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Скоро попаднах на стари мои куклени пиеси и драматизации, както и на режисьорските ми бележки към някои от тях.  С нови очи видях позабравените скици на герои, кукли и декори, които съм си драскала из тефтери и на хвърчащи листи, докато съм се подготвяла за репетиции... Може би ще ви е интересно....?

Recently I found several of my notebooks and "special" sheets of paper, where I've written down my ideas, while preparing to direct puppet plays or to work with the scenographers. I was so excited  to see the forgotten sketches of the heroes and the puppets in the way they had appeared in my imagination... Maybe it'll be interesting for you to look at some of them...?

 "Приказки за теб" - 2007 г.

 "Fairytales for you" - 2007


"Зли вълшебства, добри вълшебства" - 1991 г.

"Evil magics, good magics" - 1991
"Пътешествие в страната Геометрия" - 2001

"A Journey in the Geometry Land" - 2001

"Тримата снежковци" - 2008 г.

"The Three Snowmen" - 2008
Към недовършената драматизация на "Принцесата и граховото зърно"

To the unfinished dramatization of "The Princess and the Pea"

Знам, че някъде имам още скици и когато ги намеря, ще добавя от най-новите и, ако сега сте снизходителни към художническите ми умения, ще ви покажа някои от тях...:) Тези набързо драснати рисунки са част от постановъчния процес, необходимост и помощ в изкристализирането на визията ми за бъдещия куклен спектакъл!

I'm sure that I have some more sketches somewhere... Well kept.  When I find them, I will add some of my newer ones, and if you are indulgent to my drawing skills now, I'll show some more... They are an essential part of my work as a director, a necessity to express myself, while searching the clue to the future puppet performance!

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  1. I always say that old cartoons are like a long lost love, when we returned to find them our heart beats.

  2. Yes, my heart beats, because I remember so many things... The certain periods of my life and some special moments in them, the puppet performances and the colleagues I had worked with and... me - much younger!:)

  3. pasaba a saludarte!
    te dejo un fuerte abrazo!

  4. Hey from Oz :)

    well the further down the page I went the more I smiled. The concepts are great fun, the three headed bird is wonderful and the funny characters with button eyes are a scream :)

    The noses are dangerous though!! :)


  5. Allek, thanks for stopping by and welcome! Your blog is full of wonderful photos and drawings!:)

  6. Oh, Andrew, what a pleasure to hear that I made you smile!:))) Hmmm, just for the record - the three headed creatures are not birds, but... dragons!:o) Never mind! After all, in the show, the character had one head only...
    The snowmen have really buttons for their eyes, because the idea was to sew them, I even made one - he's somewhere round-about the house...
    Have a nice weekend, too! Mine are always busy - on Saturday with a workshop, on Sunday - with my children puppet studio.

  7. heh silly me

    did you know that birds are decendants of dinosaurs?

    so I was close (they are the cousins to dragons!)

    see you :)

  8. Do you really think so? Oh, thank you for the compliment! I'm smiling...:)

  9. i love the last pictured snowman! he's got a cool mustache!

  10. It happened so, that last year I played this character in the puppet show! He looks different now, but has kept the moustache and the broom and I liked to be "him"!:) Thanks for being here, Dawn!:)

  11. Thank you, Tammie! I'm glad thy are living a "second life" these days...

  12. Hello Rossi. :)

    I was told that sketches are like diaries to creative people and it's always nice to look back at them to reflect at our journey. Your sketches are lovely. I think in a way I can see more of yourself in them. :)

    I hope you are well and happy. oxx

  13. Dear Amalia, I'm thinking upon your words and am realizing how true they are! Yes, these sketches reveal in a way my personal development by that time, the themes that were important to me and point out my way as a director. So, I can call them illustrations to an unwritten diary... I'm so glad you like my little drawings, thanks for your kind words!
    I don't know what you see in them and how it changes your vision about me, but I suppose it's evident how childish I had been and, to be honest, I still am!:0)
    Smile and enjoy life!xxx

  14. hi Rossichka, you're making me laugh with this: although I'm sooooo ooooold, my child...!
    Baba Marta:0)

    heheh, i found it very funny Baba Marta ;D

    i really like your snowmen with buttons!
    some days ago i meant to draw something with button but i didnt... i dunno why... but i sure love the idea of buttons.

    i read your comment on my stir post (thank you!), and i think you can read my mind (that is pretty dangerous...hahah!)

  15. Beautiful Mita,
    Baba Marta is as old as the tradition is - her age is more than 1000 years, but I am "old" (ooooh!),too, comparing to you, my dear!:))
    You are the only person to know exactly what's happening in your head (as I can guess - exciting, strange and beautiful things!) But it's pleasant to know that my humble opinion has got close to what you wanted to express with your drawing! After all, the impact of the piece of art is important for the artist, I suppose!:)
    What about buttons - I like their variety. I feel some kind of attraction to them... It'll be interesting if you use them in a drwaing some day!
    Have a lovely Sunday and a happy new week!:)))

  16. I love all these sketches 'specially the fist 3.Would'nt they be lovely framed ,and mothers would love them for their kiddies rooms

  17. Oh, thanks, Patricia! Well, I'm not an artist, so it won't ever happen, but maybe I could frame some of my cutouts for the little children of several relatives and friends of ours!:)

  18. Siempre es bueno tener la visita de amigos, aunque no los conozcas personalmente , así como tú, gracias por pasar, bellos dibujos. Un beso

  19. Hello, Patricia! Do you know what? I understood everything you wrote! I just used the vocabulary for the meaning of the word "dibujo"!:) I'm beginning to think seriously about buying a Spanisg grammar textbook!:))) I speak French, so maybe it'll be of any help...
    Thanks for the kind words about my sketches, this means a lot to me!
    See you!x

  20. I love your little sketches Rossichka. How lovely that you found them again. Sometimes it is nice to lose things just so that they can found again months later. You can look at them with different eyes then. I particularly like the snowmen. Have a good week.

  21. Thank you, Cathy! I like the snowmen, too and I want to sew them one day, when I have free time - just for pleasure!:) I like to find forgotten or lost things! But I feel confused and sad, when I search for something precious in vain...
    Have a lovely Spring week, too!

  22. Aw, thanks for sharing! it's great to peek into peoples journals.
    Hope you have a great week my friend.

  23. I hope it will be an exciting one... The meteorologists promised that Spring will come in the middle of the week. At last! I long for buddies, leaves, trees in blossom and all the beautiful flowers and fragrances in the fresh air!:)
    I'm not sure whether I will find any of my other sketches, but maybe I should draw some new in future...

  24. I'm just wondering, Abi - do you draw your beautiful dolls, before starting to make them??

  25. Rossichka have you heard of Bovey Lee-
    www.boveylee.wordpress.com.You'll love it

  26. No, I haven't. Thank you so much, Patricia! There's so much to see and read... You are so kind to think of me!:)

  27. Todo lo tuyo es mágico y bello. Siempre es un gusto pasar por aquí para admirar tu arte.
    Un gran abrazo hecho en Chile.

  28. Gracias, Evangelina! You are very kind and friendly! It's a pleasure for me to visit your blog, too...:)Have a nice Autumn(?)!!!

  29. Your drawings are a real treasure, you must be very happy to find them! I especially like the snowmen and their expressions!

  30. Oh my! There are some gorgeous pictures there. You have a talent that needs exploring.
    I hope the sun soon finds you, I tried sending across the World to you.x

  31. Thank you, dear Asja!:) I think it'll be nice to make sketches to my future puppet performances, too! Firstly they will inspire me and provoke the scenographers. Secondly - I'll forget them in some pile of papers and if I find them later, it'll be a moment of joy!
    Oh, the snowmen... They are very interesting characters in the puppet play - my role was that of the third one. He doesn't let anyone else live on his street...

  32. And you succeeded!:) It shone for about half an hour this afternoon!!!
    Thanks for the compliment - you are too generous!... Maybe I'll draw a little when I have time - just for pleasure...

  33. Hi Rossichka, thanks so much for your visit and very nice coment, yes I have a garden in my new home, its a big one, in Mexico I had just a very small one, but here, the garden is so big, we are just waiting for warmer weather.
    Have a very nice week end.
    my e-mail is, jannix_23@hotmail.com

  34. Dear Ale, it must be very exciting to have a garden and to plant flowers in it... We live in an appartment and the only thing I can do is to have flowers in pots, which need a lot of cares, too. I'm not a big gardener, but I manage to maintain the green life in our home all year long!...
    I'm sending you some sun light and warmth and I hope that one day you'll have a special post about your garden!:)))

  35. krasivi sa...dobri val6ebstva...:-)


  36. Благодаря! Неочаквано посещение (в смисъл не от моя мъничък blog world), но изненадата е приятна!

  37. wow, 1991!! You must be the person who really treasure memories and keep them well :D :D I kinda lost tracks of all my sketches (some on papers, receipts, and some even in my text book, haha) and have no idea where they are now!

    It really brings back those fun memories of how you took the pencil and started doodling onto papers :)

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  38. Well, for others maybe I'm such a person, I don't know. But I'm not quite sure, because there're other things that I cannot find!:) The sketches I discovered were put between the pages of the plays my husband (he also writes!)and I keep in a special cupboard!...:)I had forgotten about them and they brought back such sweet memories of the theatres I had been and people I had worked with...
    Thanks for your visit and sweet words!:-)