понеделник, 26 януари 2015 г.


Коледните и новогодишни празници останаха назад, но бяха толкова вълнуващи и щастливи за цялото ни семейство, че спомените за тях ме зареждат постоянно! Ето някои от тях, запечатани в снимки.

I'm glad to say that both the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 were happy for me and my family (except for a very serious flu). I'm going back to those weeks to recharge emotionally. Here're pics from some special moments.

Бързаме към летището в Букурещ...   
Bucharest. In a hurry to hug our son at the airport...

             The Christmas tree...

Да си имаш  Дядо Коледа вкъщи!:D      
When Santa Claus is a member of your family!:D

Много специален подарък за мен...          
A very special present for me...

Старият календар на Еличка...      
The 2014 calendar by Elichka...

Отново заедно на съботна работилничка!...   
Together again at a Saturday creative workshop!...

Пуловерът с елени, който изплетох за сина ми...
The pullover with reindeers I knitted for my son...

Чийзкейкът на съпруга ми...
My husband's cheesecake...

Букурещ през стъклото на колата...        
Bucharest. Pics, taken from the car...

На връщане от летище Отопени...            
Back from Otopeni airport...

Сега ми предстои ми нещо, надявам се, хубаво - да поставя отново "Рапунцел" на куклена сцена! Пожелайте ми успех!

 Ще пиша отново, когато мога... Усмихнат февруари за всички!:)

I didn't make any resolutions. "La vie continue. Je vais, comme elle vient."(Joe Dassin)... I have my dreams, expectations and goals. I know the major things that I want to achieve in 2015, as well.
So now it's time for a new step in my professional life. I am going to another city to put on puppet stage "Rapuntzel". Again! This is a good challenge for me. Wish me good luck!

I'll blog again, when I can.:) Wish you all health and joy!

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  1. Lovely memories.
    Good luck to you with Rapunzel, I can't wait to see pictures of what you do with her.
    Love C xxx

    1. Thanks a lot! It will be with the same scenography and puppets, only that I want to go deeper in the material.:)

  2. These are great pics.
    I love your Christmas tree . . . and Santa! . . .
    and your husband's cheese cake. YUM!

    1. Thaaaaank you!
      My son put the ornaments on the Christmas tree, as he used to do it before...
      The cheesecake was covered with blueberry jam from the Rhodope mountains.
      And now I'll tell you a secret - Santa is... my husband!:D What to do! Someone has to give the presents... (He is an actor.)

  3. Oh Rossichka, after our not-quite-a-blizzard snowfall last night, what a pleasure it is, in my cosy apartment tonight, to see your Christmas pictures, with your family, and then to learn that you will be taking your Rapunzel to new audiences this year.

    Fantastic news!

    How glad I am that some years ago, we did meet via blogging, through our dear friend Gretel. A small world is beautfiul.


    1. Hello, dear Frances! I am glad, too, that our paths crossed in Blogland! Just imagine: you are in your warm apartment in snowy New York, in the USA, I am in a cosy lodging in a rainy city in Bulgaria); it's time for bed Here, it will soon be time for the afternoon tea There, but we are connected, thanks to the Internet! Isn't this a miracle?
      I began the rehearsals of "Rapunzel" - today we sang the songs, tomorrow is the arrangement of the scenery... I will write in your blog later. Avoiding the blizzard - what a relief for you!:)x

  4. Dear Rossi, I love to have a look in your house, allthough I very much like the light effects of the cars in a christmas city. But your colorful tree next to the piano, le petit prince on the wall, the delicious pie with the Japanese cup aside! I like that! The food on your table, but also the carpet and the chairs. It looks different from a Dutch home, but also very familiar.
    And then your son! What a beauty he is! He has your looks. And the three of you look very happy. Thanks for showing all this!!!
    Love you, Hedwig

    1. and good luck with Rapunzel!!!!!!!!

    2. My dear Hedie, your message warmed me, thank you! It was so nice and encouraging to read it in the end of a day, full of rehearsals, chatting with colleagues - new friends, puppets, beautiful songs (for "Rapunzel") and smiles!
      What about the post - well, I went "out of my shell", for sure! It's so interesting that different details grab our attention, when looking at family photos...:) I'll tell my son about your compliment!:)
      Wishing you a nice weekend, with love!xx

  5. such lovely memories
    i am so glad you have them and photos of them
    they make me smile as well

    wishing you a grand time with your new performance ~
    and a sweet weekend to you.

    1. Hello, Tammie, our blogs are places to collect such memories of precious moments and important events, aren't they?:)
      I came back home for several days. Hope to have a lazy Sunday!:D

  6. Hi, Rossi !!! This is a beautiful, fun (and tasty) post! I loved seeing the city adorned with many lights, I loved seeing a picture of your child (which I see a lot like you) I was amused to see Santa Claus (I suspect who is) and see that your husband is a great baker! Wow! must be delicious!
    And I liked agree with you: I do not, I make New Year's resolutions. like you. I do not like thinking about the future, even tomorrow. imagine I can not think of a whole year ahead!

  7. And I want to wish you success with Rapunzel!
    Do not disappear from the blog! :)

    1. I won't disappear, here I am - Good morning!:) After the refreshing cup of coffee, I am leaving for the theatre. Singing, details in the puppet manpulation, analyzing the text - these are the tasks for today.
      Thanks about the first comment. Yes, you are right about Santa Claus!:DD

      Bye!, Roberto! Have a fantastic week!