събота, 1 март 2014 г.

СТАРА ГОДИНА, НОВА ГОДИНА (продължение) / OLD YEAR, NEW YEAR (a continuation)

Новата Година започна... И след празничните вълнения (и ваканцията на децата), ето го и снегът!
So the New Year began. And at last it snowed!

Зимата не е моят сезон. Но обичам прясно навалелия сняг! Тогава сякаш целият свят притихва....
There's something magical about the freshly fallen snow!

Имаше наистина много студени дни, но не само за мен!:)
The weather was really very cold, but not only for me!:)

Продължих да увеличавам колекцията си от хартиени лица...
I continued papercutting....

И всяка седмица да участвам в творческите ни работилнички...
And participating in our Saturday workshops...

We took this idea from El hada de papel. Thank you once again!

Неусетно януари се стопи и започна годината на Синия Дървен Кон (според китайския календар).
According to the Chinese calendar, on 31st of January began the year of the Blue Wooden Horse.
Не мога да повярвам, че вече е 1-ви март! Честита Баба Марта на всички - бъдете живи и здрави, румени, засмени, вдъхновени и щастливи!

And today it's already 1st of March - a very special day in Bulgaria! Some of you know that we celebrate Baba Marta (one of our most beloved customs) and make martenitsas! If you are curious, go and have a look here and here.
За още малко празнично настроение - ето нашите мостри на Пижо и Пенда и част от фигурките, които сътвориха дечицата и родителите им днес!
These are the samples my husband made for our workshop today - Pizho and Penda (the one is in red, the other in white - always.)
And here're some pics of what the children and their parents made.

I hope Spring will come soon all in bloom, tender colours, fresh green and bird songs!:) 

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  1. Wow, so much to see!!! Let's begin at the beginning... Is this now? Is it snowing in your country??? The winter here was the warmest in 300 years. But I missed the snow. I love snow.
    I like your line of new characters! They look a bit icy too! And the lovely laughing 'girl' in close up makes me laugh! She looks as if she has a very funny secret, trying to hold her giggles inside.
    Your workshop pictures always make me happy. To see children have fun creating things is a pleasure to look at. And always new ideas!
    I know all about the martenizas now! Is it really a year ago you send me soem??? Time flies! Good luck with everything!!! Kiss for you, Hedwig

  2. Yes, the snowy pics are from this year! We had very low temperatures for a couple of weeks (10-15 degrees under the zero), but now snowdrops can be seen everywhere and we wait for the sun to shine. It didn't appear today which means that Baba Marta is angry - so the whole month of March will be cold. Oh, noooooo!...
    We enjoy wearing martenitzas! (You can wear yours again, if you want!) There're 9 bracelets, tied around my wrists right now (most of them from the kids)!:D
    These workshops are a challenge, but also a great pleasure and the creative results - a sweet reward!:)
    Thank you for your support, Hedie!:)x

  3. Rossichka, I changed my calendar pages over to the pretty March pictures today, and even saw that our temperature was above freezing. So...I took a long walk over in nearby Central Park and saw that many of the lawns are still covered by frozen snow, but also saw pretty little snow drop flowers on some sunny patches.

    It was grand to seen those flowers! Tomorrow afternoon, we will have More Snow, and it will continue overnight into Monday morning. We are very tired of snow and ice now.

    May I tell you how much I love seeing your latest paper cutting people, and also to see the cheering martenitsas that you and your husband and your students have made. They are a lovely tradition and it's grand that it is being continued.


    1. Yes, it's good children to be raised up with the knowledge of their country's traditions. I must say that their parents take care of that and workshops like the last one are a real feast for all!
      I'm sorry to hear that you are sick and tired from so much snow, but Spring is coming -she's "around the corner".:) I'm glad you like my paper faces, Frances, thanks a lot!:)xo

  4. Wow, so much snow. I hope you're keeping warm but still able to enjoy it, I do love snow. It would have been a break from our torrential rain!!!

    The Martenitisa's are so sweet and thank you for mine and my lovely gifts :D

    I hope life is good to you at the moment. Take care my friend.xxx

    1. Actually, the snow melted a few weeks ago. But today it began to rain (and that happens not so often here)!
      I'm glad my gifts brought you joy!:D
      March will be very intense for me because of a new big project, I' will write about it in future! Best wishes and hugs!:xo

  5. Snow has much charm for sure, it slows down frenetic life and it helps us to meditate, but all of this is good if it leaves room for new life very soon with primroses, snowdrops, violets, anemones and narcissus. This year, in Italy, we had a very mild winter, like the ones of my loved Sicily, for this reason, spring has blossomed on my balcony... And in my soul!
    Compliments for your works of papercutting and for the skiers which are really really nice.

    A big hug and lots of love,

    1. My dear Rosi, so nice to hear from you! Listening to the rain outside, I'm thinking how grateful the earth must be at this very moment!:) I'm expecting the burst in green - I like Spring soooo much!
      Thanks for the compliments! I had begun to papercut every evening, but February was too busy for me and I lost my inspiration... You can see some of my paper cuttings in the previous posts.
      Hope you and your family are fine! Hugs! xxx

  6. oh, you almost have as much snow as we do, a true winter.
    so lovely that you do wonderful arts with the children!!
    sweet to see your charming paper cut art too!

    sweet week to you~

  7. We had snow only for a few weeks. But there's still snow in our winter resorts (Bulgaria is a small country, but we have lots of mountains)!:) - http://www.bulgariaski.com/
    It's nice to know that you liked my papercuts, thank you!:)
    Have a lovely new week, too!:)

  8. I love all of your photos! You had so much snow and it looked magical indeed! Cats didn't seem ti mind it at all :) Your paper cuts are full of character and delightful as always and all of the creations made in workshops are cute and fun as well! All Pizho and Penda couples look charming as well!

    1. Thank you, Asja! If you could see the other couples - you would laugh from all your heart!:D
      The latest paper cuts have strange characters, I must admit, but I just help them to come out from the paper in the way they want!:)))

  9. There is such abundance of pictures I don't know what to comment... (We have had no snow in London all winter.) Happy to see you are cutting paper :-) But blue wooden horse is my favorite!

    1. The horse was made by a 17-year old girl, who draws very well (using cardboard and napkins).
      Yes, the post is full of images and information - but I had promised to write about the beginning of my 2014!:)

  10. Some nice paper cuttings. Well done.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  11. Hi Rossichka !
    I love the snow, but is a bit annoying, when you enter the house, with your boots with snow and mud (I do not live in a city, haha) but I love it !
    what beautiful photos you've taken !
    I am afraid to disturb you but I insist... the first photo of your papers cut gives no idea of ​​the size, and I see them as if they were cardboard cut of two meters high, at least, in an expocition (I know, do not tell me , I'm tiring!!! annoying!!!!) sorry.
    I love the work that children do. true art .
    the year of the horse , I know, will be a good year :)
    martenitsas ! OMG. I did not use them for fear of being ruined, I have them saved with love !
    Well, spring will come for you, and fall for me, fortunately, because i love autumn evenings just fresh, ocher leaves, and smoke from chimney rising slowly, because
    (here) is a time with no wind .
    Ok . Dear friend , actually, I wanted to tell you this : I hope you have a beautiful, fantastic, and deserved Women's Day . I send you a kiss and a hug! :)

    1. Thank you, thank you!!
      You are such a good friend... And a real gentleman!:)
      Hm,hm... Well, I'm already thinking of What-you-are-talking-about...:D But it's still early! Thumbelina's first!:D
      I had a day full of emotions, so many people attended our workshop, whole families worked together - it was fantastic! Now I'm wanting to finish it in a pleasant atmosphere, all quiet and cozy!:)
      Wishing you a quiet, early autumn Sunday!XOX

  12. Thank you, Salvia! You cannot imagine what a source of inspiration your blog is for me!! Thank you for sharing with us all your discoveries!:)