петък, 7 февруари 2014 г.


...My pipe is out, my glass is dry;
     My fire is almost ashes too;
But once again, before you go,
     And I prepare to meet the New:
Old Year! a parting word that's true,
     For we've been comrades, you and I -
I thank God for each day of you;
     There! bless you now! Old Year, good-bye!
 Robert W. Service

                              ДЕКЕМВРИ                                                             DECEMBER
Втората половина на месеца беше пълна с контрасти за мен: от Африка у дома, от горещо на студено, от липсата на препирня, дори когато трябва да се бърза - в изнервеното гонене на предновогодишни срокове.

What a month! Full of contrasts:  changing Africa with Europe, hot with cold, coming from a somewhat quiet and smiling hurrying to a nervous rushing...

Но дойде Коледа и всичко се успокои... И беше прекрасно - уютно и обичливо!

But  then Christmas came and everything settled down... And the holidays were full of love and coziness!

За известно време отново сервирахме за трима...:)

For a few weeks our table was  served again for three...:)

Прекарахме незабравими моменти в последните за годината съботни работилнички...

The kids, who attended our workshops,  made us feel great, as always....

The Year was coming to its end, but my memories of what I had just went through in Kenya were fresh and clear, exciting and so dear to my heart!
Годината свършваше, но спомените ми от току-що преживяното в Кения си оставаха свежи и непокътнати!

How could I stop thinking about the beautiful, ever changing lake Victoria....
Как можех да забравя внушителното, непрекъснато менящо се езеро Виктория....
and its magical sunsets....?
и вълшебните му залези...?
About my friends with whom we worked so hard and with so much inspiration (only the mask master is missing here!)...?
Или приятелите ми, с които работим трета година с енергия и вдъхновение (само специалистът по маски липсва тук!)...?
What about my lovely team of trainees - curious, diligent, skillful, talented and friendly....?
Ами моите любими ученици - винаги любопитни, готови да учат, сръчни, артистични, талантливи, дружелюбни...?
But above all was the image of the Festival, that was held the day before I left - and it was appearing in my mind amongst workshops, shopping, gifts, smiles, dishes, hugs....
Но над всичко бе (и все още е) споменът за Фестивала, който се проведе в края на проекта. Преживяване, което няма как да бъде забравено!

The Old Year's gone away
     To nothingness and night:
We cannot find him all the day
     Nor hear him in the night:
He left no footstep, mark or place
     In either shade or sun:
The last year he'd a neighbour's face,
     In this he's known by none...

by John Clare

П.П. Постът за началото на 2014-а година остава за следващия път! Благодаря за половината снимки (по- качествените!) на Елена, Наско и Wilson Zhang!
P.S. I'll write in my next post about how I began the New Year. Thanks for half of the photos (the better ones) to Elena, Nasko and Wilson Zhang!

Както е видно, има някакъв технически проблем, но все пак успях да напиша, каквото исках!
As you can see,  I have a technical problem, but still I'm glad that I succeeded to make the post!

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  1. What a beautiful post, Rossi! So full of emotions. Full of Africa, family, work, creativity and above all full of your loving energy! I go look again... Love you, Hedwig.

    1. Thank you, Hedie! I was wearing this post in my mind for a long time! What about Africa - I was so happy to receive some of the photos last night (and many more!) and have watched them again and again....:D

  2. The end of the year was great for you, as I can see, you look happy and everything is so colourful and free and the table is full of love :), so I’m sure the beginning of the new one was just the same.

    Oh, that photo of the changing lake and the couple on the last, gorgeous! And I like so much the first one, they are so cute - real and fantasy kids mixed together. :)

    1. Yes, you are right - everything was and is O.K., I cannot complain!:-)
      The girl and the boy become better and better with every new project!:)
      The boys were really happy! One of the teams I coached, worked with them. They presented a Bulgarian fairytale with the puppets! Unfortunately these boys live on the streets and only a few of them remain in the orphanage for a long time...:(

  3. The first picture is amazing. The lake, the happy chidren, the puppets and the transparent cloth that resembles water, the relaxed atmosphere. All themes together. The last picture is the opposite. Only two people but shimmering with drama! Wow! They are almost real actors. That concentration and the emotion on their faces! Wow!
    It's fun to see you there, doing things and posing with your friends. I can imagine the impact a visit like that has on you. You did great!!! XXX Bye!
    ps That girl with the butterfly on her face, what a beauty!

    1. I've just written to Scorcica about the hard childhood of these boys. But they were really involved in acting, manipulating puppets and dancing! And they smiled! a lot.:)
      The boy and the girl and teenagers. Actually they are very good actors and dancers, especially the boy!!!

  4. hi Rossi.
    (and the lake, no plants on water!)
    I read the comments and responses, I think you and your colleagues, bring happiness to these kids. and happiness, once known, is never forgotten.
    on the other hand we should not measure the happiness of others with our own "metro"
    I know of many children, in the provinces of my country who do not have playstation, or even TV, or even no shoes, but they are happy.
    happiness, flows through a lane of the motorway, which also circulate people belonging to the more different classes, and social conditions, and on the fast track, probably circulates unhappy people.
    (as I said the other day about the seed, do you remember?) you're planting beautiful, seeds of happiness, Rossicka! I admire you :)

    1. Hi, Roberto!
      Yes, the water hyacinth wasn't there...:)
      Thank you for what you've written, but I'm no that special - we just did our job... According to our project, developing in time, we suceeded to train the young artists rather successfully. So we had an indirect connecton with the kids this time. We taught the trainees certain skills, and later they taught, on their turn, the kids. That's all!..:)

  5. I know which is the puppet representing you in the first picture!
    that wearing red dress HA HA ;))))))))

    1. Excuse me, but this is a ...prince!:DDDDD Still, we have a connection, I can't deny - he was made in my town and flew with me all that way!:)

  6. Lake Victoria looks stunning. Love to see kids being creative :) Beautiful photos - holding so many memories....

  7. Lake Victoria has many faces. If you are interested, you can see my other posts about it here - http://rossichka.blogspot.com/2013/03/ix-my-african-journal-part-ix.html
    and here -
    Creativity is inspiring!:)

  8. Dear Rossi, thanks for your comment on my blog. You were so quick! Only one second before I had posted it. Now I will go to bed with a smile too. Your words made me happy. I looked at your foto's again and I agree with Roberto. That puppet in the first picture, it really looks like you. Love you, Hedwig

  9. I was gathering to close the computer when I saw your post appearing - that's why I was so quick! What about the puppet - maybe I was a true inspiration for my friend - the puppet maker...:D But I hope I won't have moustache and beard soon!:DDD

  10. Отговори
    1. I'm glad you like them! There are many more in my African journals - here's one of them...


      Really impressive landscape, colours and strong emotions!