петък, 7 септември 2012 г.


Hello, everybody! It's time to announce the winners. I wrote down the names of those who had entered the giveaway. I put them in this charming (and sweet smelling!) souvenir from Argentina.
Then I chose this one...
And it is...
FADOS DO LAR!... Congratulations!

Now it was my husband's turn to make his choice.
ЯСМИНА!.... Честито!

... FADOS DO LAR will receive this pebble...

...and a necklace, made by me.
While ЯСМИНА will receive a piece of jewellery, made by my husband. Какво си избираш, Ясминка? Гривничка или герданче?

Please, give me your addresses, so that I could send you the gifts!!(My e-mail is in the blog.)

Thanks for participating and for the lovely comments, dear friends!! I'll have another giveaway till the end of the year!:)

Have a lovely weekend, all of you!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. I'm sorry about the quality of the photos - it's almost midnight here, so the light is not good, but I'm so impatient...:)

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  1. ооооооооооооооооо, изобщо не очаквах такъв огромен късмет!!! много съм щастлива!!!!! и се извинявам, че нямах време да напиша за лятото, но Яна непрекъснато ме дърпа нанякъде и немога да се съсредоточа :) ЕЕЕЕх, че хубавооооооооо :)))) ами избирам си каквото ми избере бай Илия, все ще е вълшебно! Прегръщам ви силно и двамата!!!!!

  2. Пък и кой те избра!:))) Лятото? Ти толкова много снимки и думи му посвети, че "всичко ми е ясно" - любов голяма!!
    Чакам адреса. А сега - отиваме да мързелуваме, похапнем и пладнуваме в стара селска къща на мнооого красиво място извън града!

  3. I want to compliment you on the beautiful green papers used for the drawing. It is so similar to the other beautiful greens you use as back grounds for these posts. Really lovely!

    Best wishes.

  4. Rossichka! you have an authentic Argentine mate! Do you know how it is used? I can send you some information by mail, just tell me.
    OK, Congratulations to the winners!
    and thank you very much for your comment. my house is really very small, we moved to live in the mountains since 8 years ago, and really all the objects we had in the other house, do not fit into this. We always liked the old furniture and antiques, and have been buying throughout the years.
    and others we inherited.
    OK, no more talk, good weekend! :))))))))))))))

  5. Frances, I have never thought that someone might be impressed by the colour design of my blog... Thank you! I've chosen green, maybe because I like it. I regret that I can't make my own interface of the blog (I don't know how, although I have ideas), so I used a ready template...

  6. Roberto, it'll be nice if you tell me more about the use of the cup for mate! It has a cap and is made from sandalwood.We have it from Mendoza.
    We buy new and new objects all our lives to make our homes cosy and to bring us nice emotions when we use them or simply look at them! And everything inherited from our parents and grand-parents is old and of another, high quality...
    We spent a marvellous Saturday with friends in an old house out of the town. Wish you a wonderful Sunday!!!xx

  7. WOW! :D
    I just read it on my blog today! Huge news! Thank you so very much for it.
    I wasn't expecting at all. It's the first time i ever win a giveaway and i am very glad for it. :D
    Nice luck i had!!! :D Thank you!

  8. Hello! I know what the feeling is, especially the first time when you win a giveaway! Now I'm going to make the improvised jewellery and I hope to send it in a day or two. I'm so glad I brought you joy with the news, I hope you'll like the sea gift!:)
    Have a lovely new week!:D

  9. Only in your blog I could find a beautiful poetic born of a rock and a piece of fabric. Only the eyes of a fairy will be capable of such a feat.


  10. O-oo, Maria, I'm not sure I deserve such beautiful words, but thank you - you warmed my soul!
    By the way, this is not fabric, but a napkin I had around...:)xx