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Mорето пак остана далече... И връзката ми с него изтънява. Но все още я има.
I'm far away from the  Black Sea again. But I can feel it in different ways...
Миналото лято направих този книгоразделител на морска тема за моята приятелка Рози.
Last summer I made this bookmark for my friend Rosi with the sea on my mind.

После, вместо да рисувам на мокрия пясък, рисувах с молив върху морски камъчета.
Later, instead of drawing on the shore, I drew with pencil upon  sea pebbles.
Онзи ден изпитах същото желание. Но този път взех цветните моливи. Я виж ти кой бил тук!:)

A couple of days ago I took the coloured pencils to discover who's hiding in these this summer pebbles. And here they are...

Въпросният  "онзи ден" беше слънчев, но най-после прохладен и, оставила всички задачи настрана, без притеснения и припряно следене на часовника, прекарах няколко часа в сладък безпорядък и страхотно настроение сред бои, четки, моливи и ножици!... Истинска почивка!
So the afternoon I'm talking about, was a small escape from my duties.  I forgot about them, postponed the tasks and dedicated some hours to things that I enjoy, to myself. It was such a lovely mess around me!... But I felt refreshed and happy!

Реших да си направя печати от картоф. Откога се каня... Това е само опит, колкото да пробвам принципа.

I decided to make a potato stamp at last! Just an attepmt to feel how it works...
Не ми се смеете, нали?:)) - Don't laugh at me, please!:)
След това се появи импровизирано конче
An improvised pony appeared then.
Вече е с грива... - With a mane already...

Преди няколко седмици в нашата съботна работилничка рисувахме върху морски камъчета, донесени специално за целта от съпруга ми. Използвахме водни бои.

Some weeks ago children and parents drew upon pebbles in our traditional Saturday workshop.
Две от мострите на съпруга ми - Two of my husband's samples

Моето камъче - My sample

И част от творенията на децата!

And some of the children's pebbles!

Вчера пък имах  "артистична вечер" - този път в подготовка за новата съботна работилничка. Удоволствието беше огромно. За първи път направих хартиени въртележки. Измислих свой начин и много се забавлявах. Който ме е видял на балкона да "хващам" вятъра, кой знае какво си е помислил!:0)))))
Yesterday I had a Creative Evening. In fact it was a preparation for this Saturday workshop, but I had so much fun! I made pinwheels for the first time in my life. Finding my own way and discovering my "know-how"! Look at them!
Тези, които ме познават, сигурно са забелязали, че много отдавна не съм публикувала хартиени изрезки... Режа, да, но инцидентно. Ножицата ми изчезна (хирургическа, спомен от баща ми!) и сега не мога да си намеря подходяща!!
В главата си имам много идеи и не знам кога, но ще ги реализирам.
Все пак ето няколко фигурки от тази година...
Those of you, who know me, maybe wonder why I don't post new papercuttings. The truth is that I cut very seldom. I don't know exactly why. Maybe everything began with the disappearing of my special scissors! They were surgical and belonged to my father! Now I can't find MY scissors and this stops me in a way... But I know that the numerous paper ideas I have, will "see light" one day!
Still, here are a few papercuttings from this year...
Пожелавам ви много радостни мигове, посветени само на вас!:)

I'm wishing you to "steal" some moments for yourselves and see what will happen!:)

П.П. Виждала съм някъде подобна идея с конче. Като я разработим и изпробваме в работилничката, ще ви покажа резултата.

P.S. I've seen somewhere a similar idea with a horse. We are going to develop it for the workshop and then I  will show you the result!

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  1. What a beautiful day creative! This makes it so well to our heart and our spirit. I loved your discovery hidden in rocks. And also really enjoyed the horse. In days so creative us rescues the child who lives within each of us. Very beautiful!

  2. Such minutes save me! From all the hard moments in my days...
    Thanks, dear Maria!

  3. удивително красиви камъчета, Роси! :))))))

  4. Мерси! Чакам нови от север - и за мен, и за последната лятна работилничка.:)

  5. Thank you! The sea is full of secrets...:)

  6. Carissima Rossichka, è un onore vedere il segnalibro che mi hai regalato sul tuo. Sai che non l'ho messo a dormire dentro il libro, ma l'ho appeso ad una lampada e quando il vento lo fa svolazzare è come se tu mi salutassi!!
    E' bello trovare sempre un po' di tempo per se stessi, perchè è un tempo prezioso per la propria anima e per il proprio benessere!

    Mi piace tanto che hai sfruttato i solchi dei sassi per tirar fuori dei soggetti simpatici.

    Scusa se ti scrivo nella mia lingua, ma non ho il supporto delle mie figlie!

    Buona estate, qui in Italia sarà ancora molto lunga e calda...
    Un abbraccio, Rosi!!!

    PS: quando ti deciderai a venirmi a trovare?!?!

  7. My dear Rosi, how nice to hear from you! And to learn that my bookmark is hanging and playing with the wind...:) My husband is out of town, so there's noone to help me with the translation! That's why I used my online Italian vocabulary and I think that I understood everything you wrote!
    Finding some time for myself was an exception. I realize that I must do it more often, otherwise the fatigue will become bigger...
    The weather here is also very hot - we don't remember such long hot summer! I hope you are enjoying your vacation, before the beginning of the school year!
    Thanks for the invitation!:) It will be so nice to happen one day...:) Hugs from me: Rossi xx

  8. Cara Rossi, hai capito tutto perfettamente!!! Rimango sempre stupita di quanto tu sia brava con le lingue, il tuo inglese è fantastico!.

    A presto con tanto affetto, Rosi

  9. Grazie!:)I blushed... Buona notte! Bonne nuit! Лека нощ! [leka nosht]...:))))

  10. Hello dear friend!!
    I came because I want to be polite, and I want to thank you for your kind comment :)))))))))))))
    now I'm just cold. and unfortunately, a I have lot of work late. I have seen this on post many beautiful things. but I apologize, because my time is very short, so I'll see one by one the pictures and read carefully what you wrote, to leave my comment
    ok?. I am sending you a kiss, a hug and wish you good weekend!

  11. Thanks for spending some minutes of your time for me! Don't hurry - read and write in my blog when you can! First you must recover and then do what has to be done!
    Still I'm very glad to see a sign from you! I hope you are feeling much better today!!!!:)))
    Happy weekend to you, too!xox

  12. Ok, here I am, with the sun inside me again! :))))))))))
    Rossichka, I have read carefully and looked at the pictures carefully.
    My comment obvious: Beautiful work you do with children!!!

    But I have something more to say to you...
    Do you know what I feel?
    I feel that you are a person who teaches others to play and have fun creating ... but you do not spend time for yourself to do the same.
    But I think, that this time, (with stones and with pencils and watercolors, and potatoes) yes, you've done it, you have fun
    and I congratulate you for having done so
    and I ask you please to keep it up. have fun playing.
    I know you're going to say, that you have fun when you are with kids...
    but is not equal, we all must have our time for ourselves.
    that's why I continue with my blog, because it allows me to enjoy myself intimately (turning away from the routine of my day job) and show my fun to my friends :)

    I send to you a big hug and my desire for a good week, and hug your husband, he is a great artist!

  13. Roberto, dear, you are right! I agree that I must find time for myself, time to enjoy creating something just for fun, something that I like. It's very difficult, nearly impossible to do this (because of certain circumstances), but I'll try to do my best!
    Thanks for the friendly attitude and warm care!
    Best wishes for a wonderful week to your family, too! See you!:xx

  14. Dear Rossichka,
    Your pebble's and cuttings are beautiful. You are so creative! Simple things like stones found on the beach, old newspapers, you turn them in something special. It's a gift to see the beauty in 'ordinary' things. You inspire children and the readers of your blog, but it's very good to sometimes retreat and do things only for your own pleasure. You give so much, don't forget to reload your own battery.

  15. Dear Hedwig! (Is this your name?)Thank you so much for the support and the encouragement! I'm not an artist and I don't pretend to be, I simply follow my desires to create something, just for pleasure or out of curiosity... But you are right, I don't spend enough time for myself, I must try to "reload my batteries" more often!:)

  16. so wonderful that you gave yourself the gift of time to play and create, each piece is wonderful to see.

    i hope you find your scissors.... i hope they are simply hiding or misplaced, not lost.... the way i find things.... i feel their spirit and then walk towards that feeling...

  17. Thanks for the nice words, Tammie! We suppose the scissors are misplaced - I was abroad when they disappeared. You gave me hope to find them, thanks again!:)))

  18. oh I agree that it's nice to make the time to do things just for you. it's even important i'd say.

    i really love the transformed stones. they are alive!! what a good thing to do with the family. very relaxing!

  19. I know it's important, but I can't spend as much time as I wish...:((( There're some problems that occupy my days... You should try to draw upon pebbles if you haven't yet - yes, it's really relaxing and funny! I hope you are having a refreshing break, Michele!:)

  20. What a lovely post! So nice to see you having some fun with creativity...those pebbles look great! I hope you get plenty more time like this one. :) oxx

  21. And many more new pebbles, revealing some other worlds...:) My husband brought me a whole bag from the Black Sea!:0)xx

  22. Hi Ross. how is the time for yourself?
    do not forget to take it ;)
    today I have come only to thank you for your comments and wish you a good weekend with your loved ones.
    I guess fall is coming slowly, right?
    here the spring slowly emerges, in some branches which begin to sprout
    but always falls a late frost that burns everything, is like learning with life, only the strongest resist.
    good weekend, you smile and sing funny songs, though, you do not do well, sing funny songs.♫ ♫ ♫ la la la!!!!!!
    BTW. all photos I saw in this post shows very fine crafts, congratulations!!!!! :))))))))))))

  23. Thank you for the encouraging words about my "craft" attempts, Roberto!
    Oh, what Autumn?!! Here the Summer is still reigning and is behaving quite cruel. She is torturing us - at least my town! We've been having the highest temperatures in the country for the last several days. Can you believe that at the moment it's 42 degrees Celsius in the shadow??? I had to go somewhere just half an hour ago and after that I washed my hair to feel better, because it dries out very slowly!:))
    Our workshops are going to have 2 weeks vacation till the middle of September so, yes, maybe that will be the time just for me...
    Happy weekend to you both, too! Tra-la-la...:0)

  24. It's so nice that your winter is going away and the most tender season, that one, bringing life, begins! Happy Spring!:)

  25. I really like the work you do with the stones!
    It's really evocative! I can relate the painting to some sort of nostalgic feeling.
    It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Thank you:) First I felt some kind of resistance towards changing the pebbles. But their forms provoked me, I saw figures in them. Besides, otherwise these pebbles would have stayed on the sea beach or maybe back in the sea... But now they are with us!:)

  27. Анонимен11.02.13 г., 10:04

    It's beautiful what you make! The summer pebbels, the birds, the horse and the stamps very magical and alive! I must say that your potato stamps look really good, last time when I tried, the result was so funny and not very recognicable from my first ideaa haha. But they are great fun to play with. It must be fantastic for the kids to get workshops full with imagination and love for creatin from you!

    And the paper cuttings look so great..I'll hope that the time will be soon right and you feel like paper cutting again, because this beauties just want to come out of the paper :-)
    Best wihes for you :-)

    1. Thanks for the sweet and encouraging words, Darja!
      To tell you a secret - I've begun cutting these days. Maybe I'll post somehing very soon!:0) Yes, some odd and cute creatures "want" to come out of the paper!!
      In our workshops we just give the idea, provoke children's imagination and then the kids create wonders together with their parents!
      Maybe I should make another blog for the workshops? Such a thought "is walking" in my mind recently...:)
      Bye for now!xx