четвъртък, 25 август 2011 г.


Преди няколко дни попаднах на блога на един татко, който публикува в него рисунките на четирите си деца. Чудесна идея! По случай петата годишнина на блога той приканва всеки, който желае, да създаде собствено произведение на изкуството, използвайки за вдъхновение някоя от невероятните рисунки на децата.
Аз въобще не се поколебах и се спрях на тези сладури...

A couple of days ago I popped in a freshly discovered blog, intrigued by the fact that it's the place where a Dad collects and shares with us the amazing drawings of his four children. What a lovely idea!
Besides, he invites the readers to create their own pieces of art, using as a sample some of the drawings they like most. Well, I chose these two lovely characters...
Бухалчето на Лили (8 год.) / An Owl (Lily, 8)

Чудовището на Илайджа (5 год.) / A Monster (Elijah,5)

После взех ножицата...
Бухалчето ми се видя много енергично и склонно към приключения... Колекцията ми от книгоразделители се увеличи.:-)

Then I took the scissors...
This bookmark shows the little Owl as a birdie that likes adventures and challenges...:-)
А Чудовището май не е чак толкова страшно... Мечите уши и муцунка издават това!

And the Monster maybe is not that dangerous and awful as they might think...!

Ето да ги видите по-отблизо, защото закъснях да хвана подходящата светлина...

Here you can see them closer and maybe clearer - I missed the best light for the photos...
Истински се забавлявах! Надявам се след няколко дни да се ВЪРНА към блога в същото настроение. Хубави събота и неделя на всички!

I really enjoyed myself! I hope to BE BACK  next week! Have a sunny and funny weekend, all of you!

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  1. How beautiful are the drawings of children, there is nothing like it! What a brilliant idea of ​​this father, it'll make a new reading of these drawings. His collages were the maximum.

  2. Exactly! A new reading=a new life... I enjoyed making the collages. You could try, too!:-)

  3. Rossichka Hello!!
    It is a good idea,
    A writer friend of mine, writer of children's stories, especially spent a wall of his house, so their children could draw on it. time went on, and every time they painted the house, took care of that wall to the pictures of their children were not covered. now their children are great and married. and the wall is still there. with the drawings.
    I love that you've recreated with scissors from the drawings!
    Well, good weekend (can you go to my blog, please?)

  4. Thus the child can express himself freely, without making "damages" to the house and there's peace, instead of war in the family.:) I like that they keep that wall - it's a "living" memory of the childhood. Maybe the authorities of different towns in different countries search for the same effect, giving big empty walls for graffiti art actions...
    Well, well, I saw your surprise - thank you! I like this man-lynx so much!
    Have a lovely weekend with your family, too!

  5. this is quite fun. I will have to visit this blog. i adore children's art and enjoy what you did with theirs.

  6. It's a lovely, inspiring and "fresh" blog! I'm sure you'll enjoy the children's drawings there!
    Thanks for encouraging my humble paper interpretations...:)))

  7. What a fantastic idea!!!!!
    love, love, love it

  8. I knew YOU would like it!! The family has another fantastic blog about children's books.

  9. I agree with everyone, the drawings are so sweet. Quite special I think!

    I was just reading your previous post Rossichka about being tired of blogging. I think that giving yourself some time to just create and to stay away from the computer for a while was probably a wise thing to do. It is very much a balancing act this blogging thing. I too, am still working on finding the balance. I've come to the conclusion that it is impossible to keep up with all the comments and all the posts from all my blog friends. I wish I could but I cannot. We do what we can, and when we can't anymore, then a break is in order. I hope you are feeling better after your break.

    Take care sweet Rossichka!

  10. I agree with you, I do not like the disguises, even when used for fun, I do not like, I think it's like playing dirty with other people. I do not like.
    always, always, the disguise is hiding something.
    I said that we all use the disguise called blog, because somehow we all hide something, or at least not show how we really are,(into web) although we are sincere and have no intention to mislead anyone
    is easily shown through a screen,
    will never be the same as looking into the eyes.
    thanks for your kindly comment!
    Photography is a symbol of hope, man and woman looking at the horizon, waiting, (actually we were looking at some whales passing below, ha ha)
    good weekend!

  11. Dear Michele, thanks for your support! I feel better when I know that I'm not alone in this confusion and some of my blog friends have been in similar situations! To be honest, I think the break took more time, than I expected. I'm not tired any more, but some new engagements iappeared in my everyday life , so now I don't have enough time to start blogging "at full speed". Still, I'm not isolated from blog-life, I even didn't succeed not to touch my laptop at all.:)
    Yes, we do what we can... Blogging is not a race, isn't it?
    I'll check your new post as soon as I can!:-)

  12. Whales? I've never seen. Must have been a gorgeous sight!...
    I think we don't hide the dark sides of our characters (in everyone there's white and black), we simply show the light tones of our souls and that's why blogging turns into a positive experience, bringing joy (at least into this small blogging universe of ours).
    Thanks for answering my comment, I'm so glad to read your words!:-)

  13. Wow, I adore what you've turned these pictures into and I'm sure the children will too :D

    Thank you as ever for your sweet comments. Summer was an early event in England and it looks to be another long and hard Winter on it's way! We're getting better at dealing with harsh Winter's though, so not all bad and I do love the snow so much :D

    Take care sweet one.x

  14. Hello, Bea! I just wonder what does "lok-lok" mean?:)

  15. Thank you,Kimbereley! It was a nice experience to "recreate" the children's drawings.:>)
    Well, every season has its charm, so we'll welcome all of them, won't we? But first... let's say good-bye to Summer.:0)

  16. helloo,LOK:Lots of kisses, LOK LOK: it can mean whatever you want!it´s a greating i just invented!!!

  17. Oh, I like this abbreviation! It sounds nice and means such a pleasant thing...:) LOK

  18. I'm back again!! -I found this site,and I think you will like it-http://www.helenmusselwhite.com

  19. Sweet Patricia, I've seen the Romany Caravan from Gallery 1 somewhere in the net. I remember it. Now I can enjoy the wonderful paper artworks of Helen Mussel, THANKS TO YOU!!!x

  20. hello Dear Rossicheeka :) Ah I love your idea, your method, your sense of play and how you have been faithful to the theme, yet given it your own full of fun stamp. Your heart must be light and carefree like a feather. I am glad you are back. Three days ago we had spring. It is still here and so I am melting away I am afraid....

    be careful and don't blog too much :) Just blog, just enough!

  21. DEAR Andrew, thanks for not forgetting me! "...carefree like a feather"?? Oh, this is the sweetest thing that I've heard about me since a long, long time... How I wish it was true, but no, my dear, kind and attentive gentleman, my heart is heavy like lead and my soul is gripped by not so joyful moods... But don't worry about me! I have pretty good moments with my family and the new arty things that I enjoy making!(I'll show some of them soon). It's strange, but pleasant to know what you think about my papercuts and me, thank you!! Maybe this is my innerself, but life can be too hard sometimes and not give it a big chance!...
    I believe you'll have a lovely spring in Oz! Keep yourself from melting, please, don't you want to surf anymore?:0))))
    Bye, till next time!

  22. Hey you are showing your true self, it comes out in our art - that's why mine is dark and moody :) :)

    stay well, life is short, so have fun!

  23. Maybe you are right, but I can hardly believe that you are a "dark" person!:)
    I'll try to have more fun, I promise...

  24. Thank you, Natalya! The blue Monster is not a bookmark, but I may turn it into one...It's nice to see you here!:)

  25. Hello, Rossichka!!
    How are you?
    I saw you changed your profile photo!
    I think that is fine, in my country there is a saying: "renewal is to live"
    Do you know that I have a picture with a drop of water to put in the header of my blog? someday, when I show it, you do not think I copied your idea, please (:
    well, just for today:) good weekend!!!!!!♫

  26. Hi, Roberto! Of course that I won't suspect you in copying my idea... It's so nice that similar things impress us, I'm eager to see your leaf with a drop of water. I think mine is a dew... (It illustrates perfectly my name!) I took the photo two years ago in the Balkan Mountains... I miss them, I miss having a rest at a mountain... Have a happy weekend, too!:-)

  27. Hola, Bea! Thanks for spending some time to explore the Bulgarian dictionary!:-)))))
    Here's the pronunciation...

    I'm fine! = Добре съм![dob're sam].
    Здравей = [zdra'vei]

    Have a lovely weekend!

  28. Gracias rossichka!!вие сте много хубаво!!
    LOK LOK------*****¿¿¿!!!...

  29. Good day!! or night? oh, Good time!
    thanks for stopping by!!!!
    and for your comments, you know... always, always you say de right word!
    Begin de week??? Calm:)

  30. It's a hot, sunny afternoon - still Summer, still the trees are green, but the nights are getting cold and we took out the soft blankets...
    Thanks! Maybe I just feel your drawings nearly in the way you feel them... (Oh, I suppose I've blushed!)
    I cannot gather myself to return officially to blogging - too many obligations... But I have already the next post in my mind!