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Някои от вас вече знаят, че през последните три седмици поставях "Рапунцел" - този път във Варна. В драматизацията ми, която следва популярната у нас приказка на братя Грим, използвам елементи от оригинала на Джамбатиста Базиле (1634) и варианта на Шарлот-Роз дьо ла Форс (1698). 
Децата ни са затрупани от най-разнообразни версии на класическите приказки, които ги отдалечават от първообраза им, познат на цели поколения. Затова не бива да се учудваме, ако внушенията от анимационните филми взимат превес над литературата. Така преди време на въпроса ми кои приказки на Андересен познават, едно дете възкликна: "Ариел"! 
Ето защо за мен е от изключително значение да се доближа максимално до оригинала, до идеята на автора, да открия вълшебни зрънца, търкулнали се в забрава през вековете и да им вдъхна живот на куклената сцена...

As some of you may know, during the last three weeks I was very busy - directing "Rapunzel" again, this time in the State puppet theatre of Varna. Besides the most known version of the brothers Grimm, I used in my dramatization elements from the original story written by Giambattista Basile (1634) and the fairy tale of Charlotte-Rose de la Force (1698). I like to explore the literary material, to gather more information about it and the author/s in order to get closer to the original. I am a bit conservative, what concerns the twisted versions of the classic fairy tales, which the children take for granted, having nothing to compare them to.
My first and main source was Terri Windling's "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair." I'm so lucky to have found it - a serious research, a wonderful article in a brilliant style!

Репетиционният процес във Варна ме зареди творчески и емоционално, подейства ми освежаващо и вдъхновяващо.
Огромно удоволствие, истинска радост беше да репетирам, т.е. да анализирам, да търся, да пробвам, да изследвам, да намирам решения - с трима прекрасни, талантливи и всеотдайни актьори и в чудесната атмосфера на театъра! Прекрасната сценография на Свила Величкова и вълшебната музика на Пламен Мирчев-Мирона имаха магическа сила над всички!:)
To rehearse, i.e. to analyse, explore, try, put questions, dissolve problems, combine the different scenes in a whole, learn the songs with the actors, arrange the lighting, etc., was a real pleasure and sweet joy. From the first till the last day. Without tension! Despite the short time we had. The story itself, the wonderful stage design and puppets of Svila Velichkova and the beautiful music of Plamen Mirchev-Mirona inspired the whole staff!:)

Репетиции на маса...                                                   Working upon the text...

Репетиции на сцена...                     Manipulating the puppets...

Повече моменти от постановката можете да видите тук.  Снимки - Нина Локмаджиева
More moments from the performance you can see here.  Photos by: Nina Lokmadzhieva.

Зимна Варна ме изненада - с режещия вятър и мрачната атмосфера. Друго си е през лятото - оживена, пъстра, многолюдна!
Varna - our Black Sea capital was different, quite different from the overcrowded, busy, hot, sunny, colourful city I know from my summer visits there.
The sea was grey, almost metallic - like the cloudy sky...

Успях да открадна малко снимки през един дълъг неделен следобед....
I didn't have enough time to go for a walk and take pics. Only once - in a lazy Sunday afternoon...

И в първия дългоочакван слънчев ден...
And during the lunch break on a sunny day...

Но... всичко свърши! Останаха чудесните спомени и един спектакъл, който, вярвам, тепърва ще разцъфва от обичта на актьорите и публиката...
Everything's over now! I am revived and thankful. The lovely memories will warm me and give me strength. I believe "Rapunzel" will grow and flourish like a flower with each new performance, because it was created with love...

С моите невероятни актьори веднага след поклона. Вече ми липсват!!
With my dearest actors (after the applauses). I already miss them!!

Желание, взаимно доверие, труд, талант и обич - това е формулата на успеха!

The clue to success? Desire, mutual trust, hard work, love and talent!

P.S. I know the rehearsal pics' quality  is not good, but they are so dear to me...:)

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  1. Looks like a fantastic production.

  2. How wonderful, I wish I could have seen it for real. I love this kind of puppetry, where the actors are integral to the puppets. Bravo Rossi.

    1. Oh, I'd love to see you and my other blog-friends in the public!:) Thank you, Charlotte!

  3. Wonderful to see this documentation of your work. It looks great!!!! I saw the pictures on the website of the theatre. The colors so bright and with such balance. And the beautiful puppets. Wow! It must be a great feeling to achieve this with a group working together. You must be very satisfied and proud! I have never red the stroy of Rapunzel, but I know the theme. I saw the Disney movie and I specially like the horse of the sort of policeman, don't remember the exact role of the character. I wonder what are the main differences between the original story and the modern variant.
    Thanks for showing us this and the grey but beaitiful city of Varna.
    Love you, Hedwig

    1. Thanks, Hedie, I will write you back this evening - going to run a workshop for kids now.:)))

    2. Here I am again!:) Thank you, Hedie, for supporting and encouraging me! Yes, I dare say I am contented and happy! Of course, I have certain expectations about keeping the show's artistic level - I hope the next time I watch it, I wouldn't be disappointed!:) "The baby is born" - and the director vanishes, everything is in the puppeteers' hands and hearts now...;-)
      The differences between "Tangled" and "Rapunzel" are so many, that I can hardly find any similarities, except the witch, the girl, locked in a tower and the way the witch climbs to reach her.:(((( In the different known versions of the fairytale there're no such things as a shining flower, magic hair, a thief instead of a prince, an escape from the tower, just to name a few...
      Here are two links for you to the brothers Grimm's fairy tale, but even they differ from each other. Oh, this is a huge theme!... I guess I will post one day about it.
      Good night, my friend!:))

    3. Oh, I forgot the links!

    4. Thank you! It's very special that story's can get so old! Great that you did study the origins to preserve the original story. Disney is taking over our world.
      I will see the links later, because I go on vacation! I go to Argentina to visit my brother who lives there.... and perhaps I can visit Roberto, if there is time and if my travel compagnons want to come too. I go with my husband and a friend. I am very excited. We fly tomorrow. I see in three weeks!
      Love, Hedwig

    5. Oh, what a great news! To go that far and to see your brother!!! If you meet Roberto, give him a hug and a kiss from me, please!:) Also a hug and "Cheers!" from my husband and say "hi" to his wife, too!
      Have a wonderful journey, my friend!xxx

  4. It sounds as though you had a fabulous and successful time! I am so happy for you and your audiences.

    Thank you for sharing the link above, i will take a look. Your show looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you from all my heart, dear Tammie! I'm impatient to go and see how my "baby" is growing up. But this will happen in spring..:)

  5. Hi. Rossi !. You say your blog is your little island, and I think theater is your big island.
    I loved reading all this you you relate. Congratulations on your achievement!
    Tell me something: you do this play once, or every day or on weekends?
    I think you do not say, but you're the one who wrote the play, right?
    I imagine your satisfaction, actors, and all those who worked to achieve putting the work on stage, hearing the applause, that's the best reward after so much work, right?
    Beautiful all cities in your country. Art is always present, architecture and sculptures!

    Oh !!!!!!!! How about a trip to Argentina, from our mutual friend? :) Ha Ha! I can not believe she come visit! She could come flying his broom, and bring you too!

    Obviously, we will take any pictures to show!
    All Right. I send you a hug, a kiss and congratulations again! :)

    1. Hello, Roberto! To meet in person with Hedie - I can't believe it either!... But if this happens, I will be as happy as you!! Oh, the broom - it's still cold to fly on it and you don't want to welcome us frozen and ill, do you?:-D So - let's leave it for the next visit...:) I wish you to spend a fantastic time together and I'd love to see a picture of you!!!
      What about "Rapunzel" - yes, I wrote the play, i.e. made a dramatization, and directed the show. It's now part of the puppet theatre's repertoire and they will perform it as long as they can.
      Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate your opinion!
      My big island?... I think you are RIGHT!

  6. Dear Rossi,

    Your Rapunzel performance seems magical! I wish I could be there to see it myself... :)

    How are you, my friend? I have been so inconsistent with blogging lately that I feel guilty just visiting my friends. Life is a whirlwind and it has been so overwhelming just to keep up these days. I hope you and your dear ones are well. Sending lots of hugs your way... XO

  7. My dear Amalia, I wish you could watch it, too!:)
    I am so happy that you've left a comment! I know you are very busy, that's why I value the rare moments of being in touch with you! And I believe that our connection will not vanish in time...
    We are O.K., enjoying the first sings of spring and preparing for a new theatre project to run with my husband (and our theatre group). It's addressed to children at risk and I will write about it after a few months. Wishing you and your family all the best!xx

  8. I love the image of Rapunzel in her castle! It would make a lovely illustration. Rehearsal to me is a fantastic time too, especially the beginning stages. To make something big like a show from a seed of an idea is a magical process. I'm feeling really lucky to be able to do these things I love, I'm sure you are too!

    1. How nice to meet a person, who has an experience, similar to mine and shares the same passion and love for working in a theatre! Yes, Carla, I absolutely adore being a director which brings me so many emotions and creative journeys that are always different, always interesting, although sometimes hard! Recently my favourite period was the writing of the dramatizations ("Rapunzel" and "Thumbelina"). I was imagining the show, while writing and vice versa...I wish you new theatre projects to come!:)