понеделник, 19 януари 2015 г.


Реших да изплета зимен пуловер за сина ми. Той поиска да има фигури - техника, непозната за мен. Приятелка - опитна плетачка, ми предаде първия урок. Ето как завърши  той.:)

I hadn't knitted for ages! After years of knitting hats, shawls, pullovers and cardigans for my family and me (some of which we still wear), I had stopped knitting.
But last autumn I decided to knit a winter pullover for my son. He wanted it with reindeers. To knit figures was a technique, completely unknown to me. I took a brief lesson from a friend of mine - an experienced knitter, just to get the idea of how to manage two different colours of yarn. This is my first attempt.:)

От доста години не бях хващала куките. Купих прежда и се захванах за работа. На моменти, признавам си, се поизмъчих. Но пък се научих да разчитам схеми. Да създавам мои. Успях да изплета елхички, снежинки и дори еленчета!

I bought the yarn, chose the patterns and not long after that there I was knitting Christmas-trees, snowflakes and reindeers!... Reading schemes... Constructing new ones...
Counting stitches and rows, unknitting, murmuring, knitting, counting again...

Припомних си, че освен желанието са нужни и други неща: упоритост, постоянство, точни мерки, точни бримки. Да следвам свободно въображението си. Да експериментирам. И най-вече - да разпределя времето си правилно. (Вярвам, че следващият път резултатът ще е по-добър!)

I learned several lessons... To be patient, to be persistent, not to give up, to follow my imagination, to measure correctly, to organize my time better, to learn from my mistakes... (I believe next time I'll enjoy a better result!)

Коледната ваканция се топеше, а аз не бях готова, но в крайна сметка завърших пуловера навреме. И студентът отлетя с него - грижливо сгънат в багажа му.:)

The Christmas Vacation was nearing its end and I was afraid I wouldn't be ready on time. But I did it, almost in the last moment.;)
And my son parted for uni with the pullover in his luggage and a smile on his face!

Надявам се да му топли! Нали е плетен с любов...

Hope it will keep him warm! My love is weaved in it...

I was so much in a hurry that I didn't have enough time for  photos.:(

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  1. Hello Rossichka, you did a wonderful work on your knit, love the sweater, to knit for our loves ones is another way to tell them "I love you", :)

  2. that is really quite an accomplishment! you learned so much and it looks wonderful.
    how nice that you had a friend that could teach you how to start out!

    1. Thank you! I am so grateful to that lady. She was just going to travel abroad, but she found time for me!

  3. ЕЕЕй, страхотен е, Роси! Браво! Много нежни еленчета...:)
    А майка сега плете за Стефан пончо с лама, но още е в самото начало и също като теб търси тюториълс за смесването на две плетки и изпънението на фигурки...:)

    1. Мерси, Дени! Е, "има трески за дялане", но за малкото време това успях да направя.
      Мога да ти изпратя нещо, което намерих днес. Иначе смяната на цветовете трябва да се покаже от човек, който има опит. В един момент започваш да се чудиш къде да слагаш отделните кълбенца, за да не се оплитат помежду си...:)
      Надявам се, че Стефко е пораснал много и радостта се е настанила за постоянно у дома ви!

  4. Oh, Rossi! Beautiful! What a very nice color blue! And the reindeer!!! They are so delicate. As are the stars. Its very special and so symbolic! Your son wrapped in the sweater made by his mom's hands. What a work! You can be proud of yourself!
    Love you, Hedwig
    And thanks very much for your sweet comment. Your words always touch me!

    1. I had an idea what kind of blue he liked, because we had visited a yarn shop together in the end of the summer.
      Actually my son asked me to knit a reindeer. That was a real challenge, but I am thankful, because I learned something new (I need more practice now). Stars or snowflakes - everyone sees a different picture. I like your interpretation, thank you so much, my dear friend!!
      Your drawings are fantastic!!!

  5. Bravo Rossichka! Your fortunate son will have this stylish pullover to keep him warm and every time that he wears it, he will know that each loop was made with your love. And there are a lot of loops in a sweater!

    (I love the reindeer motif, but confess that I have never yet knit anything that uses that motif. You've now re-inspired me.)


    1. Thank you, Frances, your words mean much to me!!
      At first I was a little bit skeptic about the reindeer, but it looks really tender. By the way, its colour is between white and gray... I could send you the scheme in case you decide to knit a reindeer one day.:0)
      Oh, I received so many kisses!:)

  6. What a gorgeous sweater, Rossichka! I love the stars/snowflakes you sprinkled on it... and the colors...just perfect! I'm sure it will bring him luck! :-)

    1. Thank you, Kristien, may your words do come true!:)

      I didn't have time to sprinkle more snowflakes/stars - I'll do it one day, but with a needle... (you can see it on the last photo)

  7. Hey! Wonderful !!!!
    It is a work done by an expert on two needles!
    And you not only did a reindeer, you wove two!!!!!
    I love the detail of snowflakes on the back!
    Your child will walk proud, I guess ask him: who wove this beautiful pullover? and he will say proudly: Pst! my mom!
    PS: Thanks for your comment, lately, I have little time for my blog. summer, and my job does not leave me much free time, but sometimes I go for a walk by friends blogs, but I have no time to write! I long for the Fall and Winter! Have a beautiful week, my friend!!!!

    1. Thank you, Roberto! He could wear it in unison with the weather - they are expecting a new snow to fall.:)
      Hope you are managing with your tasks - have a successful week!
      I am starting something new - will post about it till the end of the day.x

  8. Oh... i read Hedwigg's comment and i realize that maybe what i saw as snowflakes are stars!!!! obvious the blue is for the night!!! :) (OK better stop with the interpretations! :) Byeeee!!!!!!

  9. Отговори
    1. It's a picnic basket - a special present for that purpose from a friend of ours! But I used it for my yarn, because spring hasn't come yet...:)