събота, 7 май 2011 г.


Природата е пълна с чудеса. Чак сега забелязах някои от тях.

Nature is full of miracles. I've noticed some of them just now.
Посегнах да изхвърля вехнещия букет и какво да видя - животът продължава!...

I was going to throw the fading bouquet, when I noticed that there's still life in there!...
Наблюдавам с интерес как жълтурчетата се превръщат в глухарчета...

I admire the magical transformation of pileworts into dandelions...

Виждали ли сте подобна красота?! Кухите черупки, месеци наред брулени от ветрове, дъждове и сняг, раждат това лилаво вълшебство...
Have you seen such a beauty?! After having been beaten by winds, rains and snow month after month, these dry pods give birth to a miracle in lilac!
Няколко дни по-късно се появяват зелени листенца, защото какво е едно дърво без листа...
Some days later little green leaves appear. It's a tree after all, besides a huge one...
Може би вдъхновена от трансформациите около мен, с ножица в ръка,  решавам да открия кой живее в рекламните листчета хартия, които се трупат у дома...

Maybe inspired by the transformations around me, I decide to find out who's hiding in the flyers that 
are piling up at home...

Привет-мривет! :)
It's worth the effort  - hello, creatures!:)

П.П. Последните две същества се родиха тази нощ...
P.S. The two strangers were born last night...

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  1. Dear Rossichka,
    it's true, nature is full of miracles. Last friday I went with my entire family at the foot of a mountain, immersed in nature you forget about everything because we are amazed by wonders of Creation, surrounded by so much positive energy.
    I picked up so much wild grass, today we've eaten risotto with nettles: excellent!!!
    I've also done a lot of photos, I photographed dandelions like the ones you posted too.

    A big hug from Italy,

  2. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  3. Hello, Rosi! I adore being among nature, too, but unfortunately it happens very rarely to me. I'm thankful that our appartment is surrounded by a lot of trees, grass, flowers and we listen to birds singing all year long! And I even don't notice the noise of vehicles...
    Lately we've found out how delicious the spinach salad is!:) Maybe you'll post some of your photos?
    I wish you a joyful and successful week!xx

  4. Gorgeous paper cuts, they have such a humour, something I need today! The trees are indeed beautiful, nature is amazing :D

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I'm afraid I'm a little low today, but it's probably a reaction to the stresses of the weekend. Hugs to you.x

  5. I'm glad you've felt the humour, Kimberley! The creatures are quite strange, really. Some of them I don't invent, just "see" them and help a little to clear the details... (for example the couple, shaking hands and the last one are leftovers).
    Have a good rest!:) Hugs!

  6. Nature is magical in their details, your magic bags of small pieces of paper, thanks for stopping by always, you have a great week, kiss

  7. Thanks, Paty! I'm always glad when you visit my blog, too!:)

  8. Hello dear Rossichka!.
    Beautiful transformation!, the transformation of Nature (which often we do not see, because we used to live away from her, though, we're in it. This miraculous transformation that turns and turns, to insist occur, like a jilted lover who do not want to understand that man, put his heart into his brain, and that's not good.
    And the other transformation, the transformation that you do with paper and scissors. As beautiful as, flowers that open again, the water that turns into crystals, or the sea, back, and back on the sand.
    Miracles, we should not stop looking.

  9. You have been giving birth to some very interesting characters from your flyers Rossichka. I should do something similar with ours. They are endless...haha. You are right. Nature is always miraculous. It always amazes me that from everything being completely flat during the winter months, come spring everything suddenly grows unbelievably tall and lush including the nettles unfortunately. Have a great week.

  10. DEAR Roberto, I'm glad you enjoyed my paper strangers.:) Thanks for the poetic words - they touched me! You are attentive and friendly as always...
    This spring I have opened my eyes wider and follow her "steps". I don't go out very often, but when I do, I see a lot, discover new miracles, notice amazing detaiis and feel so delighted.
    Nature is full of numerous beautiful secrets and surprises and we must try to see as many of them as we can!
    I hope you are still keeping fresh the happy memories from your trip and are feeling well!

  11. Hello, Cathy! Yes, spring is miraculous! These days my attention is attracted mainly by the trees in our town... Especially the dry, dirty-brownish pods that still hang on their branches next to the new leaves or give birth to blossoms like those lilac ones. By the way, I was completely surprised to find out that they smell nearly like violets!!!!
    What about flyers... when you get "sick and tired" of them, just try to make something for fun!:)
    Bye for now!

  12. The photos are beautiful!
    I love the paper cutouts, the intricate detail is incredible

  13. nature is truly miraculous and life always finds a way to continue!
    i love your paper creatures as well, they are charming as usual.
    thank you for the beautiful field photo you sent!!

  14. I've just came back - I took some wonderful photos of another weird and beautiful tree!
    Thank you on behalf of my creatures - they cocked their noses now!:) Thanks, really, Asja!
    I love poppies very much... This field was along my way to the SDUniversity in Odense where I attended a conference dedicated to Andersen... Eh!!!!

  15. so wonderful to see flowers and seed, leaves and trees through your lens. Also your whimsical paper art.... so fun.

  16. I've just learned the name of that tree - paulownia- and am so excited! I'll write more about it in future... Its blossoms smell so deliciously - similar to violets.
    Some of these paprecuts are really funny, thank you, Tammie!:)

  17. thanks you always for your kind comments! sorry i don't comment enough here on your blog, but i do love to visit when i can :) your words and photos have me longing to venture out into the city with Sofia, but lately i've been afraid to go by myself. she's been teething and is fussy all the time. i look forward to better days! btw, your paper cuts put a smile on my face :)

  18. Thank you, Dawn - your words about my papercuts mean much to me!
    There'll be enough time for walks with Sofia! The most improtant thing now is her condition and calm... I know this period is hard for everyone in the house, but soon the pretty smile will reveal the first white teeth!:)

  19. And thanks for finidng time for a visit!:))

  20. Isn't Mother Nature amazing? She is, and she inspires sweet creations too like your junk mail paper-cuts Rossichka! I have a soft spot in my heart for recycling. Way to go!

  21. Welcome to my blog and thank you very much! You can see my other creations under the label "Paper cutting". Your blog is very intriguing and I'm going to "explore" it soon!

  22. Dear Michele, I have a glimpse at your blog from time to time, just to see the whimsical and beautiful things your imagination and golden hands create!
    Sometimes I use in my work with children recycled materials, too. It's really amusing...
    I'm so glad you've been here!:)

  23. Thank you my dear friend for your words, the little girl he had no more food in your stomach, so his face. Linda week.

  24. Oh, I see... Still it was nice that your beautiful painting provoked my imagination to write its own story! Have a nice week, too!:)

  25. Hello dear Rossi, how are you? I hope you're taking good care of yourself. It's nice to see your world transforming so beautifully and that you're still making time to cut away your lovely creatures.

    Many hugs, oxx

  26. Greetings Rossicheecka! :) Heh I like spelling your name my way because err I am a bad speller :)

    So you have spring? You have the luch eh? And very beautiful and full of vitality it is and kind you are to share your spring with us!

    And I admire very much those who you have found hiding in your fliers! They are honoured I am sure to be discovered so delightfully!

    greetings from here :)

    Oh another puppet person I see is here


  27. Oh I bought a good book on Hans Christian Andersen by a Maria Tarta(r) who writes big words about such things :) I thought of you when I did - his papercutting is nearly as good as yours

    by the way I am flying my kite :)

  28. My dear Amalia, the world around is transforming each and every day, only that I have not the possibility to make a special walk outside with my camera. So I missed a lot of miracles...
    Oh, how I dream to spend a whole day with my scissors in hands! I have so many ideas in my head... But my everyday schedule says "not now", so I just steal some minutes for my papercuts when I can!:(
    Nothing special around me - home engagements, workshops, performances from time to time... And the theatre projects we are working with my husband upon...
    See you, my friend!Take care and enjoy the beauty and love around you! xx

  29. Dear Andrew, I feel honoured that you thought about me, while holding the book about Andersen! I know it is a very precious one. Thank you!
    Oh, my papercuts are paling before Andersen's...:) The only thing in common is that I use the same technique - by folding the paper. You can see what magnificent book I received as a birthday gift, as well as some other kind of my papercuts here -
    The truth is that I still have not read the second book - I don't want to be influenced in my own discoveries in papercutting!!
    I have heard about Maria Tatar - she's a worldwide known American professor in literature. I'm going to send you a photo to see how she looks like.
    Thank you, dear friend, for encouraging me in my attempts to follow my tiny path in the enormous world of paper magics!:)
    P.S. I don't doubt you are taking a good care of the heart-kite, but, please, keep your own from the same destiny!:o)

  30. Hey oh you are assuming that I have a heart ;) I can hear something ticking in their - could be an alarm clock? I hope the alarm doesn't go off hehe!

    Great book that you have. Oh so lucky you are!

    Have a wonderful day :)

  31. When you hear the ticking, just put a hand on your chest - to feel your heart...:) Or if you are still doubting, have a look at some of your pictures!!!!

    Have a sunny weekend!

  32. Hi, I just came to say hello.
    Thinking, in these times, have someone who can say "hello " is a lot! no?
    So thanks for being somewhere in the world, so I can tell you: Hello.

  33. The first thing I read in my blog this morning, was your "hello", Roberto! What a better beginning of the day?:) Hello to you, too! It's Sunday, my eyelids are still heavy, I'm sipping my first cup of coffee, postponing the day's tasks for later on... I know it's still night in Argentina. So here's my "good morning" - to reach you when you get up. From "somewhere in the world", across the continents...:))))

  34. Hey! gorgeous flowers!!!! I love the lilac ones - not seen those before. Paper art looks fab as usual.

    Happy Sunday dear friend X

  35. The lilac tree is called "paulownia" - I've learned that recently! We can't believe with my husband how many trees of that kind have grown up in the town - and we haven't noticed them before...
    Thanks for your encouraging words, Abi! Have a nice new week!:)

  36. Dear Rossichka, you gave me today a very nice surprise, I thank you for it, its so nice to see one of my illustrations in your blog, and sharing it with all your friends and visitors.
    A speacial hug for you.

  37. The pleasure is mine, Ale! I didn't ask for your special permission, because you had given it with your words... I'm glad I made you smile today!

  38. hello Rossichka.

    how are you?
    i took your advice.
    i've had some good rest time.

  39. i sure miss blogging :D

    very beautiful photographs you have here...

  40. And I suppose you are contented?:)...
    Dear Mita, I'm rather busy,respectively tired. All the things I do are pleasant, but need time, efforts, imagination, taking of quick decisions, good planning... They are connected with many different initiatives our family theatre is going to take part in, connected with the International Children's Day we celebrate here - 1st of June.
    Maybe I'll post some photos later. I long for a little rest too!:) Take care and keep your dreams!x