes.

  8. Hello, Frances! I have also visited your blog, knowing you via Gretel's "Middle of Nowhere". Welcome as a follower, it's a pleasure for me! The Bulgarian language is different from the Russian, but we use the Cyrillic alphabet and we have similar words. Still, you could try to read - every letter should be pronounced!:)
    Do you want to enter my giveaway?

    До свиданья!:)

  9. Altough i've only discovered your blog some time ago, i'm glad to know that you share posts already for 3 years! I can definetly relate to your words about the blog connection networks that grows all over the years. The share and the the knowlodge behind the blog-life is truly fantastic.

    Great colors and atmosphere on those Black Sea photos. We can really smell summer!

    The pieces of Sea jewelry made in the Saturday workshops are so nice!

    I don't know if you can consider people abroad to enter the giveaway, but if so, i'd be pleased to enter. :) Necklaces are my favourite, i guess. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Of course that you can enter my giveaway, it's open for everybody! Besides, only two or three Bulgarians comment here (I don't know how many read it)... I'm so glad you liked the jewellery and the photos! Our Black Sea coast is really VERY beautiful - this is the whole Eastern part of the country.
    I agree that we learn so many things through blogging - about the others, about the world, about ourselves!
    Have a wonderful new week!:)

  11. My dear friend. I was with some more work and I do not visited my friends in the last few days. What a beautiful sea have in your country, almost a swimming pool!
    and beautiful photographs of your son!!!
    Congratulations for the three years of your blog! I think also my birthday (my blog)is in these days
    oh, your husband is a great craftsman, I have the luck to have one of his creations, tell him please that I send a hug!!!!
    and tell your son that him he's a great photographer,(I think he already know) and for you a kiss and a hug!!!

  12. Oh, sorry, I forgot to say thanks for your comment, I love your interpretations!!! :)))))))))))

  13. My husband and son send you their "thank you!", Roberto! You are so kind.
    I supposed your silence had a reason. I hope you are feeling delighted with the work done.
    What about the Black Sea - we are lucky to have it. It's not that small at all - it washes the shores of several countries. You can have a look here, including the well-known resorts -


    Did Spring come?:) xx

  14. It's my pleasure! You always provoke me to think while admiring your paintings!:))))

  15. What a pity that I'm so far, and my last summer as well. Many kisses beautiful landscapes

  16. But the new one will come. With new wonders and joyful moments!:)x

  17. Hello! I discovered your blog recently and I really enjoy it :))) Cheers

  18. I'm glad to hear that...:)So, what was this summer for you?

  19. It was a great summer in Brest, my city. In July, there was a big party on the port: a large gathering of boats, it was very beautiful, with lots of music and fireworks. I saw Sansévérino in concert and I loved it. He is a French singer, guitarist, inspired by gypsy music. I started participating in "illustration friday" and I drew a lot for my blog :))) See you!!!

  20. I loooove it, you are so talented!!!!

    a big big hello from Spain,