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Честита Баба Марта! / The Bulgarian tradition of Baba Marta

Публикувам този пост с ден закъснение, поради ангажиментите ми през последните дни, свързани с 1 март. Ще разберете какви бяха те, ако го прочетете!:) Честита Баба Марта! Пожелавам на всички вас да сте здрави, румени и засмени през цялата година!

At the very end of February Bulgarians make or buy for their relatives and friends "martenitsa"-s -   white and red threads, weaved in different  ways. On the first day of March they put the "martenitsa"-s on their clothes or wrists and wish each other health and happiness with the words "Happy Grandma Marta!" (the name derived from the Bulgarian word for "March" - "mart"). Early in the morning women must sweep the house and hang on the balcony  a red cloth, so that Grandma Marta ( in Bulgarian - Baba Marta) smiled and the Sun shined! This is an ancient Bulgarian tradition (existing, perhaps, for more than one thousand years) ,which symbolizes the end of Winter and the coming of Spring... "Martenitsa"-s are supposed to be worn until one sees a stork, returning from the South, or a fruit tree in blossom. Then they have to be tied to the tree or put under a stone. Grandma Marta is famous for her changing moods - that's why the days in March are so diverse - rainy and cold, sunny and warm.

Here're the traditional martenitsas...
Pizho and Penda
And my interpretation in Corel Draw...
Tassels in red and white

Now have a look at some of the numerous models one can buy!...

В събота  нашата театрална трупа организира работилничка за изработване на мартеници - традиционни и хартиени.  Бяхме поканили специалист-етнограф от Регионалния  исторически музей. Ужасно съжалявам, че забравихме да вземем фотоапарата, за да ви покажа красотите, които деца и възрастни сътвориха от два цвята прежда, хартия и мъниста!! Имам само тези снимки, но мисля, че атмосферата се усеща......

On Saturday, together with my husband, a fellow actress and an ethnographer  from the  Regional History Museum, we organized a workshop for making martenitsas - for children and... their parents!:) I am so sorry I forgot to take the camera with us!  Now I can't show you the  amazing bracelets everybody made! I have just a few photos from the paper "martenitsas".  
Мострите, които направих.
 My models
"Помогни ми, татко!" 

"Help me, Daddy!"
" Ох! Май че успях!"

"Wow! I've almost succeeded!"

"Ама какво става тук?"

"What's going on here?"

Late in the evening my husband made some bracelets for us and his colleagues and friends. Here are some of them. (My son made terrific braceletes, too, for all his friends and the family.)
Някои от гривничките, които съпругът ми направи за поредна година.

 Така се случи, че тъкмо аз бях за малко Баба Марта вчера!  В една детска градина... Наоблечена с няколко ката дрехи, с бастунче и очила. Децата ми се радваха, някои се страхуваха, прегръщаха ме, докосваха ме, пяха, рецитираха, споделяха вълненията си... Чувствах се като Дядо Коледа... Прекрасно!:)))

"Бабо Марто, може ли да те целуна? Ей така, от обич!"

 Who's this?...  Baba Marta, of course! O.K., yes, but WHO is she??... Well, me! :-) Yesterday I had the rare chance to be Baba Marta in a performance for a kindregarden! They  dressed me in a traditional Bulgarian costume... (I was all in "layers"!) and I took a cane and put on these false glasses in order to look like a granny...:))))) If you look carefully, you can see examples of Bulgarian embroidery, as well as the threads in white and red in my hands, that I  tied up later around the wrists of the children! It was a very exciting and unforgetable experience!

 "May I kiss you, Grandma Marta, because I  love you?"
Две детски рисунки на Баба Марта за спомен
Two children's drawings of Baba Marta as a gift

П.П. Само да добавя...!
P.S. I would like to add this...!

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  1. Прекрасно изживяване Росичка, много топли снимки и хубави мартенички от сърце и ръце сте сътворили!
    Весела, усмихната и по-слънчева баба Марта ти желая, като те гледам добре ти се отдава тази роля. :)

  2. Да не повярваш, така си беше, Виолка! Още ме "държи"! Имаш ли отношение към децата, очи и уши за тях, контактът е невероятен...
    Да ти начерви бузките за здраве и радости баба Марта! То тя ще се сърди, сърди, ама все ще се усмихне някога, нали?:)

  3. Благодаря ти за милите думи, Росичка :) приемам ги с отворено сърце. Гледайки тези чисти кокичета, си спомних че като малка в 2-3-ти клас играех кокиче в една Пролетна сценка, много мило ми стана :)

    Който има правилен подход с децата, може много да разкрие потенциала им и те ще са щастливи и доволни от себе си :)
    Смятам, (нямам голям опит) че децата са като цветята, ако ги гледаш добре, те ще те дарят с радост и буен разтеж, ако ли не, резултата всяка вечер го слушаме по новините в криминалната хроника :(
    Но, да го давам по-оптимистично хахаха
    Всички толкова силно искаме вече и чакаме Пролетта, че Баба Марта може и да отстъпи, но и на нея ще й отдадем заслуженото :)
    Хубави творчески празнични дни!

  4. Мисля, че си права! Даряваш ли обич, получаваш обич. Децата са спонтанни и искрени в реакциите си, истински лакмус за качествата на един куклен спектакъл, например. Затова за мен мнението на публиката винаги е било най-важното!
    Да, трудно е да възпитаваш, отговорността на възрастните е огромна. Обикновено тези, които ги дават в криминалната хроника, са имали нерадостно детство...

  5. This is why I love the internet - I'd never have known about this wonderful old custom if not for reading about it here. I see the little girls are dressed in red and white too, how sweet!

  6. Yes, and they were boasting with it!:) Besides the traditional martentitsas and their numerous variations, they sell special ones for children - tiny figurines of animals, dolls, flowers, cartoon heroes, etc., accompanied by a tiny pair of tassels. So kids move like generals - with a lot of martentisas, pinned to their blouses!:0)
    Oh, Gretel, if you could just see how picturesque become the streets, where they sell martenitsas!... They say that the crafters work the whole year for these several days!! I'm always amazed by their imagination! People like to create - everywhere in the world!... I'm so glad when you come here!:)))x

  7. Hi Rossichka, thanks for sharing this wonderful post, its great to know about your customs, your dress is amazing, its great to know you too.
    I thank you for the card, it made all the way safe to my house, Ill be soon there to see it in person.
    :o )

  8. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  9. Hello, Ale! I am very happy that the card has reached you home! The Bulgarian embroidery is very interesting and beautiful and I have the intention to have a special post about it.
    I've just changed my avatar, so that you could see me...:)))

  10. What a very cute tradition! and the martenitsa are lovely, well I adore your corel interpretation. baba marta clothe is interesting and colorful!
    Thanks for share this lovely tradition!!

  11. I wanted you all just to know about the tradition, because it's really beautiful! There're speical martenitzas for children - read my answer to Gretel, if you are interested.
    I'm so glad you liked my work in Corel Draw, thank you!:)

  12. Hola, que grato pasar por aquí y ver tan dulces imágenes y trabajos, gracias por tu visita y tus palabras, subirme a un caballo no es imposible, lo importante es vencer el temor!, un abrazo.

  13. What a lovely tradition, like Gretel, I have never heard of it before reading of it here, but I am so glad to hear of it now. have the storks arrived yet? thank you for sharing this.

  14. Hola, Paty! I didn't understand much, because I don't speak Spanish, but some of the words guided me in the sense of your comment:"pasar... imagenes y trabajos...gracias por tu visita y tus palabras..."...
    Un abrazo from me, too!:)

  15. I am so glad to welcome you to my blog! Yes, the tradition is really lovely! As a matter of fact, I know that in some regions of Roumania they have it, too!
    What storks?! It's snowing again today and in some regions of the country the snow is more than 40cm high!:( Baba Marta is obviously very, very angry!...

  16. How I loved seeing you in that costume!! (^_^)

    I think this is the first time I've read about your ancient tradition, Rossi. Thank you for sharing. I suppose the world is filled with so much diversities and we still have a lot to learn. I'm glad blogging has opened up so many doors for me.

    Hugs, oxx

  17. How I love seeing you here, dearest Amalia!:-) I was just preparing to write a comment to your last post! And after that - quickly in bed, because tomorrow morning I have a puppet performance together with my husband. Oh, why I didn't go to bed earlier?!?!...But the morning coffee will save me!:))
    Yes, blogging opens new doors so often and usually the sights they reveal are really interesting and worth knowing and visiting them!
    I miss you! Hope things are slowly going better!:) Kisses!

  18. hello sweet Rossichka! I don't think Amalia will be able to read your comment because you posted it on my blog! Hahahahah! Tsup!

  19. I'm so sorry, Ces! How confusing... But you are not mad at me, aren't you?!:) This mistake shows two things: how tired I was at 2 after midnight and that I had the intention to comment in your blog, too, but the sleep turned out to be stronger!:)

  20. Rossichka Hello, Every time I read or see in countries like yours, are continued generation after generation, and it is customary that these traditions are passed from parents to children makes me very happy. as you know, America was colonized and unfortunately in my country which has always been "looking out" many of the traditions have been lost, including the traditions that brought the colonists.
    are very mportant for a homeland is loved by her sons.
    Well. I must thank, as always your kind comments. I think not being worthy of them. Actually, for me is a homor that women as smart as you told me they liked my writing or drawing.
    I've sent you the link again!!!.
    Very good choice to change your profile photo!
    Good weekend!

  21. Roberto, I believe you deserve only high evaluationas an artist! I'm simply glad that my humble, non-professional opinion means something to you...:) Thank you!
    We have preserved a lot of traditions and I find all of them beautiful and interesting. Maybe I will have some similar posts in future - at the end of June, for instance. I feel you are sorry about losing your traditions, but I am sure there're some left that are specific and reveal your perception of the world!

  22. What a wonderful and ancient tradition. It is really beautiful to celebrate the coming of spring in that way. I wish we had it over here. I love the bracelets.

  23. Dear Cathy, excuse me, please, but I still haven't sent your and Andrew's giveaway cards! Busy, busy, busy!... I'll go to the post at the very beginning of the week! And just guess what I've bought for you... a martenitsa!:)So you could welcome the coming of the Spring in that way!
    Thanks for the nice words!

  24. Oh Rossichka what a lovely custom,I've never heard of it before.Here in Ireland people make St Brigid's crosses on february first which in irish is "La Fheile Brid "[St Brigid's feast Day.They are made from straw or rushes and are supposed to protect the home from evil and fire.If you would like one I'll try and get it.

  25. It sounds so interesting! I know only about St Patrick's Day! Don't bother, I'll check to see the crosses in Internet. And to learn something about St Brigid, too! Have a lovely week, Patricia!

  26. Look how quickly I found some information, Patricia! I chose these links:
    Thank you!

  27. WOW!! I always LOVE to know about other cultures and this tradition is so sweet! Thanks a lot for sharing! You're so pretty in traditional traditional Bulgarian costume! And I'm sure all the children will never forget the experince too :)

    Be healthy and happy and I wish you a wonderful spring! xo

  28. I'm sure children will remember that day, too!
    Every nation has its customs and traditions, but as if we've so much got used to them, that we don't even think how unusual and interesting they are, especially in the eyes of foreigners. What about Baba Marta tradition - the Bulgarians have a special feeling for it... Everybody, old and young, wear with pleasure and for a long time their martenitsa-s!

  29. It is very curious! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Women's Day today, 365 days remaining

    Besadetes / Kisses

  30. Thank you! I'll have similar posts in future!
    This evening together with my husband and son, we are going to watch one of the best drama performances for the last year...:)

  31. I love all the tassles! and the kids look to be having lots of fun!

  32. Greetings from Oz Martababa err I mean Rozzicheeka :) Well the glasses are interesting :)

    Hey this is so wonderful of you to share your world. At times I think I am there even, it gives me great pleasure this joy of discovery, that people still have contact with their roots and traditions and that the year 2011 hasn't sterilised the entire world.

  33. I'm glad you do, Abi! In fact there's not an "ugly" martenitsa! There's kitsch sometimes only among the plastic pendants they produce, not make, but this is not the tradition!

  34. Baba Marta calling Oz!...:) Is this you, Andrew?...
    Yes, the traditions hold us to our roots... I think people all around the world try to keep them. And remain true to their past and identity!
    What about the glasses... They belonged to my Mum maybe in the 70s and were quite fashionable then. Now only their frames remained and I use them in a puppet show to look more... exacting!:))
    Greetings from Martababa:0)

  35. And I am saying "Good night!" My eyes are closing... Tomorrow morning we are starting on a tour with a puppet performance (my husband, a fellow actress and I), so it's high time to sleep!:)All the best!

  36. this is a very beautiful tradition that everybody must have.

    best wishes

  37. By the way, I know that Bulgarians who live abroad, wear on this day martenitsas, no matter where they live. A serious attempt for popularizing this beautiful tradition is the creating of this site- http://www.martenitza.org/. I've heard of it a few days go!... Enjoy it!

  38. so sweet this post welcoming the spring :)
    arent ancient traditions interesting stuff?

    being honest when the first time i read the tittle of this post "Baba Marta" (without reading the entire post) i thought you were talking about some witch (like Baba Yaga)! :D
    so sorry, i only know about Baba Yaga...

    Thanks for sharing, Rossichka!

  39. and you look so pretty in your pic profile!

    ps: yes, i do hope too my Love is worth the fire...

  40. Beautiful Mita, "grandmother" in Bulgarian is "baba" and in Russian - "babushka". "Baba Yaga" is really a witch and exists in Russian and Bulgarian children's literature... Today we were on a tour and while traveling by car I was hoping so much to see a stork along the road. But in vain! The fields were snowy and the stork nests - old and empty. They haven't come yet. Nature hasn't awakened. So... we will meet Spring in the appropriate way when her time comes! And I'll try to do my best and take some photos of the trees and bushes where people tie their martenitsas! And post them here.
    ... Is the fire still burning?:)... Have a lovely weekend!!

  41. Oh, thanks for the compliment-to find me pretty, although I'm sooooo ooooold, my child...!
    Baba Marta:0)

  42. Hi Dear Rossichka, my family is ok, was really hard in Tokyo too. Some times still is moving here...
    The tsunami ware the most terrific in the north! my family who live in north is ok just without services.
    thanks for you message.

  43. Thanks God! I'm relieved and happy to hear it! I do hope everything will be O.K. in future, too! Thinking of you and your family, Horacio...

  44. How beautiful this tradition of their parents. I think these things should be preserved. I love knowing the existence of "Baba Marta" and she likes one of my favorite color, red.
    Thanks for your comments.

  45. Hello! Baba Marta smiled at last - yesterday and today the weather was sunny and warm, although the morning temperatures were still below zero... Yes, she likes red - that's why on 1st of March I had hung on the balcony a red t-shirt.:)It's nice to know you liked the tradition! I know just about your Carnival - every year we watch on TV some minutes from the great variety of the picturesque parade along the streets!I'm sure it's an unforgetable experience to be there and/or to participate in it!

  46. such a wonderful tradition! I love it. I love all your photos, a lovely peak into your world of celebrating the change of seasons.

  47. Yes, it's lovely, isn't it? I will try to take some photos of trees with martenitsas, tied to their tiny new leaves... But they still have no buddies...

  48. Hi Rossichka,

    I come here to thank you again for your beautiful card. Now you can see it on my blog, sharing the happiness to have it with me with everybody
    :o )


  49. Dear Ale,
    I'm relieved now that the card has reached you at last! Well, winter time has passed already, but maybe you could put it among he Christmas ornaments next year!:) Thanks for sharing with others!
    Have a lovely week

  50. What a wonderful tradition and how exciting that you got to dress up in such a gorgeous costume. I'm glad you had fun with the children, they look so happy :D
    Season's blessings on you and your family.x

    ps, thank you for the Samodiva link, it's fascinating :D

  51. I'll try to get some illustrations and send them to you! With one word - samodivas are very beautiful, dressed in white, with long hair, dancing after midnight in the meadowas and are very, very dangerous for young men!
    I was sure you would like the tradition! Children enjoyed themselves, me - too!:)