сряда, 8 юни 2011 г.


Вчера получих един очакван с нетърпение голям червен плик. Нищо не може да се сравни с отварянето на пощенската кутия, в която намираш писмо! То пристигна изключително бързо от австралийския остров Тасмания - моят подарък от  Наоми. Малка красива написана на ръка картичка сега краси бюрото ми и ме радва всеки път, когато я погледна!

Yesterday I received a big red envelope from the island of Tasmania! I opened it impatiently. There was my giveaway gift from Naomi.  She had drawn and written a special greeting card for me that is standing now on my desk, in front of my eyes.
Знам, че сте любопитни какво има в прозрачния плик!

Do you wonder what was there in the transparent envelope?

Тези прекрасни картички, нарисувани от Наоми, всяка с плик за изпращане. Честно казано, поне засега не мисля да се разделям с тях. Може би ще направя изключение за някой много скъп човек по специален повод! Всъщност, съдейки от възклицанията на съпруга и сина ми, мисля да им подаря техните любими картички.:)

All these cards, drawn by the so talented Naomi, each one with an envelope, ready to be sent. To be honest, I doubt I'll do it. At least not soon. Maybe on a special occasion for a special person. But I'm thinking to make presents to my husband and son, because I know which cards they liked most.:)
А това е моят фаворит. "Урок по музика". Чудно настроение, всички са прехласнати, даже косите им "пеят"! Най-много ми харесва пианото, "изтъкано" от ноти. Непременно посетете блога на Наоми - ще окриете невероятни рисунки там!!

And this is my favourite. The singing girls with the singing hair. I adore the piano, "made out of"  notes and the atmosphere - so carefree and full of delight. Please, visit Naomi's blog and enjoy her wonderful paintings!!

Голяма радост е, когато спечелиш в т.нар. giveaway (вече ми се е случвало няколко пъти)! Още по-приятно е, когато получиш подаръка.:) Но не по-малко вълнуващо е да изпратиш ти сам наградите от твой giveaway. Както направих преди два месеца.

It's so exciting to win a giveaway. And so nice to receive the prize.:) But it's also thrilling to send the gifts of YOUR giveaway. As I did a couple of months ago.
Тази картичка получи Кати. Опитах се да създам сюжет около влюбената двойка, която тя си избра...

This card  went to Cathy. I tried to create a story about the couple in love that she liked most...

А тази, направена в  Corel Draw, отлетя към Андрю.

And this one, made in Corel Draw, flied to Andrew.
Направих й рамка от картон. По неясни причини снимката не иска да се обърне, но все пак ще успеете да добиете представа как изглеждаше в крайна сметка.

I put it in a frame, but the photo refuses to turn, so that you could see it better. Still I hope you've got an idea about how it looked like when finished!:)

Вече втори ден се радвам като малко дете. Разглеждам картичките, правя изложба от тях, показвам ги на близките си. Колко малко ни е нужно понякога, за да се почувстваме неочаквано щастливи!

For a second day, I'm feeling like a kid,  who has received a present. We need so little to feel the taste of happiness! Thank you, Naomi!!!

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  1. How wonderful to get a packet all the way from Tasmania and with such lovely cards!

  2. You got a beautiful gift! And those you've sent were beautiful as well! It's always nice to let positivity and good energy to flow around the globe : )

  3. And touch friendly hands, stretched across the big distances... And then this song is coming to my mind: "What a beautiful world!"..:)))

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog,
    as you know, sometimes the biggest gift is in the giving itself!

    They simply couldn't have gone to a nicer home


  5. Your beautiful cards will "feel" well at their new home - they'll be always admired and your talent - appreciated, Naomi! Thank you once again for being so kind to me! I'm so glad I was that lucky!:)

  6. ехааа, истинско писмо! звучи много вълнуващо :))))) а влюбените лисички са ми много любими, завидзавид на Кати :))))))

  7. И се оказаха купонджии! Подозирам, че в чашите има любовно биле... Здравей, отново!! Адаптира ли се към часовата разлика (имаш ли шанс за това!)?

  8. Dear Rossichka!

    I know how it feels to win such special postcards! I love her paintings too, they are so delicate and sweet.

    I also love your cute romantic card! It's so adorable and innocent, I can feel the love in it! xoxo :)

    By the way, I checked that purple tree, Jacaranda! It's really exotic and unbelievably gorgeous! My god...there are lots of amazing things in this world that we don't know about! Thanks a lot again my dear friend for sharing such amazing info with me!


    Have a great weekend :)

  9. Dear Afi, I've always known that this world of ours is full of numerous beautiful, enchanting, miraculous "things". As well as I know that I will never have the chance to see most of them! But the point is that some of these beauties are close to us - in our town, village, park, garden, street - and we have to open our eyes in order to see them! I think blogging helps us realize that beauty is everywhere and we are all lucky to share it with one another in the virtual space! I'm so glad you are impressed by these trees - they acquire admiration!
    What about the romantic card - I was in a search for a title. I liked most Andrew's proposal: "My heart is like a kite in your hands!", so he was the winner!

    Have a lovely weekend, too!

  10. I love Naomi's art too! You're so lucky to own her beautiful work... So how are you, dear Rossi? I hope you're getting as much love as the girl in you pretty card. :)

  11. My dear Amalia, I'm getting well, thank you! Quite busy and rather tired, as usual , but I hope to have a rest in the next 2-3 days. I'm glad you are in such an inspiring period - in personal and professional aspects!:-)I'm in awe of your latest drawings!
    Have a shining, loving Sunday!xx

  12. What a wonderful gift you recieved, I'm not surprised you want to keep them :D I love the cards that you made too, you're very talented and your paper cuts are stunning :D

    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog, you're such a sweet friend.xxx

  13. Oh, thank you, Kimberley, it's so sweet of you!:)You know, I sometimes imagine a big light room with a large table, lots of papers all around, scissors and me, cutting and singing inside... I love that dream!:)))
    I simply like your blog -it's a quiet, beautiful and inspiring place...