вторник, 17 февруари 2015 г.


What an amazing performance!!
This is Mihaela Marinova - a 16-year old Bulgarian girl who became third in X Factor Bulgaria 2014.
James Arthur came specially to support her in the final concert...

I am really obsessed by their voices and this beautiful, profound song! ("Bound to you"-Christina Aguilera)


Невероятно красиво и емоционално изпълнение на 16-годишната Михаела Маринова и Джеймс Артър! "Bound to you" на Кристина Агилера. Просто не мога да спра да ги слушам...

(Финал на Х Фактор България 2014.)

P.S. Just a couple of days left till my premiere of "Rapunzel". I feel this song corresponding in a very special and unexplicable way to the theme of the performance...

П.П. По странен начин тази песен кореспондира с една от темите в "Рапунцел" - ах, премиерата вече "чука на вратата"...

And... two more preformances of Mihaela - isn't she a treasure?...

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  1. Very good singer !!! And beautiful girl! (Sometimes thought if necessary that a good artist like this should show your leg like this). Not that I am old-fashioned, I think I understand the fashion gowns or evening dresses. But she did not it stops being a girl, she is a great artist, and if she did not show her leg, nothing would be different. Do not you think?

    1. I don't like her dress at all! But this is the stylists' decision, not hers... I
      She has a great future! And I'm glad you liked her.:)

  2. Hello my dear friend, Thank you for visiting me and your kind words. I hope Rapunzel goes well for you. Take care my dear.xxx

    1. Hey, hello, Kim! Thanks for the wishes! Thanks on behalf of Rapunzel, too...:) Today is the big Day!

  3. So the big day was yesterday! Did it go well???
    I wish you big success like Michaela. I think I like the Rapunzel performance more!!!

    1. Everything was just perfect, thank you!:D
      Yesterday they had two daily performances and we came back home in the evening.
      I am preparing a post now, so stay tuned, Hedie!