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Миналата събота, в последния уъркшоп преди есента, нашата театрална трупа показа на децата и техните майки как да си направят колажи на тема "Здравей, лято!" Заедно прелиствахме брошури и списания, рязахме, лепихме и се забавлявахме.
Ето ги и резултатите...*

A week ago, during the last workshop before September, our theatre group showed the children and their mums how to create paper collages. We enjoyed a lot in choosing the photos, cutting and glueing them. The theme was "Hello, Summer!"

Here're the results...

А това са примерните колажи, които бяхме направили предварително.

And these are the samples, we had made beforehand.
На съпруга ми...
My husband's...
И моят...
And mine...

Някои от чаровните майсторици...*

Some of the charming participants...*
Докато трупах материали за колажите, различни снимки и реклами във вестниците ме провокираха "да извадя на бял свят" съществата, които съзрях да се  крият в тях!:)))

While collecting materials for the workshop, I noticed between the sheets of the newspapers these creatures and decided "to set them free"!:)))
 Две дами с шапки
Two ladies in hats
A dancer
Кралицата на кафето
The coffee queen

Весели и слънчеви почивни дни!
Have a lovely weekend!

П.П. Снимките, отбелязани с * са на професионален фотограф.
P.S. The photos, marked with * are made by a professional photographer.

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  1. Oh, what fun! I'm sure those kids had a great time with their scissors and glue... I know I would! Haha! And I love your curious looking paper characters as always, Rossi. My fave is the coffee queen, just like me!! :D :D

  2. The kids HAD fun! And the mums of the little ones, too!:0)(They helped a lot.)It's nice to see how 3,4 and 5-year olds become self-confident and skilful in front of our eyes! Some of them learn how to cut with scissors...
    The coffee queen is cut out from a photo of a coffee tree.:))
    Have a lovely Sunday, Amalia!x

  3. Oh did'nt they do fantastic art at your workshop,and really great that the children are interested.I do'nt know of anything like that here-some night classes in the winter and thats it-such a shame.I love your ladies with the hats and the coffee queen(then of course I do!!!all the best for now

  4. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  5. I did a lot of mistakes, while tapping - sorry!
    Our freelance theatre group held workshops and played puppet performances every Saturday since January in one of the town's malls (now we are having a break.) We don't have examples to follow - our ideas for entertaining children through art and our experience as puppet theatre professionals lead us. I'm glad you are impressed, Patricia. Thank you! Still I believe there're people in Ireland who have art workshops or classes for children, too!
    What about the ladies in hats - first there were just two hats and articles below them. Then I took the scissors...:-)

  6. Ja Ja, thank you for your comment, my very kind friend Rossichka
    I do not know, maybe in the box, saved some love of youth:)
    as when we keep pictures in a box. And in the branches of this tree, new leaves are always born, obviously. A person who is willing to love, love everything from a woman to a flower, a stream, a friend, an animal, the sun and the moon, everything.
    Oh beautiful children's faces!!!!
    I could see that your husband has good taste ;)
    (i like the dancer!!! and the second lady in hat!!!! kisses/hugs

  7. Until there's such a tree, love will never end! Maybe I should search for a forgotten box from my youth?:)
    My husband has a ceaseless sense of humour... His collage inspired some of the adults to do paper collages, too!!
    I'm glad you liked my strangers, Roberto! The face of the dancer appeared from a diagram and her body - from the text below... Hugs from me, too!

  8. How wonderful! The children are GORGEOUS !!
    My favorite creation is the 'coffee queen' I can really relate to her as I sit here with a coffee enjoying your blog :-)

  9. The face of the coffee queen is a coffee fruit (coffee cherrie), you can see more fruits on the "fabric" of her dress, her hands are "made" from the leaves of the tree... I just didn't want to throw away the coffee tree photo!:-)
    I'm glad you enjoyed my post!x

  10. Rossichka you're a teacher? What a beautiful work of the children. Collages summer. I loved their simple and beautiful cuts.

  11. No, Maria, I'm a puppet theatre director. But I've been working with children throughout the years: making puppets, acting, puppeteering are among the main activities. My answer to Patricia's comment says the rest. Just to add that our theatre group includes my husband , me and an actress.
    I'm glad you like the collages!!

  12. Oh, thanks a lot! And welcome to my tiny world of puppet theatre and papercutting!:)

  13. Greetings from Oz Rossichka! I hope you are wonderfully enjoying your summer! Oh aren't kids superb artists? Before we wreck them with rules. Your creatures you set free are superb, I especially like the Coffee Queen et the Dancer!

    It's funny when I paint on canvas I spread a dark glaze over it first, and I see that the images are already there on then canvas then, waiting to be set free and released ! Just like yours in the newspaper!

    It is better than placing the images ONTop of the canvas, because you miss the joy of discovery, eh?

    Thank you for your kind comment on my bl0g too, thanks for your honesty. I always try to be delicate and cute, but i end up being dark and mean :
    see you!

    ahh we have passed the shortest day at last

  14. Hello, Andrew! What a relief to know you are not angry with me!:-) I am a person who doesn't see or search for the dark side of life, I simply try to avoid it, that's why this vigorous illustration made me feel better! Of course you are the artist and you should follow your necessities of expression, not ours!...
    I'm so glad you liked my newspaper creatures! I was surprised, too to see them hiding shyly.:0)
    Children are incredible, so artistic and with such an imagination. We should not let it fall asleep while growing - that's the point!
    So... the days in Oz became longer and...warmer? Have a lot of sun soon!
    Best wishes!x

  15. hello, i came out of my shell, finally :D
    hope youve been well, Rossi!

    oohhh how fun is this, arent children precious? :)

    the left lady in this pic reminds me of Desperate Housewives:

    or is it?
    i have been marathoning season7 lately, heheh... xD

  16. HELLO! So nice to see you "out of the shell"! I'm just getting in mine (I'm preparing a post to say "bye" for a while!)
    Yes, children did remarkable things, but the one with the Woman and the Pan is my husband's collage. The wife could be desperate, but this one is revengeous (and is not me)!:D
    I was worrying about you, but I know you'll survive in any circumstances - you have an ionner strength, beautiful Mita!:)x

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  18. Rossichka!!! Hello!
    thanks for coming and leave your comment (as long I wait, anxiously)
    I give to you a tree filled with hearts of perennial friendship!♥

  19. Hello, my dear friend!I'll have a post maybe tomorrow, so you'll see what's going on with me! Thanks for this magical tree!!!!xx