четвъртък, 14 февруари 2013 г.


По повод Деня на любовта - нова серия влюбени животни! (Светлината не е добра, защото вали, но трябваше да направя снимките днес...)
On the occasion of St.Valentine's Day - a new series of  funny animals in love! (I'm afraid there's not much light, for it's raining today, sorry...)

Помните ли първите влюбени животни, които измайсторихме заедно с моята непрежалима ножица?Трябва да ги извадя от кутията и да им вдъхна нов живот...
These are the first animals in love my favourite (and lost!) scissors "discovered" in the empty sheets of paper! Do you remember them? I should take them out of  the box...

Публикувам този пост с пожелание любовта да ви дава криле всеки ден!

Have a nice day and enjoy the moments of love!

П.П. Двете картички ми напомнят, че е крайно време да направя нови!
P.S. I hope you like my two Valentine cards - it's high time to make some new ones in Corel Draw!

Dear friends, if you feel concerned about Gretel, please, support her in the way you can! There's a new initiative - http://chestofdelights.blogspot.com/2013/02/funds-for-gretel-raffle.html


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  1. Love to you Rosshicka.

    Thanks for the comment on the last post

    1. I gave a link to it in this post and have put Gretel's picture on my home page...

  2. Rossi, perhaps, for you, San Vlentín's day is gone, (maybe it's Feb 15) or you are sleeping, I'm sorry I was late
    no matter, I'll wish for you and your husband that every days of the year 2013 are the Valentine's Day ♥ ♥ ♥ :))))) OK?

    1. Thank you, my dear friend! It's been a long, busy day... Sometimes love is our only saviour...:)

  3. oh. yes it's already Feb 15 in your country :(((

  4. What beautiful and witty Valentine's Day card you've sent, Rossichka! Your paper and scissors perform magic.

    Yes, this new iniative to assist Gretel is a good one!


    1. Thank you, Frances! I was hurrying to be ready for the day, I prefer when I'm paprecutting in a full tranquillity!...
      I would be happy if at least one person from those, who have read my recent posts, has supported our dear friendl!...

  5. Beautiful post for Saint Valentine's day,
    very lovely and original, my favourite work is last you posted, extraordinary the woman's hat!
    Are you still in Africa?

    Good luck for your wonderful work!
    A big hug,

    1. Dear Rosi, I came back home before Christmas. Obviously you have missed my posts about Kenya - when you have time, you could have a look!:)
      Thanks for the sweet words!:) I'm glad I took the scissors again, but I can't find enough time for this passion of mine!...

  6. Dear Rossichka, with your scissors you've made very tender and funny lovers. I like the first (the styrdy bears with the hearts) and the last (the human couple) the best. They touch my heart! Lots of love to you! Hedwig

    1. I'm glad you like them, Hedwig! The two lovers were actually a leftover that I turned into two heads.... And made them kiss, because of the Day..:D

  7. Rossichka, I took the theme of the lighthouse, as if I were actually a jealous guy (who denies it saying that it is not) and he says to the woman he loves that he does not want to share with anyone, is so obsessive that does not anyone to see her. Then words and drawing are so dramatic.
    (But only, I took that place to write that, really I'm not jealous, I swear)
    Oh, I saw on google about the book. I'll try to get it, thank you very much and good week

    1. Roberto, dear, I don't know how to recognize when you are the man from the drawing or from the poem!:) But nevermind! This cannot influence my perception of your works...
      What about Tove Jansson... If you read her book/s, I'll be curious to know how you feel! N.B. They are not only about children, I even think adults are their bigger fans!:D
      Have a lovely new week!!!x

  8. Dear Rossichka, what a lovely way to say I love you, this past Saint Valentines Day with one of your cards, I love them all, but there are two, so cute, so this time I must say, I have two favorites, but the last one, hmmm you are so creative!! love once more all your work.
    I already posted about Gretel in my blog, http://alebalanzario.blogspot.ca/
    hope many of us can give her a hand, and help her out, will go now to check on the new way to help her.
    Have a lovely Sunday, and a nice week!

    1. Dear Ale,
      First I thought that this is another Alejandra that has written to me! The avatar (not your photo) led me to blogs that I didn't know you were maintaining!:0) Now I am a follower of one of them!
      This is so sweet of you to support Gretel and to participate in the fund raising! Thank you!!! Thanks for the wondreful words about her - she deserves them!

      I couldn't understand which are your favourites - the cards or some of the animals? I'm so curious!

  9. Cute cute cute! Love those animals, excellent idea!

  10. Отговори
    1. I'm O.K., please, don't worry! I was very busy with rehearsals the last couple of weeks - today was the premiere. In fact we brought to life our "eco" performance -


      My working schedule is still quite full, but I hope to have a rest on Sunday.

      You are always so very concerned about me, Roberto, thank you! Gracias!!!xx
      P.S. I like your new avatar...:-)

    2. I missed you too! Glad you are OK

    3. I'm so happy that we found each other!...:))))))))))))))))))))))00

  11. Ah! these are adorable. I always find joy in your arts!
    Lovely day and beyond to you ~

  12. I came because I have a wish...
    I hope this week
    you are happy as a fish
    (in water...)
    if the sea, river or aquarium...
    it does not matter!!!!!

    Ha Ha :)))))

    1. Oh, RBRT, I've never received such a wish before, thank you! Besides, just on time... I need to recover after the two mad, mad weeks and the undless struggle with time, so what a better way than to feel like" a fish in water"?
      I hope to have more time for blogging... I wish you a sunny mood during this week!

    2. Yes!
      Float on your belly
      lazy like a fish of jelly
      Go with the flow
      dance the waves
      send stress and sorrow
      to their graves
      Play like a dolfin
      be happy like a sardine

    3. Thank you, friends, for your wish
      to be free like a fish,
      just to flow like a leaf
      and to feel a relief,

      to feel happy and well -
      like a dolphin, a whale
      that has found in the ocean
      life of joy and emotion.

      I do need a caress
      to replace all the stress
      (bitter spice of my days)…
      I must find other ways

      to feel better and you
      helped me so much. Thank you!


  13. Haha, I had not come here at all this week, sorry, I was working.
    Sorry I could not write a response to these funny verses.

    I go a few days, because I also need a caress
    and also I need to work less
    and I hope that these fish, which we will
    do not find the monster of Loch Ness!!!!

    Byee R. See you soon!!!!
    thanks for your comment!!!

    1. Maybe the Monster is not monster at all?...
      If some day you meet him, please, give me a call!
      And tell him to stay
      while I'm on my way
      through our Black sea
      to come there and see
      was it just a dream...
      Then we'll sing and swim
      in starry light streams
      (whatever it means)
      And Hedwig we'll call
      to join us all.
      (You both take your dogs.)
      Then.... "cheers!" for the blogs!:)))

      It's such a sweet wish
      to be like a fish!

      P.S. Bye, I must go to work! Have a nice day, RBRT!!!!xx

    2. when I was scrubbing my floor
      I heard a sound
      and I ran to the door:
      no one to be found
      it was the call of the fishes
      the sound of R & R's wishes
      to the water so dark
      I held my ear
      I saw a shark
      he was very near
      monster! monster! go away!
      Rbrt needs a holiday
      Rossichka needs a rest
      I wish you all the best! :)))

    3. This is great!!!!xx
      Where are our teachers in literature to read our poems?:)))

      I'm calm now, knowing that there's someone, ready to defend me and keep me away from the dangers around - you!:D

      Have a lovely Sunday, Hedwig!
      Is Spring coming?

    4. Last week was so nice and sunny, all the birds singing, but today winter has returned: snow again! Good sunday for you you too. Bye!

  14. Oh, how unpleasant! But we, the Bulgarians, believe that Baba Marta (Granny Marta) is the only reason for such drastic changes to happen often in March, because this is the only female month. There's a legend about a sister (Marta-March) who had eleven brothers (the other months).
    If you want to learn something more about a wonderful custom that we have this month, read here...


    I believe the sun will come again soon!:D

    1. What a great way to get the children familiar with the traditions and folkore of their country! You make a beautiful Baba Marta! In Holland we say: March is waving it's tail, meaning it's a month with changeable weather. The last movements of winter's tail.

    2. How interesting! March is full of so many surprises! But I love it soooo much!:)

  15. These are so sweet, such a clever idea!xx

  16. Thank you and welcome!:) I like your birds and fish watercolours!

  17. Very nice pictures. I love how you work with the paper. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I remember going through here.

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

    Proyectos - Illustrations
    Alexiev Store - venta de originales
    @alexievg en twitter

    Mirame en Art Attack
    Mirame en Art Attack de nuevo

    1. Thank you, Alexiev - your words mean much to me!:) Unfortunately I don't have enough free time for realising my papercutting ideas... But that day will come!

  18. they are all lovely- bears being my favorites!

    1. Thank you! I like them, too...:) Maybe I should "visit" them to see how they are going on together!:D