петък, 22 април 2011 г.


Всичко започна преди няколко седмици с един плик ...

Everything began some weeks ago with a big envelope ...

... и в него - тази чудесна пролетно-весела чантичка, ушита от Мери Патриша...

... and this lovely bag in it, wearing the spring mood, sewn by Mary Patricia...
... както и това чудно птиче, изработено пак от нея...

... as well as  this pretty papier-mache birdie, made by her...
Спечелих ги от нейния блог, а тя ми подари и ослепително бяло парче ирландски лен!  Хиляди  благодарности!

And here it is - the giveaway I won. If you look carefully, you'll notice a white piece of the famous Irish linen,  that Patricia was so kind to send me as a gift! Thank you so much!
След това се появиха  ароматните кокичета и тогава вече се успокоих, че безкрайната досадна зима наистина си отива!

 Later on  snow-drops appeared, promising the arrival of the sunny, warm weather!

Вкъщи започнахме нетърпеливо да пълним вазичките, когато се показаха първите пролетни цветя, посети от вятъра...

We began to fill the vases with the first spring flowers, growing in the grass everywhere around...

Най-накрая всеки двор стана замайващо пъстър от цветовете на пролетни цветя като тези...
 Finally the yards bursted into the bright colours of the spring flowers! Such as these ones...
 Гледката на цъфнали дървета на всяка крачка е неповторима!

I adore the sight of trees in bloom!

За мен пролетта е единственият сезон, който винаги ми липсва, за който копнея и на който не мога да се налюбувам!

For me Spring is the only season that I really miss and long for, that I fully enjoy and deeply love!

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  1. ехааааа!!! прекрасно!!! :)))))))))

  2. Нали? И при това съм снимала, докато бързах из града по разни дела, а не специално...:)

  3. The purse and little bired are so gorgeous :D
    Your Spring pictures are lovely and the flowers such a delight. Our Spring seems to have leapt into Summer, I only hope we don't bypass the real Summer and have perpetual Autumn like we did last year!
    Take care and enjoy the beautiful flowers :D

  4. Yes, we waited for the Spring so long that she's reigning now, showing all her marvels day by day! I wish your Summer lasts as long as she has to, according to the calendar!:) Well, unfortunately a slight mess in the seasons turned to be something natural during the past few years. So, we must admire them every minute, without postponing!... Have a lovely weekend!

  5. "How I wish I had Narcisus in my garden. But in tropical country like mine they will not bloom. But I was happy to see your pictures of flowers."

  6. "Forgot to wish Happy Easter to you and your family. This beautiful, I assure you deserve."

  7. Dearest Ross,
    what a luck! You posted so much beautiful things, birdie is a wonder with its slim shape, very original!
    Nice also the bag.

    I wish you a happy Easter, thank you so much for things you write to me.

  8. Dear Maria,I'm happy you could enjoy the beauty and tenderness of narcissuses and tulips through my blog! I wish you to visit one day a country, where they grow! I know you have a lot of flowers and trees that we do not have in Europe, but this is one of the charms of Internet - it helps us see so many things unseen, thanks to our new friends!:)
    Happy Easter Holidays to you and your family, too!

  9. Dear Rosi, I wish you lovely Easter Holidays with your family! Thanks for your kind words!:) In a few days I will have another post, where I will show the beautiful eggs we coloured at home, as well as other things, concerning Easter. This evening we'll go to church and take our candles home. I'm so eager for the morning breakfast, according to the tradition!:-)
    I just saw your rooster - I'll try to make one! Wish me luck!:)

  10. Hi! your flowers are beautiful ,the weather must be brilliant.I lost a lot of plants this winter with the frost and awful snow and wish I had a display like yours,-hope you had a nice easter w/e,Bye for now

  11. Yes, patricia, we are enjoying the springtime to the full! It's so beautiful everywhere, the air smells differently and this is a gift after the endless, cold and dull winter! I'm sorry about the lost flowers, but I hope other ones will grow in summer and autumn to make you happy!:)

  12. Your photos are gorgeous Rossichka. So sunny and colourful. Our spring flowers and blossoms are beautiful now too. I love the giveaway prizes you won. Very nice indeed. You are very lucky.

    I received your beautiful giveaway present also today and it is so lovely. Many thanks for sending. The post took a long time but it was worth waiting for.

  13. At last! I'm so happy to hear that the gifts have reached you, Cathy! I hope the foxy-like couple will feel well at your home!:)
    Spring reveals its beauty day by day and I enjoy it so much. Hugs!

  14. hello Rossichka,

    i'm back :D
    i read all your comments, thank you very much.
    and yes you were right, i needed some rest.
    love that papier-mache birdie.
    so pretty!

  15. i love reading your comments, actually.
    you are so funny :D

  16. Hello, Mita! I'm glad my comments reach you in a way - they are reflections from the impact of your beautiful drawings upon me! I hope you feel differently after the rest!:)