събота, 2 юли 2011 г.


Нещо, свързано с Андерсен, винаги може да ме направи щастлива!:)

Something, related to Hans Christian Andersen, can always make me happy!:)
Като неговата автобиография, например... 
Like his autobiography, for instance...

Тъй като възможността да я прочета някой ден на български е нищожна, а в момента - нулева, реших да си я поръчам в превод на английски. Чакането си струваше! Най-после държа в ръце това съкровище - животът на Андерсен, разказан от самия него, а не предъвкан и интерпретиран от някой друг, анализиран, пълен с всевъзможни мнения, внушения и предположения, представени като истини! "Приказката на моя живот"...

We don't have it translated in Bulgarian, so I ordered it in English. I waited quite a long, but here it is now - in my hands! Andersen's life, told by himself, not by someone else; without analysis, opinions, suggestions, interpretations...

Подарих си и още една книга - коренно друг тип, но пак автобиографична (чак сега си давам сметка за тази прилика!)

I made myself one more gift -  an autobiographical book again, but rather different.
"Непотъващи" от Аби Съндърленд

"Unsinkable" by Abby Sunderland

Може би малцина в България разбраха за това изключително момиче и подвига му в открит океан. Преди една година, силно впечатлена и развълнувана, публикувах пост за Аби и самотното й околосветско пътешествие с яхта.

Last year I heard of Abby's one solo navigating journey around the world and was so much impressed and later  relieved when she was rescued, that I dedicated  a post to her. 
I wanted more people to learn about that brave, exceptional young girl, because I think persons like her are quite a few in our world!
Ето че дългоочакваните книги са у дома. Избрах от малката си колекция тези книгоразделители, донесени от конференцията в Дания (всъщност те са исландски)...

So the precious books arrived! I chose these bookmarks from my small collection  (I brought them from Denmark, but they are Icelandic)...
 Новата ми чаша за кафе нетърпеливо изчака да я напълня...

My new, pretty cup is already filled with coffee...

 Време е за четене!:)

It's time to read!:)

П.П. Очаквайте малко закъснял пост за Карнавала на Еньовден. Все още събираме снимките...

P.S. Wait for a belated post - about the Midsummer Carnival in my town. We are still gathering the  photos...

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  1. Beautiful and interesting as always.
    Big hugs to you dear.

  2. I'm not sure it'll be interesting for everyone, so thank you, Evangelina!! But I think these books are worth to be shared.

  3. I am seriously impressed that you read whole books in English, I have never read HCA's biography but it is definitely something to do when I have time. I'm sorry about my non-replies to your lovely comments, Rossichka, I am in the middle of a new illustration brief and my mind is set on that at them moment. But, when you finally get your copy of my book, you must let me send you a signed postcard to go with it. (I promise it is easier to read than your two books here!) X

  4. Ha, I didn't know he also did papercuts! Now I know why he fascinates you so much (beside other things of course)! :)

    I often think about how it would be to meet some interesting person from the past - at least for a while. :)

    Happy reading! :)

  5. Oh, dear Gretel, I will use a vocabulary, of course!:) Because I don't want to miss a word from these books! It's not enough for me to understand the meaning of the sentence, I want to understand everything - so this will be my summer reading. I see what lacks on the last photo - the vocabulary!:0) I'll make a "real" one later, while reading...
    I'd love to have my book, signed by you - thank you! I was dreaming of that! By the way, I'm expecting it in the first half of July!
    I know that you read my comments - thanks for the nice words! Use your time for the most important things, but don't you forget to have a break from time to time!:)
    Do you have more butterflies this summer??

  6. Hello, Maja! A lot of people don't know about Andersen's talent to papercut! I don't remember when I heard of it... My passion for papercutting appeared four years after my visit to Denmark! Although by that time I had taught a lot of children how to cut faces and animals in the different puppet theatre studios I had worked in. I just had never tried to do it more seriously... To do it for my pleasure. To put it more clearly - what must happen, always happens, sooner or later.
    You can see more of Andersen's papercuts in this post - http://rossichka.blogspot.com.
    Enjoy it!
    What about famous people from past centuries...Oh, if our dreams could come true!!:))) Whom would you like to meet?...

  7. Приятно четене, Роси!:)
    И плетената покривка е приказна...:)

  8. Мерси, Дени! Започвам бавничко... А покривката ни е подарък от лелята на Илия. Използвам я по специални поводи.:) Щастлива ваканция!

  9. Oh, I could just picture you snug in your comfortable chair, reading those books with a cup of coffee in your hand. I'm glad you're having some wonderful quality time for yourself... take care, Rossi! oxx

  10. My lovely Amalia, I was just re-reading your post, when I "caught" this comment. Well, it's nice to know that we are writing to each other at one and the same time!:))
    Oh, what to say - the image of me, reading with delight, in a calm part of the day, with cup of delicious coffee and nothing to disturb me or interrupt my attention is just a dream for this moment!:0) But I've already succeeded to steal some time and began "The fairytale of my life", besides with a notebook and a pen, writing down things that impressed me and facts that might be of any help if I put on stage another one of Andersen's fairytales (I have such plans!). One day...
    I miss you! Take care!xxx

  11. oh, Hans own book, told by himself. That does sound wonderful and interesting! Thank you for sharing what catches your attention, what thrills you. wishing you lovely reading.

  12. He was a genius. He left such a treasure - to all of us. A sensitive man with such an Imagination (one of a kind!)! I really love him and I can say that walking together with him, hand in hand, through the moments of his remarkable life (he wrote the autobiography at the age of 62!) is very exciting for me!

  13. Happy reading!
    And thank you for visiting... I would love to hear about all the other marriage year symbols... wood eh?! does that mean I can hit my husband over the head with a wooden spoon? :O)

    ps - love the bookmarks.

  14. Mmm , I hope he's not that naughty! It would be better to give him something delicious with that spoon...:0) Well, I'll translate the marriage year symbols as fast as I can and will send them to you!
    Thanks for visiting!!

  15. Hello, dear R. Thanks for your comment.
    I really wanted was to tell how it was my childhood, I would not say it was better than now
    I am sure that now the kids are also very happy
    but our contact with everyday things was more direct
    look, for example, that fantasy was previously related to everyday things, a bucket and a broom could fly, for example
    Later fantasy focused on things that can hardly exist, supernatural characters, super-powered beings
    I do not know if that is right or wrong, I really do not know
    I know it's just different
    Ah, I never learned to write or use my right hand
    all the efforts of those teachers who forced me to use my right hand, came to nothing!!!!
    and I had my notebook messy :(!!!! haha!
    ps: what a beautiful cup!

  16. Hello, my friend! It's a pity that so much time and nerves had been lost in making efforts to change your nature. My mother had also been forced to write with her right hand, but she uses the left one for all the other activities.
    Yes, I understood pretty well what you said. We can't avoid comparing our childhood with the the one our children have, because there are differences. I agree that the fantasy objects have been replaced with "modern" ones, but I can also say that it depends on us, the adults. In my work with children I've noticed that their imagination needs to be provoked - in what direction, it's up to us.
    The fampus Italian children's writer Gianni Rodari has a wonderful tale about a boy and his adventures with a "magical" cane, given to him by and old man - "To play with a cane". You would like it!:)
    Have a nice weekend!x

  17. No, rossichka, please, the last thing I want in my life is a woman shed a tear because of me, even by emotion. excuse me, please, I am sending you a smile
    I can not stop looking at your beautiful cup, and the tablecloth (Crochet?)

  18. It was a tear, yes, because of an awaken buried emotional memory...:(
    Take back my smile...
    I had been admiring the cup for several days, passing by a shop. Finally I decided to buy it, before someone else did it! It's "Made in China"...:)
    The tablecloth is a very big one and is a wedding gift from my husband's aunt. She crocheted it, yes. I'll tell her that you and my Bulgarian blogger-friend Denitsa - http://denodada.blogspot.com/ like it!:)
    See you!

  19. Such interesting conversations! :)

    Rossichka, you've just mentioned a tale about one boy with magical cane.
    I remember that our educator in pre-school years once told us a tale like that and it stayed in my memory so strong. Not the details, just that magical feeling of "everything is possible" and "wow, how cool it would be to have such cane". :))

    He also had a book with lovely illustrations, but I don't remember who the author was, of course. :) Maybe it was the story, you mentioned! :)

    About meeting some person from the past, hm :), delightful torture to pick just one!.
    I would like to meet many women, but at the end I chose Galilei because the universe fascinates me and to tell him that he was right! :)

  20. Hello, Maja! The conversation was provoked by Roberto's last post...:)
    What about the tale - it could be the same, why not? I believe that Gianni Rodari's books are translated in Slovenian, so if you have the chance, you can find it in "Fairytales on the Telephone". In the boy's imagination the cane turns into a horse, a car, a ship, etc. and the idea is that "everything is possible", as you said!
    Oh, Gallilei? A very interesting choice!:) (That tells me more about you.)Bye for now!:-)

  21. Rossichka!
    I went to Denitsa's blog , and is really good what she does!
    I leave comments, but I could not make a follower of yours.
    now that I think I do not remember if I am a follower of your blog. I will:)

  22. Roberto, I checked it out and saw you were not my follower, but I haven't noticed it at all, because we've been always in touch! Now, I'm going to find out on my turn whether I am your follower...:))))))
    Yes, Denitsa makes pretty, different things... Two summers ago, coming back from a vacation with my husband, we stopped in her town to meet her... We drank some delicious tea at an art-café and chatted sweetly! I wish I met some of my other blog-friends one day and you are among them for sure!!:-)

  23. Talented Rossichka,
    You have such a wonderful way with words,
    I love your new blog 'look' and avatar!
    The bottom image is so inviting.
    Thankyou for taking the time in researching my little isle - you are a wonder!
    How hot is it there at the moment?

  24. You are so kind, Naomi! Thanks for the compliments! I changed the interface of my blog last night, using a template, but with some changes.
    It's always interesting to learn something new, especially about the fellow-bloggers!:))

    The temperature at the moment is 33 Celsius, i.e. 91,4 Fahrenheit, but it's felt like 37 Celsius, i.e. 98,6 Fahrenheit. My town is famous for its very high and very low temperatures... BYE!!!

  25. Oh you'll have a lovely time relaxing with your books-hope you have have nice weather to enjoy all the best

  26. Hello! I still can't relax to the full, besides it's very hot here and I don't like such a weather! But I've already had some special moments with HCAndersen...:)

  27. Greetings Rossi- cheeka! Ahh you look set up for a wonderful relaxing time. ahh the joys of rest and reading eh? I am so pleased that HCA wrote an autobiography. I did not know! I will keep one eye out for it next time I am delving into the land of books.
    And what a beautiful cup :)


    I have been on holidays for a while. I will see you soon.

    hugs from ostralia :)

    Oh did you know the B ulgarian Ballet did the Red Shoes?

  28. Hello, Andrew! I guessed you were on a vacation, for you've been silent for quite a long! I hope you had a good rest and am expecting to read your new post!
    Yes, I'll have a summer with a good book in hands, although a lot of things occur that postpone those hours (not just minutes!)of delight.
    I didn't know about that ballet! I read several articles about it and understood it was put on stage in 2005 - the year of Andersen's bicentenary. Its choreographer was the Norwegian Christine Sundt and the costume designer - the British Bruce Fench. I found just one photo from the ballet, but you can see some more here - http://coventgardendance.com/covent-garden-dance050309.swf. It's the same production.
    By the way, I've just finished reading "The Red Shoes" in English. Well, it's not that pleasant, but after all the story is full of symbols and the red shoes are a metaphore... And Andersen never said he was writing especilly and only for children! On the contrary...
    Bye for now and thank you for this interesting comment, that made me learn, see and read new things!:-)

  29. Rossichka Hello, I think I'm losing my memory because I do not remember if I came to thank you for your visit to my blog and your comments. No matter I came back, and since I came I say thank you!

  30. Hello! Even without a "thank you!" you are always welcome! Tomorrow I'll have a new post, so you could come again to see it.:) The last couple of days I've been veeeery busy, but I'll write you what I think about your post "STAY". So... we'll be in touch! Good night! (Here's 1 o'clock after midnight.):-)

  31. 'm anxious to see the summer carnival there in your town, here in Brazil is in February, I think you've heard boost.

  32. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  33. Oh, I've heard a lot and every year we watch about it on the TV. Ours can't compare to yours!:) But is charming in its way... I'll write more about it, but the problem is that I was in the jury and my husband was one of the organizers, so we couldn't make shots (I made just a few!) and now we wait to gather photos from other sources... Thanks for your interest, Maria!:)