вторник, 13 септември 2011 г.


За второ поредно лято се разминах с морето!
It happened so that for a second summer I couldn't see, smell and feel  the Black Sea!
Но то дойде при мен...
But it came to me...

В една торба камъчета, специално събирани с любов от съпруга ми.
In a bag with pebbles, gathered with love by my husband.
Долу-горе знаех какво искам да изпробвам и това старо "покемонско" моливче ми помогна...
This tiny old pencil helped me to give them a second life...

Опитах и "сложни" композиции.:)
I built  "complicated" compositions, too...:)

Не бях виждала  камъни с такива дупки. Всеки скрил някого в себе си...
I hadn't seen pebbles with such holes. And  I was surprised to discover...

Мустакат чиновник...
A Moustached Clerk...

Някой, викащ за помощ...
A Shouting Pebble...

Скърбящо лице...
A Mourning Pebble...
Риба без опашка...
A fish without a tail...
Заспиващо лисиче...
A  baby-fox...
Това беше едно от нещата, с които се занимавах, докато бях в "блог-пауза". Всъщност аз така и не можах напълно да се откъсна, но  поне редуцирах големия брой блогове, които се опитвах да следя, защото разбрах, че това е непосилно за мен. Ако някой път пак "изчезна" за известно време, това ще означава, че или съм много заета и уморена, или много тъжна и нямам сили и време за писане. Но ще се върна при всички случаи - за да се заредя отново с радост и вдъхновение или просто да си побъбря с новите приятели!:-)

Well, this was one of the things that I did, while trying to have a little rest from blogging. The truth is that I didn't stop reading and commenting in blogs,  I just slowed down the tempo. What I understood was that I could not be an active follower all the time, so I reduced the number of blogs that I followed or hesitated whether to follow. And I'll reduce it again. Blogging is my everyday cocktail of joy, excitement and inspiration. The connection with lovely people and amazing artists from different parts of the world that I'm so happy to know! But life is above all -with its everyday duties, tasks, problems, projects... So, if I disappear for a while again, don't you worry - that would be a sign that  I'm too busy, too tired or too sad.  But I'll be back. Sooner or later. Because I love you!:-)

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  1. I do love the fox! I'm sorry you didn't get to 'see the sea' this year,how thoughtful of your husband to bring you pebbles - I expect they smelled of salt and seaweed and made the sea a little closer.

  2. Yes, they do wear the sea presence! I had asked my husband to gather smooth pebbles, because I wanted to try drawing with paints on them... But the ones he brought provoked me to try something different. Especially those with the holes...:)

  3. Прекрасни гости си имаш! Живописни и характерни :)

  4. Така си е! Че и други шумолят в торбичката - искат да излязат... :) Здравей!

  5. велики камъчета, и как хубаво си ги одухотворила!!!!... заспиващото лисиче ми е любимо :))))))))

  6. Благодаря! Ами те сами ми се представят кои са... Познай откъде са!:)))

  7. хехех, Варвара ще да е ;))))

  8. Oh I just love your art pebbles-wonderful the way you did the did them.I love the little fox.--
    I only last night commented to my son that I 'm contemplating smashing my laptop(that was after wasting approx 4 hours on it!!!!!)

  9. Ha-ha... Our computer "illnesses" have similar symptoms!
    The little fox is the favourite up so far... Thanks for the cheerful words, Patricia!:)

  10. Rossichka!
    This is great!
    I loved it!
    I did not read a single word of what you wrote, I just enjoyed your stones!
    all, all are very good creations. (I like the fox) ha ha!
    I'll see them again! (and read)

  11. Roberto, dear! I'm so glad you loved my pebbles, stones, камъчета (in Bg)... Yes, you'll learn something from the words, but won't feel anything different. So... the words can wait.:) Thanks for the notes... Tra-la-la!:))))

  12. Hello, SCOTFOT! This is the most unexpected (and pleasant) compliment for my tiny exhibition of newborn pebbles... Thank you!

  13. Heh hay there Rossicheeka :) Well I like the first complicated one :) the best. How much character has he, looking very pleased with himself that someone has discovered him after all these years. Ahh the sea is a beautiful thing? Like the smell of burning wood brings that feeling of happiness (unless ikt is your house burning down) ... we have archetypal memories and caves and sea and fire are among them.

    We have rocks on Oz with holes. You pick them up along the shore in special places. They are lucky and bring you luck. So hold onto them :)

    Hope your are well. And no blogging - look into my eyes - life is too short to play on the net. :)

  14. Hello, Andrew! My husband told me that the stones with holes could not be discovered that easily, but he simply SAW them... He and our son wear them as necklaces. I should ask them to make one for me - if they bring luck, as you say!!:)
    I agree with you that our passion for woods, rocks, fire, water, etc. are long-lasting memories of our own past, that we wear deep inside. I'm so glad you like the Merry Little Man - I'll take care of him!
    Well, I'll have in mind your warning about life and computers. But not right now...:))

    Enjoy your surfing in Internet today!:0)

  15. Don´t be sad! Rossichka! Eres una gran Amiga!

  16. I hope I won't have reasons to be sad... Thanks for the friendly words!:)

  17. it is good that you honor what feels right to you and how much time goes to the computer. the sea photos and stones are lovely and what you did with them is fun as can be. light to you ~

  18. What a beautiful baby. Only one soul with the freshness of childhood can extract these beautiful stones uncomplicated characters who arrived in a wave of the Black Sea.

  19. I really enjoyed myself, although I had the feeling that maybe I was doing something wrong. These little stones are so perfect without my drawings. But I have a rubber, so I can get them back to their previous life at any time!:)
    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  20. Oh, you said it so beautifully, Maria, thank you!! As I'm getting older, I'm feeling like a child more often!:) They say that this is because of my profession... I don't know, but it's so inspiring and pleasant! Don't you feel in a similar way, while making your wonderful papercuttings?

  21. Страхотно и много иновативно! Много ми харесаха малките ти камъчета Роси :)

  22. Мерси! Те ме заредиха с настроение, дано съм ви предала част от него и на вас!:)

  23. Rossi dear, how are you? I'm sorry I have been off from commenting too...just been busy preparing for the little addition whose coming very soon! :)

    I'm so glad you've had time releasing your creativity, and how lovely the pebbles turned out! Here's a huge warm hug to you, I hope you're doing marvelous. oxx

  24. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  25. My dearest Amalia, I guess how you are feeling, expecting the little one to come!! And I'm amazed by your creativity during this so special period of sweet excitements! I hope everything will O.K.!!!
    The last several days were unexpectedly beautiful and generous of nice emotions - I had some very precious meetings (not planned ones) with dear people, living abroad - they came one after another, as if following a schedule. So... I'm tired, but happy, as all the rest of my family!
    I'll comment in your blog soon!
    Hugs and kisses!!:-)

    P.S. I'm so glad you liked my tiny experiment with the pebbles...!

  26. Hi, I was very pleased to have found my way here through Amalia's blog! I love your little pebble men! I draw on pebbles too, maybe they can make friends ;)
    Jess xx

  27. Hello and welcome! I'm always happy to meet new guests here! I would love to see how your "prettified" pebbles look like... Just some minutes were enough for me to know that I'll visit your blog from now on - there're so many interesting things to see there!:)

  28. hello, long time no visit :))

    what a nice idea... i am obsessed with the sea at the moment but unfortunately i live about as far away from the coast...

    Rossichka, i disappear too, sometimes :-)

  29. Hello, Mita! Nice to see you!:) I prefer the mountain, but am missing the sea, because I haven't seen it for two years. If you got the chance, go and feel what it'll whisper to you...:-)I'm sure you'll "translate" the message...

  30. I can leave my comments!!!
    Rossichka Hi, thanks for your words and for the link. I really liked.
    Well I'll tell you probably a man crying is a much weaker than a woman crying.
    anyway, when the tears are for joy, a good cry.

  31. To be honest, I've just cried a little... And now I'm feeling better. Even MUCH MORE behter, reading your words...:) It's nearly midnight here, so Good Night!

  32. I was painting some sea-stones today and I remembered of you.

    I don't know why I had in mind that I commented here on this post, but I see I didn't, hm, maybe I was lost in your imagination and humor ("I built "complicated" compositions, too") so much that I had the dialog only in my head - it would not be the first time - I have such a mess in my head. :)

    Anyway: I love this stones-story so much!

    And you are right: as much as the blogging can be fun, but sometimes we need to cut the time spent there. But it's so tempting to cruise around such cute stories as yours, so we will be seeing also in the future, ha, can't help myself!

  33. Hello, Maja! Why don't you sleep?:)))) It's midnight here and I am in the beginnig of my night walk in blog-space - just like you! Do you know, I'm also writing comments in my mind, but forget to post them, because something takes me away from the laptop, so, I'm not the only one!:-) It's nice to know that we'll meet again and again... Good night!x
    I'm glad you liked my stones, maybe you'll show yours one day?

  34. Ha, I have one hour advantage against you! :)

    I will show them, of course, it all began already on the beach (painting in my head, yes, yes, not only talking etc, ha!), now I'm slowly geting it realized.

    Good night from here, from yesterday! :)

  35. How nice - "from yesterday"!:) Good night from tomorrow, then! By the way, at the end of October we'll turn the clock hands an hour back... (and we'll sleep one more hour!)