сряда, 27 април 2011 г.


Надявам се, че сте имали чудесен празник! Любов и светлина да изпълват живота ви!

I hope you've enjoyed the last few days and wish you a lot of love and guiding light in your life!
И тази година с удоволствие разкрасихме яйцата -  съпругът ми, синът ни и аз. Купите са пълни, душите ни - също...

It was such a pleasure to colour the eggs together with my husband and son! They look so pretty on the table...
Използвахме три начина на разкрасяване.
This year we used three techniques.
 Брат ми ни показа четвърти...

 My brother's eggs are very interesting...

В традиционния ни съботен уъркшоп  децата се учиха как да рисуват яйца с восък. По-големите самостоятелно, а малчуганите - с помощта на възрастните. За жалост, не успяхме да заснемем оцветените яйца!
On Saturday our theatre group had a workshop as usual. We taught the children how to draw upon the eggs, using wax technique. The elder managed by themselves, the little ones - with the help of the adults. 
Unfortunately we don't have photos of the coloured eggs!

Освен това всеки си изработи кошничка за яйцето. Въображението на деца и възрастни надхвърли шаблоните, които им бяхме приготвили.
After that everyone made paper baskets to hold the eggs. The imagination went beyond the samples we had made.
У дома също имаме яйца, разрисувани с восък. Техен майстор е съпругът ми. С всяка изминала година ръката му става все по-умела.

My husband used the same technique, besides rather successfully, at home. Just  have a look!

Тези яйца са от миналогодишните...

Eggs from last year's Easter...
А  тези - тазгодишните, които ще изядем последни, за да им се радваме по-дълго!:)

And from this Easter. They'll be the last to be eaten!:)

След подобни празници се чувствам енергична и усмихната (поне вътрешно) за дълго време. И при вас ли е така? :-)

After such  festive days I feel full of energy and strength that keep me active and smiling for long... What about you? :-)

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  1. Hi Rossi. I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter, and it seems that you brought joy to so many children too!

    The eggs look fantastic. I hope the Easter Bunny left you more eggs in the basket somewhere! (^_^) oxx

  2. The delicious Easter cake is eaten, but there're still eggs in the bowls!:) Today and yesterday we had puppet performances in kindergardens - there're beautiful exhibitions of coloured eggs everywhere, so the spirit of Easter is still around... Do you celebrate it, too?xxx

  3. Hi Rossichka, Happy Easter for you and your husband and son.

    All the eggs are beautiful, love the colors you picked to color them, they are all great.

    and the paper baskets, great job everybody did!! think you all had great fun working to make them.

    Have a very nice day!!

  4. Hello, Ale! Yes, we all enjoyed the workshop - this is our family theatre group that organized it. Our son (he's 17) came to help us with the music and it happened so, that he was responsible for the eggs' colouring, too... Later on he said that this was a good experience for him and so it was!:)
    Enjoy your days!

  5. Wow, sounds like you had a super fun Easter weekend! What's more to have everyone involved in the process? Quality and fun time!!

    Many blessings to you :D

    p/s: So true 'Work will not escape' lolz! I will keep that closely in my mind :)

  6. Yes, the weekend was great, the workshop was so emotional, alhough I felt too tired in the afternoon! But it was worth the effort!...
    Well, I must remind to myself the advice I gave you, when I'm overwhelmed with work.:)Bye for now!

  7. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  8. What a beautiful eggs!
    Thanks for the beautiful word you gave me: "mak"...
    Happy Easter dear Rossichka.

  9. You are welcome! I just followed my impulse. I can tell you some other beautiful Bulgarian words in future, if you are interested. See you!:)

  10. Hello dear Rossichka!
    Finally I'm back.
    I want to thank your comments and wishes for my daughter.
    Wonderful work you have done with kids!
    I have spent an unusual Easter away from my home. but anyway we ate some chocolate :)
    See you soon!
    Thanks again

  11. Hola, Roberto! It's wonderful to see you back, thanks for taking from your time to visit my blog! I suppose you are full of energy, marvellous impressions from your trip and joy and am sure we would feel this in your future paintings!
    Be happy!!:0)

  12. Carissima Ross,
    questa sera ti scrivo in italiano perchè non sono brava come te in inglese.
    Spero che tu abbia passato una Pasqua serena e una domenica luminosa.
    Sono incuriosita dalla tecnica di colorazione delle uova con la cera fatta insieme ai bambini.
    Vorrei provarla anch'io perchè queste uova sono molto belle e graziose.
    Ci crederesti che per i lavoretti pasquali, che i bambini portano a casa per la famiglia, ho fatto gli stessi animaletti di cartoncino?!?
    Che bella coincidenza!!!!
    Buon inizio di settimana, un abbraccio, Rosi

  13. Hi Rossichka -the eggs you coloured are gorgeous ,are they real eggs and you eat them?We have May day bank holiday here so its nice and quiet!!

  14. Hi, Patricia! Yes, they are real boiled eggs, ready to be eaten! All of them! (We have several left and maybe will put them in the spring salad...) It's so nice when people leave the town to spend somewhere else the holidays and then everything sinks in silence, as you said!
    I hope you are well and still busy with your work, but not that much!:)

  15. Dear Rosi, we are glad that you like our eggs and are flattered by your words! Thank you! I'll take some photos and then I'll send them to you by e-mail, as well as some explanations about the wax techniqie. I understood a lot from your comment in Italian, but my husband , who speaks Italian a little bit, helped me with the rest! So... wait for my e-mail!:0)
    Have sunny weather!

  16. Hya Rossicheeka! How are you? I hope your Easter was great! once again thank you so much for sharing some of your life with us, those eggs look eggscellent (sorry for the bad pun but it is Wednesday today and I always do bad puns on wednesdays!)

    see you from oz!

  17. Hello, Andrew! Yes, Easter gave us some pleasant hours to be together at home and to do things together... I like very much your new word "eggscellent", thus your compliment becomes bigger!:) Thank you! I hope your present will reach you VERY soon, because Cathy from England has received hers already!! Best wishes!

  18. Rossichka. Do not think I'm sad. I write, but as if I were someone else. I imagine to be someone else who happens something. Today that person received a lesson. Probably, a psychologist might say that in the back of my mind that person is me. Today, that, I can not say. But I am very happy. Tomorrow could be a dog ... a dolphin, who knows?
    Thanks. Your comments are of this kind I hope to find whenever I do a post.
    PS: Congratulations to your husband!!

  19. Dear Roberto, I will not hide that I felt flattered by your words about my comments. Thank you!
    But yes, of course, that I shouldn't suggest and always make a connection between your poetical words and your emotional condition at the moment. I just think that they are a part of you to some extent no matter consciously or subconsciously...
    P.S. Thanks and best regards from my husband!

    Bye till the next time!:-)

  20. Your coloured eggs look gorgeous Rossichka. It is a pity Easter is only once a year. The workshop with the children looks fun too.

  21. Yes, you have right about both things! I've heard that people who draw upon eggs, blown through ones, begin their work long before Easter. So at least they feel the feast's spirit longer! Thanks for your nice words!:)