вторник, 10 февруари 2015 г.


Само се поогледайте - и ще ги видите...  
Just open your eyes and you will notice them...

Най-неочаквано, на най-невероятни места - малки, причудливи сърца! 
Little hearts, hidden here and there, appearing unexpectedly...

С магическата сила да ви накарат да се усмихнете!
They can melt your heart and uplift your mood!

Тази "колекция" е събирана през последните две години...
I've been gathering this "collection" in the last couple of years...

Моят любимец!:)
My favourite one!:)

П.П. Предвидливо си бях подредила снимките в поста, преди да започна репетициите, та сега ми отне съвсем кратко време да напиша текста.

P.S. I had prepared the photos for this post before starting the rehearsals, so all I had to do now, was to write the text. Hope, you like them!:D

Пожелавам на всички много любов и романтични моменти преди, по време на и след празничния ден!
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - lots of love before and after the feast day, too!!

13 коментара:

  1. Rossichka, you've a lovely collection of hearts. I agree with you about seeing their shapes everywhere, once you do begin to look.

    I also imagine that your creative work has touched many hearts around the world. After all, I have see those children's happy faces in your photographs.

    Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  2. It was nice to find out that there're other people who see such hidden hearts..
    Oh, I believe that everyone touches others' hearts in one way or another, thank you, dear Frances!:)))

  3. Oh Rossi, what a nice post! I really needed this! I was a bit down today and now I see your hearts... it lift my spirits! Your have an eye for seeing the love in small and ordinary things. And that is why life is beautiful! Thanks!
    Love, Hedwig

    1. Dear Hedie, I'm so glad I helped you in a way! It woud have been the same, if we lived together - then I would try to cheer you up with these pics or by sharing some moments from my "Rapunzel " adventure! Sweet dreams!!!

    2. You are very sweet! Thank you! :)))

  4. Lovely Rossi. You just have to know where to look, then remember to look there.

    1. Sometimes I just see how a heart is appearing with my last sips of coffee... But sometimes they surprise me. Last week I saw a "rainy" heart - will post it soon.
      Have a lovely new week, Charlotte!:)

  5. I love your heart photos, they look so extra special together like this! I often see hearts when I'm out walking and I started to collect the pictures of them but somehow they were lost on my computer so it's all the more lovely for me to see all of yours! Thankyou for collecting them and for sharing them here.
    Jess xx

  6. wow, so many creatively found hearts!
    some people are gifted in finding them, you sure are.
    really lovely and fun to see.
    sweet days and nights to you.

    1. Just have a look, Tammie, and be patient!:)) It took me two or three years to collect all these hearts (plus some more).
      Hugs from Varna - a city at our Black Sea!

  7. I love hearts you know, and i told you once that maybe i will do again a post about hearts in which people send me lots of hearts. why dont you do that? dont you want all of we send to you some hearts? :)

    1. No, I haven't thought of that... On the contrary, I would like to send you mine, when you prepare the post.:) St Valentine's Day just provoked me to open the folder with hearts...