вторник, 24 май 2011 г.


Откраднати минути от нощта И...

Some minutes, stolen from the night AND...

 Нови типове лица - само образци. Нямам време за повече сега...

New types of faces. Just samples. I have no time for more now...
Жената-Котка.:) Замислила съм цяла серия...

The Catwoman.:) I have a whole series in my mind...

Спомняте ли си приказното дърво с лилави цветове от предишния ми пост? Нарича се Пауловния. Оказа се, че в града ни има множество - сякаш поникнали с магическа пръчка. А във вашия? Родината му е Китай. Холандски учен-ботаник го забелязва там в средата на 19 век. В знак на благодарност към краля на Нидерландия, спонсорирал експедицията му, ученият кръщава дървото на името на съпругата му Анна Павловна - дъщеря на руския император Павел Първи. Повече може да прочетете тук.  А също и в указания блог.
Do you remember the tree with violet blossoms from my previous post? Well, here are some new photos. I already know its name - Paulownia. If you are interested, read the material!

 А тази прелест още не знам как се казва. Просто се полюбувайте!

Here's another miraculous tree. Do you know its name? I can only admire it!!

П.П. Днес имахме малък семеен пикник извън града, но за него ще пиша друг път. От много красота да не ви заболят очите!:)

P.S. Today my family had a picnic out of the town. The weather was marvellous! But I'll post some photos another time, because beauty shouldn't be overdosed...

Rosi  от Италия ми откри тайната на приказното дърво. Това е див рожков или Юдино дърво. Легендата е много интересна - прочетете тук и тук. Благодаря ти, Рози!

My Italian blog-friend Rosi revealed the secret about that tree. This is the Judas Tree. The legend says that Judas Iscariot hanged himself on such a tree. Its white blossoms became purple out of shame!... Thank you, Rosi!

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful tree, really! Never seen something like that. I wish I knew its name. :)

    I like those masks! :)

  2. Me, too! I'll try to learn its name.
    I'm glad you like the faces - yes, they could be masks.:)

  3. Hola Rossichka, how do you do?
    As I see, your hands are making wonderful things! The masks are fantastic, specially the green. The Pictures are great too, that tree looks like a good dream!
    My family and I, we are ok, just getting familiar with all, we are in the phase of looking the way to live "job". As may be you know Im mexican, and even not been here for about 8-9 years, Im familiar and have family here. Thank you for avery comment, I really appreciate. Hugs and enjoy the life my dear friend!

  4. Dear Horacio, it's nice to tell you "hello" again! I hope you'll get used to the old way of living soon and everything will be O.K. I suppose it's interesting for your children to be there and your relatives are happy to have you closer...
    Thanks for the nice words about my faces! I'm quite busy, but still I find time for my scissors...:)

  5. Hi Rossichka,
    I'm glad to see another post from you that as a mix of creativity and nature.
    I knew Paulownia tree, is common in Italy too, but not the story that is very nice.
    The other tree with fuchsia flowres belongs to kind of legumes and it is called Albero di Giuda, very nice and ornamental.
    My child Elisabetta has prepared some delicious flans with these flowers and if you are interested in this recipe you can see it at this link:


    See you soon,

  6. My dear friend, thank you so much for revealing the mystery! I wrote about it (and you!) at the end of my post. I found some materials in Internet, the legend is exciting...
    This is a very interesting recipe! Although it looks delicious, I'm not sute I would try it, because the trees I know, grow alongside big boulevards and the air there is very polluted! But... I'll keep it for a better moment. Thanks again!

  7. Isn't it?!:) I should taste it one day, following Rosi's recipe!

  8. oh, I like what you do when you have time to yourself at night! Wonderful faces...
    and the trees are gorgeous, the blossoms heavenly. So very special.

  9. Thank you, Tammie! It's a joy and relaxation for me. I always discover something new...
    The trees are heavenly, yes!

  10. Quite an array of mixed emotions you've created on those faces, Rossi. I suppose being a puppet master makes you more diversely influenced by them, no? :)

    Your world looks stunning, the blooms are just lovely! oxx

  11. This afternoon I passed by those trees - the blooms had fallen on earth... Not a single sign from the glorious blossoming! I'll catch the further periods of the Judas Tree's growth.
    When I cut the eyes, I already know what kind of mouth to cut. And the last thing is the hair... I don't know, maybe there IS something in common with the process of giving the proper character to the puppet's face?...
    I'm so glad you've been here, Amalia!xxx

  12. greetings cheeky rossi! ahh yes well I have leraned something once more - what a tree. Poor Judas, he also fell on his plow and was disembowelled on the field that he bought with his evil earnings.


    Ahh your faces are magnificent, the way you capture the hidden people, who are just lurking in the paper to be released.

    Rossicheeka the hidden person in the paper releaser! I salute you :)

    greetings from the great Southern Land!

  13. The common name is "Judas Tree", but they say it should be called "Tree of Judea", referring to the region of its origin. However, I like the legend, we all like legends and myths, don't we? As for Judas ...the curve of his life has such a great meaning... I'm sorry for the tree, not for him.
    I don't deserve such complements, Andrew, but I won't hide - it's pleasant to read them.:) I haven't realized that the rustling of paper, while cutting it, is in fact the hidden figures' whisper :"Release meeee!"

    Greetings from the river Danube - the northern border of Bulgaria!

  14. WOW!!! Rossichka! These trees are from heaven! Can't believe that they exist in our world! Growing flowers from the trunk is just amazing! Thanks a lot for all the info about them too! You are a great inspiration for me! Oh, and your paper cuts are so beautiful! You create such soulful creatures from a piece of paper.Well done :)



  15. Dear Afi, your words inspire me!:) Thank you!You know how much I like your art works, don't you? You have golden hands and wonderful imagination! Everything you create or touch is beautiful!
    These trees are really amazing. I'm going to take photos from what happens to them throughout the seasons.
    Here is one more incredible tree, about which a friend of mine, staying for a while in the USA, wrote in her blog - http://umopomrachenija.blogspot.com/2011/05/jacaranda-trees_13.html