четвъртък, 13 февруари 2014 г.

:-) ;-) :-)

Любовта - най-хубавият подарък!...

Love - the most precious gift!...

Да бъде пълен с настроение утрешният ден!
Have a lovely, smiling Friday!

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  1. Very good work Rossichka!!
    increasingly, more and more I like your art!
    This is a strong image of love. I interpret that tear out of his/her chest, his/her heart to offer "
    I think Valentine's Day is the
    only custom that comes from "the north country" that I like and it does not bother me to be adopted in my country (and I spoke with you about customs that have been lost in my country, supplanted by other foreign)
    And it would be nice that not only celebrate, the day of lovers,
    I would, were celebrating the day that people who love each other (which is not the same)
    Thanks for your precious gift beloved Rossichka ♥ :)

  2. Yes, this is the day of Love! Everyone is free to choose whether to celebrate it or not, but I think it is a good oportunity for people in love to spend a Very Special Day together!:) A little gesture, a romantic suprise, a hug, a kiss - they are always dreamt, always needed, always welcome...
    Have a LOVEly St.Valentine's day, Roberto!xxx
    I'm glad you like my paper king!:) I like your interpretation, too!:-0)

  3. Rossichka, how beautifully you interpret the marvelous spirit of Valentine's Day!

    I think that I am so fortunate that we can be blogging friends and share this friendship from our very different parts of the world.

    Love and friendship are so enriching! xo

  4. Dear Frances, your friendship is a gift for me, thank you! Yes, far away, but yet close in this wonderful Blog land!:)))

  5. I love your king! When I see him I want to be a queen. I agree with Roberto, it is as if he ripped his heart fron his chest and now offers it to us. To the world. Thanks thanks so much, dear king. I will keep it forever, this precious gift. I give you a piece of my heart in return, dear Rossichka!

  6. Oh, I am speechless this time! And deeply touched, thanks my friend!:))xx

  7. What a beautiful and creative this work. Loved it!

  8. Great work Rossichka! The chest and the heart captured me too, so interesting, so many meanings...

  9. I feel great when I read such words, thank you! Actually I didn't mean exactly what Roberto suggested, but this just proves that everything we create has different impacts on people.And this is inspiring!:)

  10. ahhhh, so sweet and charming!
    sending love ~

  11. Cette création est très explicite et fort bien réussie. Le message est passé.


  12. Merci beaucoup! Des autres faces m'attendent pour les presenter...:))

  13. Dear Rossi, thanks for your big compliment for my moon tea party! Succes with Thumbelina! Don't work too hard! XXX

  14. You truly deserve it, Hedie! I need wishes fore good luck and good thoughts, thank you!:))))))))))))))))))