сряда, 3 август 2011 г.


Тия дни изненадващо установих, че съм преситена от блогиране. Това ме радва, защото означава, че не съм се пристрастила! Натрупалата се умора се дължи на много неша. Затова за малко ще се оттегля, но все пак ще следя от време на време новите публикации.  Интересно ми е какво друго ще правя през откриващото се свободно време!

Dear friends,
Last week I wrote an entry for a call for papers. In English. I edited it several times to achieve a certain number of words. I had a deadline. It was interesting, but quite exhausting. When I sent it on Saturday, I saw how many of your new posts I had missed. I couldn't swim in this sea of blogs and climb on every boat. I had no energy.  I began to slide and fall. So... that's how I realized I was tired of... blogging. It was such an unexpected discovery! I had been worrying lately that I was addicted to it, but what a relief to know I am not! Every morning one and the same thing happens (when I stay at home): I wake up, do some home duties, make a coffee and hurry to switch on the computer. I switch it off long after midnight, when everyone in the house is asleep. To be honest, I spend a big part of my days in front of the desktop. My journey in the land of blogs gives me a lot (the only certain joy every day, even in the most desperate ones), but takes  a lot of my time... What an irony - just now, when I am free and have no work engagements, I feel overdozed with blogging, so I think it's time for a short break. I won't stop reading blogs, I'll have a look from time to time, but won't be active in my comments. I hope my fatigue, which has many other reasons, will vanish before Christmas (just kidding!) Depending on how long this is going to last (a week or two), I'm just curious to see what other things I'll make instead.

Всички тези хартиени изрезки, с изключение на първата, са от серията "От нищо-нещо", т.е. направени от отпадъчета.

All the papercuts, without the first one, are from the series "Something from nothing", i.e they are created from leftovers.
Миналата седмица получих чудесно допълнение към книгата на Гретел Паркър. В плик с марки, както си му е редът! А вътре - много изненади...

Last week I was happy to receive  a big envelope with wonderful stamps from  Gretel. With a lot of surprises inside. Thank you, Gretel!!!
Госпожа Маус с автограф на гърба и мъничка брошка.

 Mrs.Mouse with an autograph - I keep her in the book! And I already wear this sweet badge.
Както и картички с чудесните филцови кукли на Гретел.

A collection of cards with Gretel's  adorable felt toys!
Специално място за тази специална картичка...

This beautiful card found its special place - on the piano...
Весел август и ... до скоро?

Have a marvellous August and ...see you!

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  1. Heya RossiCheeka :) Ahh yes, I understand, it is hard work and it snowballs and you feel guilty and then you feel like you must hide and the enjoyment you get is less than the pain you receive. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) That's me saying argh! You are forgiven, you may rest. Your creatures that you have discovered hidden in your paper are wonderful, you are a great explorere and uncoverer. (that's like discoverer with an 'un'.)

    :) I hereby dissolve you of any obligation to answer this comment :) Seriously, I wish you a beautiful rest my friend. The weather here warms up, and we feel guilty if we do not leave the house to explore what God has made for us on this day eh? You leave the house and have fun. I will see you in exactly six weeks eh?

    cheers for warming up OZ!

    seriously do not answer this, I know what you would say (you would be your wonderful kind and generous self), so see:) it is nearly as good as saying it!

  2. Still...may I...say something..., please? I hope I'll be back sooner than 6 weeks.:) And thanks for making me not feel guilty!:0)xx

  3. Dear Rossi, I know exactly what you mean...the feeling of "guilt" hanging over your head whenever you can't reply comments or visit your blog friends...simply awful! Well, I think you deserve that rest, and find some little peace...trust me, you will come back more refreshed and eager than before. :) oxx

    PS: Your paper characters are marvelous as ever..

  4. I know how you feel, I've been sort of tired of blogging. This sounds more like an addiction. It becomes bad. It was to miss you at this time that will be away, but I understand you very well. I hope you come back refreshed.

  5. My dear Amalia, how nice that you understand me. I can't be everywhere, I have no force. Things are not exactly what they seem, but everything I wrote is true. I simply am "in the shelf"... Oh, how I need that "little peace"!Hope you are well!!xx

  6. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  7. Thanks, Maria, for your understandig! Knowing that I'm not the only one who feels in this way, makes me sigh with relief!

  8. OK, no problem!
    Surely I'll miss you. Your comments are always more than one comment,
    Sure, I'll keep coming, to tell you, good morning or good weekend, or how are you?
    I am not yet tired of this.
    This brings me to the daily routine. the day will surely come.
    Well, I hope you can recover things you left side, but do not forget us please!
    And when you want to stop by my place, the door is open:)♥

  9. I can't imagine to miss anything, so I'll come to your place, thanks for the warm invitation, Robeto! Your comment brought a sun ray to my poor soul...

  10. Hello Rossichka, I've been away for a little holiday and have just found this! First, thank you - I'm glad to have sent the cards to someone who I knew would love them. And second, I wish you a restful blog break and look forward to your return one day - hope you will keep in touch though. :)

  11. Dear Gretel, my family loved your cards, too, so they'll always have a special place at home and among my "treasures"! I'll continue following several blogs and yours is one of them! Let August bring you a lot of sun and joy!x

  12. Hello!
    I told you I would return and here I am.
    Well, for me is Sunday night, so I wish you a good week !!!:)

  13. My dear friend, take as long as you need. Fatigue has many forms and it could be that you need to get out in the fresh air and focus on what you want without feeling the need to share it here. There have been times when I've felt guilty at not sharing parts of my life with my blog friends, but that's not what blogging is about. It goes deeper than the posts we write and true friendships endure.

    The computer can take away our time without us realising it! So it's good to restrict the time spent on line, knowing that you'll come back renewed and refreshed.

    Love and hugs to you.xxx

  14. Thank you, Roberto! This week is going to be very important for me, so it's nice to feel your good energy!:) A lovely week to you, too!

  15. Dear Kimberley, thanks for your support! The burden I wear becomes lighter, when I read words like yours. I cannot share everything, I'm not that kind of a person, but the more time passes, the more I realize I need a rest not only from blogging. I hope to tear the circle in which I'm whirling soon...:)

  16. I really enjoyed these new pieces, although the figures seem to replicate your exhaustion, you also seem to have caught the humour in the silhouettes - just wonderful!

    It's hard finding a balance in life, I hope you find your inner compass again soon

  17. Oh Rossichka I'm not at all surprised you are tired -you are so loyal and faithful-every time I post I wonder "will Rossichka like this"I just know you will be in to take a look !!,but you're correct I think sometimes it wears you out.Also I wonder just how much of other things we could get done if we got off the internet.Take a nice long rest and don't attempt to answer this and I'll keep coming back to see how you are;BYE FOR NOW AND ENJOY YOUR REST

  18. Your warm words give me wings, Naomi! Me and humour? Hmmm, well, it happens sometimes to awake it!:)
    You are right -I'm revising my directions... So glad to see you've left me a message!!!

  19. It's so strange to see myself through your eyes, Patricia... Is that me?:0)Thanks, thanks!
    To be honest, I haven't done so much new things up so far, but as if the pressure is growing weak and I begin to feel calm...

  20. Oh, thanks! The same to you! But I am alone... without my men!:-)

  21. p.s thankyou for your ongoing support and insightful comments

  22. Thank YOU for the interesting posts - I simply can't resist "talking" to you!:-) x

  23. Hello Rosshichka :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It seems we feel the same. I often just quickly peep at peoples blogs and don't leave comments due to time and then I feel guilty and feel a little like a lurker. ;) So, we must enjoy our breaks and then we'll come back filled with blogging enthusiasm. (I hope! ;).. Have a lovely break. xx

  24. I hope I won't lose my enthusiasm for blogging in the feeling of guilt, too!:) Thanks for your support, Karen! Have a nice vacation with beautiful excitements and new inspirations!

  25. Thank Rossichka!
    I searched my pockets and found a ticket for Out of The Shell haha!!!!!:)
    good week for you!
    My moon has the face of evil woman? Mmmmm I do not know

  26. This ticket is valid any time you want to come!:)
    For me the moon is looking sly... Maybe because of her ears!:0)))

  27. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much!:0) Very kind of you!

  28. Hi Rossichka I thought I'd tell you about a new book I bought,I think you might like it,its called" The Paper Garden" by Molly Peacock.It's about a lady who started her career at 72 making paper collages of flowers.I've only started it so I'll let you know how good it is when I've finished .I heard an interview on radio with the author and I was fascinated and went to amazon to buy.Talk to you soon

  29. Dear Patricia, thank you so much for thinking of me - I'm very much obliged! The life story of that lady sounds rather intriguing - I shall check it out in Internet! Waiting to hear your opinion about the book after reading it, truly yours: Rossichka x
    P.S. I'm gathering to write a new post soon!:-)

  30. Rossichka Hello, I'm a stubborn, ha ha, I'm here again to wish you a good weekend!!
    Oh, I like archeology, I did my studies in archeology at the University of Buenos Aires! (just for fun because I like it, never finished, haha ​​I like more drawing)
    Well, kisses! Bye♫

  31. You are not stubborn, you are simply a friend! Thanks for being near me during these weeks, although across the continents!xx I expect this weekend to be different - full of nice emotions and relief... I need some more time to finish the things I've begun, before returning to my blog. It's important. Still, I haven't completely disappeared...:0)
    Who hasn't been tempted by archaeology? It's strange to imagine you, being a scientist... But you wear that interest deep inside you, don't you? As a schoolgirl I bought a very interesting book about the Mayas and was very much intrigued by their history and culture. Maybe one day I should write a post about the incredibly beautiful Bulgarian archaeological finds...
    My son doesn't have such dreams, but he was happy to be there for a second year, to find new friends and ...to find a spear!:)
    Have a lovely weekend, too, Roberto!!

  32. Hello, R!!
    Well, maybe you do not want us to leave comments on your blog, but I want to say that to me is a pleasure to come and do not want you to feel obligated to respond.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, even though you're a bit away from this.
    I tell you:
    It hurts me so much good-byes, which I often prefer my children (who are far away and not see them) do not come to visit me, I prefer them to be away and not see them rather than Skype, because when they come , I count one by one days from the moment they arrive, and when on the last day, my heart is shattered. I prefer to think of them from a distance, but my desire to hug is great
    It's something I can not help.
    well, good week for you and your family!!
    PS: women, lynx are not dangerous :)

  33. Hello, hello, you are always welcome!! I'm nearly ready to come back and I'll post probably in a few days.
    I guess how you are feeling when your children must leave again... You are a sensitive and emotional person, that's why it's so hard for you. But still to touch them and feel their presence and love is something that neither Skype, nor Facebook can replace!
    See you, Roberto!!

    P.S. Are there men lynx?:0)

  34. Oh, thanks so much! Welcome to my little corner for puppet art, papercuts and... other "things" from time to time!

  35. Great to see you back Rossichka-and I'm delighted you joined the giveaway-still have not finished that book !!

  36. You are so kind to me, Patricia!:) I'm not officially back, but in fact I already follow my favourite blogs regularly! See you!:)