четвъртък, 23 юни 2011 г.


В събота и неделя градският парк приюти един чудесен еко празник, привлякъл много хора на всякаква възраст. 

In the weekend the city park hosted a lovely eco feast, that attracted people at different ages.
Хартиената красавица!

The Paper Beauty!

Най-различни инициативи намериха своите почитатели и участници, особено работилничките за създаване на красоти от отпадъчни материали като...

They enjoyed themselves, watching the different activities or taking part in the workshops for making beautiful things by transforming the garbage, such as...

найлонови торбички

plastic shopping bags
празни пластмасови шишета

empty plastic bottles
 както и стъклени такива 
as well as empty glass bottles
празни ролки от тоалетна хартия

empty toilet paper rolls
и опаковъчна хартия

and packing paper

В състезанието за креативност участваха множество артистично "обработени" материали като видените дотук и ето тези...

In the competition for creativity took part numerous art works and installations, such as those above and these below...

Публика имаше навсякъде, но най-много около сцената, на която деца и юноши танцуваха и свиреха.

The public was everywhere, but mainly around the scene, where children and teens danced and played music.

А между тях и моят син... :)

Including my son... :)
Не устоях на изкушението да докосна Красавицата!....

I couldn't resist to touch the Beauty!...

 Когато си тръгвах, жонгльорите все още забавляваха децата, а и себе си...

When I was leaving, the jugglers were still entertaining the children and themselves...
И някой ме наблюдаваше отвисоко...

And there was someone watching me from above...



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  1. много хубаво, дано стане традиция :)

  2. Не съм сигурна. Мисля, че беше по някакъв повод, но хората проявиха интерес, така че... дано! Много хубаво стоеше всичко на фона на парка. Ако бях разбрала по-рано, сигурно щях да се "впусна" в някое ателие!

  3. thank you for sharing this event with us. so lovely to see people enjoying themselves and considering our world and the things we create and in it. Plastic is something I wish we had never created.... lovely to see wonderful creativity and community coming together.

  4. Yes, people obviously need to be together, to share their emotions, to discover unknown ways of expressing their creativity, while walking in the open air. And it's so important for the children to be involved in such initiatives!
    In my children's puppet studio and in the Saturday workshops for children and adults of our family theatre group, we transform the plastic bags into puppets -

    http://rossichka.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-about-childrens-puppet-studio-part-i.html. I'll post more photos of our work in a special post.
    Thank you, Tammie, for your oppinion!

  5. Hello from north of Tasmania :)

    IOt's wonderful that you share these things with us. The paper beauty and the dog are my favourites. There's something about paper that breathes life into things. the textures the feel and the smell.

    I'm not so keen on plastic bags, though I like to wrap things in them. Heaven helps us when they go!

    see you

    today it is cold but the surf is grande :)

  6. Hello, Andrew! How is the exhibition going on? I'm sure you have a success and meet wonderful people there!
    Here the weather is hot, especially in my town! But from tomorrow on we are expecting 10 days with rains and lower temperatures...:(
    I'm glad you like this post. The Paper Beauty is my favoutite - she was such an unexpected sight amidst all those trees... There's some magic about paper, I agree! Maybe it's different for everyone. What about plastic bags... Do you know that they can dissolve in nature after 200 years and more? They'll survive - that's the sad new!!
    Thank you for finding time to comment - right now, when you are busy! By the way I sent a mail to Naomi Orana to tell her that you are in Tasmania - I know you follow each other's blogs... Maybe you could meet, if she lives where you are now?:) You don't mind, don't you?
    Bye for now and be happy!

  7. Dear Rossichka, the first image in particular is magical!
    What a fantastic event and location,
    your son looks like he is a very handsome and talented musician!

  8. Yes, the woman's figure looked surreal in the park, but very, very attrative. It was constructed of paper and the face was a papier-mache mask...
    Thanks for the nice words about my son, Naomi! I've never "shown" him in my blog. I hesitated a lot and, to be honest, I didn't ask him, because I supposed he wouldn't agree! After playing the piano for five years and a short pause afterwards, he became a drummer in a school band. Besides he's making his first attempts in composing.:)

  9. Ah! Congratulations!
    Who is more beautiful? The work of art, or the artist? :)
    What a great event!
    How much creativity! (I feel envy for those who can be there) haha
    Thanks! Thanks! Nobody can be kinder than you!
    Surely we lack many things to do before the thread is burned down!!
    ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
    I wish you a beautiful weekend (a hug for your poet)

  10. Thanks! He'll receive your hug tomorrow morning!:) If you just know what a Saturday is waiting for him... He is one of the main organizers of our town's Carnival. He did a lot of job day after day with a good friend of his. Just the two of them! The Carnival should take place in that park again. It's really a big event, people love to participate. BUT... we are expecting a sensible change of the weather, so, please, pray it won't rain in the evening!!! So that I could post later on photos from the Big Day!

    Thanks for all your words, Roberto! I'm always happy to "hear your voice"! Yes, creativity is everywhere on this planet! And yes,I don't want to think what I really must do before...the thread... you know...
    A lovely weekend to you, too!

  11. Hi Rossichka,
    it's from a while that we don't talk,
    what a huge and wonderful job!
    I was very busy with the party of end of the school and with delivery of works and report cards.
    Thursday will be the last day of school and I will be on vacation so I can dedicate to my passions.
    I waited anxiously for your envelope but I never received that, I really think it is missing.
    Again compliments for your works with your amazing kids, have a nice summer.

    Bye, Rosi.

  12. Dear Rosi,
    I haven't forgotten you, but I was VERY busy the whole month of June, too! Today was my last engagement, so... I'll take a breath and will finish everything I have begun or postponed. I'll send you an e-mail tomorrow to explain.
    I was just an onlooker on this eco feast, but I work with recycled materials, too - in the puppet studio and in our Saturday workshops. I'll send you more photos to see!:)
    Let you last week before the summer vacation be successful and full of smiles!:-)xx

  13. What a great idea this Eco-Feast. I've never seen anything like it... No doubt you'd find a ton of inspiration there. And it's a fantastic way to instill in children the re-use of those garbage materials. My city could do something like this... Hmmm... Thanks for sharing with us Rossichka!

  14. I was surprised myself a lot! And mainly because I realized that people need only an impetus to do good things and make their world beautiful. Together with their children.:)

  15. Hello Rossichka
    how beautiful what you tell me about the midsummer in Bulgaria
    beautiful traditions that still remain
    I already told you once about our lost traditions. we are a country that has always looked to Europe
    and this is how we have habits, which we intend to be traditions and really do not know what it means.
    Well, but actually, I meant everything romantic that can occur in a summer night can happen on any other night or even during the day. So I think you got it.

  16. What a beauty! It was a creative day, it's great to see the jobs that leave when gathers materials, people and creativity.

  17. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  18. Yes, Roberto, I understood you! And I liked your point of view! But I just tried to fix in brief the difference between the meaning of Midsummer in our cultures. We don't have for example fairies, sorcerers, etc. in our folklore. But we have other beautiful creatures, not less mystic, intriguing and enchanting... Well, I'm preparing two posts on these themes...

  19. Yes, it was really a creative day, Maria! And you are right - when there're people, fond of beauty, the thrown, unused "garbage" turns into art!:)

  20. Wow, what beautiful pictures of a fantastic fair. All of the sculptures are such a delight, but I especially loved the two beauties :D

    Thank you for your sweet comments, I think my life has become a little insane lately, but I do hope to find some kind of order eventually!

    Take care sweet friend.x

  21. Sometimes it's better to go out of the routine! I LONG to abandon the everyday's schedule that I've been following for a long time now. But with the present circumstanes I cannot live otherwise. So... I try to use my freedom IN BETWEEN the duties I have... I cannot say any more and be more clear, I can't go "out of the shell"!:) But it's nice to have the freedom to choose what to do. So, don't give up if you feel you need a change. Until... everything calms down again...
    Most friendly: Rossichka xx

  22. wow such an interesting event!! I wish we have something like this in my country :D

    It's been such long two-months resting/busy with my full time job! Now that things are gradually slowing down so I'm able to pick up blogging again soon! :D :D

  23. Hello! I'm so glad to hear that! I hope you feel better now, not tired, but full of energy!
    The event was very charming and interesting, yes! My next post will be about the Midsummer Carnival that was held last weekend! See you!:)

  24. Ех, все инетерсни нещица!
    Хартиената красавижа е много арт, харесва ми.
    А твоя син е много хубав btw :)

  25. Радвам се, че ти е интересно! Хартиената красавица беше много загадъчна сред зеленината... А за перкусиониста/барабаниста мерси!! Ама той да не чува за снимката...:)
    Между впрочем преди две нощи гледах клипа на Майкъл Джаксън в твоя блог и оттам още и още... Благодаря!