вторник, 14 юни 2011 г.


Всичко започна с това бяло лице.
Последваха хартиени изрезки от амбалажна хартия плюс апликации по тях и в резултат - една кратичка история...

Everything began with this white face.
Later on it "found" its body, cut out from packing paper. I added several details and then a short story was born...

Мисля и в бъдеще да използвам съчетанието на кафяво, червено и бяло, защото ми харесва.

I think to use in future the combination of brown, white and red. I like it.

П.П. Преди известно време видях колаж от опаковъчна хартия в невероятно изобретателния блог на Мишел. Той ми напомни за моите недовършени персонажи, но тогава нямах време за тях. Тези дни чудесната рисунка на Наоми ме подтикна да им добавя липсващите детайли и да заснема някакъв сюжет. Осветлението не е най-подходящото, но при честата смяна на облаци със слънце не мога да се надявам на по-добро за момента!

P.S. Last month I saw this beautiful paper collage in the amazing blog of Michele, who has the gift and imagination to make "something from nothing". It reminded me that I had some similar paper figures unfinished, but I didn't have time for them then. These days the lovely drawing in Naomi's blog  
inspired me to glue the details and to bring my personages to life at last! I know the light is not good enough, but clouds and sun alternate with each other the whole week, so I can't wait for a better moment!

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  1. That beautiful, happy and creative. I love you always featuring creative works and unusual. I like it very much.

  2. I'm so happy to hear that from you! Thanks so much!

  3. Just beautiful!
    I love the texture and movement!
    What well behaved little chickens :-)

  4. Thank you, Naomi! I enjoy moving my personages. Here you can see a love story...
    P.S. The little chicken received love and food - so it's happy, I believe.:)

  5. Dear Naomi, copy the link without the full stop at the end!

  6. so sweet! amazing what one can make from scraps of paper. I love the woman and the chicken Rossichka. you really make them come alive. thanks for telling me about them. have you done any paper animations? you really really should!

    my son, husband and I have done a few paper animations together (very rudimentary and simple, but also very sweet) and you know, i've never shared them on the blog. hmmm seems like you've given me an idea. :)

  7. No, Michele, I haven't, though I'd like to! But I must learn... When? When I have time... Oh, when?! Maybe in summer... You can see in these old posts how I've moved my papercuts :


    What about your animations - maybe it's time to share them!:)

  8. Rossichka thanks. I told you once, I just put one word next to each other, and a color, side by side
    you, who read my words,
    you, who see my drawings,
    you and others like you, are who gives meaning to my ideas.
    which inevitably die every day
    but they return and return with your kind words.
    kind words are like the feather of that sparrow

  9. beautiful your little girl with the chicken. beautiful work!!!!!!
    check this out, please, I think you might like

  10. "Kind words are like the feather of that sparrow..." - what a beautiful comparison! They keep the memory of emotions and feelings, real and strong...
    You touched me, Roberto! Thank you...

  11. I'm happy you like it! Maybe I should keep on trying to tell short stories with papercuts?...
    Thanks about that blog - you told me once about it. It's really amazing!!!

  12. Yes, yes, Rossichka, keep on trying to tell short papercut-stories! I like this one above so much - it's simple, but so rich, as all the good things are, right! :)

    Please, find a time! :)

    And thanks again for your kind words, the last comment was once again like a little story...

    p.s.: I'll check all the links tommorow, now it's too late. :)

  13. Yes, it's toooooo late, so good night!:) But let me say thank you for the nice words - I'll go to bed with them in my head! Thanks also for encouraging me! Maybe I needed just this.:)))
    What about Andraz - he really impressed me!

  14. много ми харесва, роси...колко движение си успяла да придадеш...! :))

  15. О-о, мерси, Дени! Това ме увлича, вече няколко пъти пробвах. Може би трябва да направя една по-дълга история от моменти и някой да ми покаже как да ги навържа във филмче!:)

  16. Now this lady has character, Rossi! I like how you've captured her and the chicken in a story like that... they're alive! :D

    And I'm so touched by your continuous kind words, my friend. I'm actually doing wonderfully over here, and I hope you're having peaceful time for yourself over there.


  17. Oh she is wonderful. I totally adore the little story and pictures. You're so clever and the colours are very restful :D

  18. I'm glad that you're feeling great, Amalia! You are writing (and drawing!) now another happy page of your life story...
    It's so nice to know that you like my lady! I've already dedided to learn and make some shooooooort film/s during my summer peaceful period. I hope it will come one day, but it's not now, not now!:(

    A big, friendly hug from "over here" to you - "over there"!:o)

  19. Thanks, Kimberley! I think I could add some black lines to emphasize the details... In the next story. This time the woman was first, not the idea. I will try to start from the story itself the next time...:)x

  20. Oh, Amalia, my dear, I forgot to send you a kiss!... XX

  21. Thank you! Welcome to my blog! You can see here photos from my puppet performances as a director, as well as my attempts in papercutting. Plus all the rest...:)

  22. Heya Rossi Chicka! :) Hey wow and yipee :) I love this story, this girl is so full of joy and life, eh? She must be you in disguise - and slightly flatter :)

    I like the colours too, it's a great way to tell a story.

    Did I tell you I did a paper cutting workshop? After half an hour I am as good as HCA! :) :)

  23. Yes, you told me, but now you must show me what you cut!:) You needed just half an hour to become a master? Wow, maybe you've used HCAndersen's magical scissors!:))) No, seriously, it'll be interesting to know more about this workshop.
    Thanks for the compliment! As I wrote somewhere above, first appeared the girl and then all the rest plus the story! The girl and the chicken are cut out from different kinds of paper with different nuances of brown, but it remains unnoticable on the photos.
    Nevermind, I'll cut some more stories in Summer!

  24. hello Rossichka, how are you doing?
    i miss visiting your blog :D

  25. I missed you, too, Mita! After your last magnificent illustration to "Alice..." followed a long silence. I hope everything's O.K. with you!:)
    P.S. I was extremely busy with my theatre projects, but I'll have a rest for the next two weeks.

  26. Oh I love the little girl and the bird-and you're right 'the colour combos are great.

  27. Thank you, Patricia! You are so kind!:) Next time I'll add black, too...