вторник, 8 февруари 2011 г.


Малък Сечко се смили над нас, пропусна слънчевите лъчи да сгреят телата и сърцата ни, припомни ни опияняващото усещане за пролет... Празникът на любовта наближава и какво по-естествено от това да изрежа нови влюбени животни? Ето ги...

February showed its other face - of a warm, sunny, smiling month, that melts the snow and fills our bodies and souls with warmth and hopes... St Valentine's Day is approaching, so it was only natural to cut out new animals in love. Here they are...

Честно казано, не знам лисугери ли са или някакъв непознат вид, но любовта  им ме трогва!:)

To be honest, I don't know who they are, but their love is so touching!:)
 Любов има и под водата...

There's love in water...
И във въздуха...

And in the air...
Навсякъде около нас...

Everywhere around us...

И тъй като вече знаете, че обичам да откривам фигури в ненужните хартиени изрезки, този път ще ви покажа кой се крие в обърнатите  фигури!:)

You already know that I like to see figures in the leftovers, so this time I want to show you who is hiding in the reversed figures! :)

Ако искате да спечелите едната ми награда по случай Свети Валентин, оставете коментар и непременно отбележете коя влюбена двойка бихте искали да бъде ваша. Може да си изберете и измежду тези от предишния подобен пост... Изборът ще бъде на случаен принцип.

If you want to take part in my St Valentine's giveaway, just leave a comment and don't forget to note which couple in love you would like to receive if you win. You could also choose among the animals from  this post - horses, cats, giraffes, etc.  My choice will be at random!
Нарисувах тази картинка в Corel Draw, но си няма заглавие! Този от вас, чието предложение най-много ми хареса, ще я получи  за награда !

I drew this card in Corel Draw, but it has no title! What are your suggestions? I'm so eager to learn! The one that I like most, will be awarded with the card!

Победителите ще обявя в неделя, 13 февруари. Късмет! :-)

I  will announce the winners on Sunday, 13th of February. Good luck! :-)

27 коментара:

  1. Oh I love your paper figures, thanks so much for this lovely giveaway, if I win it, I would love the first one.
    Have a very nice week.

  2. Love love, this site is full of love!
    I want one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    The little wolfs falling in love. the first one is cute!
    Very warm month. Keep well!

  3. лисугерското танго!!!! :)))

  4. Hi, thank you for your views and comments. I really enjoyed finding your blog and know their jobs, they are incredible.

  5. I have a giveaway, Maria! Which couple of animals do you like most?

  6. Hi, R.
    Well, I'll tell you that in my country, Valentine's Day is not a custom or tradition. Even now, there is almost no customs ours, unfortunately, we are invaded, increasingly, by foreign customs. But this is a good and beautiful, custom. we should not underestimate.
    Of course I want to participate!
    Love must always be enhanced. "Love is a temple" (U2)
    Eh ... the title ...
    "My heart is empty because I gave it to you. And I do not care because if you live, I live"
    Ja Ja, a little long!! : (
    Of course, I like dolphins.

  7. Hello! This time I decided not to comment any comments in the parts, concerning the giveaway. At least not now.
    But I can say something about St Valentine's Day and it's that this is not our custom either. It flew in Bulgaria after the general change of the political system together with many other things... And because it concerns love and it's wonderful to celebrate something, so... most of us do. With a little gesture or a gift, or a kiss to the one we love...
    Thanks for your wonderful comment!:))

  8. Hello Rossichka.
    First: Thank you.
    Second: In your city you are known as: The exaggerated Rossichka? Right?
    Third: Thanks again.
    Fourth: Wrong, you must read all the comments, one of them may be warning that the end of love is very near, and not read it, you miss the chance to kiss your beloved husband.
    Fifth: thank you, again and again. you are very kind.

  9. Dear Roberto, I meant that I don't read all the comments in other people's blogs, not in mine... But since you might be right, I'll read more, I promise! And now I'm runnung to kiss my husband in case I've missed such a WARNING...:-0)
    P.S. Could you, please, give me a synonym for "exaggerated", 'cause I don't understand it in the way you do... Thanks!

  10. I love the first one!
    Caption for the card....
    My heart is empty without you.

  11. Thank you, all, for participating! I will comment your comments when the giveaway is over! It's a pure joy to read your sweet words!:))))

  12. I love all your creatures in love. What a great theme for the month. I love the first ones. Are they foxes? That would be my choice anyway. Have a great week (or what is left of it anyway...haha) Cathy

  13. Heya Rossicheeka, :) see I have changed the spelling of your name to include cheeky :)

    Aha so you and I are b othe exteremely intelligent conossieurs of fine art, but you at least can spell conossieur and I cannot :)

    Well cut outs are loveley in your hands, I must s ay the butterfly insect and the dogs pull my strings, as for the valentine card, well

    "My heart is like a kite in your hands," is the my poor attempt. Doubtless I will suddenly sit up at 3.00 am this morn and think of something brilliant, fall asleep again, and then forget it by morning

    see you from Oz !

  14. Oh for the I meant to say of Don Doctor Robertos and Amalia's art :) @@!!

  15. Hmmm! Well, although we are too different people (for example I don't have a sense of humour, although my husband says I do, but it's awakening very rarely), we obviously have something in common what concerns our perceptions of art (and, yes, particularly of Roberto's and Amalia's works!)Just pay attention...:) Well, to spell "connoisseur" is uncomparable to making art in the way you do, so... let's stay where we are, the kind of persons we are and enjoy our brief conversations in this blogging space. Brief, but sometimes so intense and sincere that may fill our day with joy and energy! Oh! I'm afraid I couldn't say well what I wanted, but I hope you'll understand from a "half-a-word".
    And Andrew, there's no need to fall asleep, exhausted from the search of the brilliant title! Otherwise the kite may turn into a rope - be careful!!:)
    I'm sending you the tenderness of the first snowdrops - there're plenty in a chutch yard close to my place!

  16. When I say exaggerated. I mean that you are too kind with words to me.
    Sorry if the word was wrong, and my sentence was heard rude.
    well today is Friday, I wish you a perfect weekend. You do well to run to kiss your husband. (I do not believe, but love can be deleted from the planet tomorrow:)

  17. Ah, when I said yes, you should read the comments of other people, I wanted to say, no on your blog, I think it is appropriate to read in other blogs. Because I believe that so this thing works. For example, you see that right here, Andrew and you are referring about me. If I do not read, how do I know that I must tell you that both are too kind to me? (or could be other comments too, you understand? I think that's how things work in blogerland, not bad to read the comments of others. They are there, are public. If someone wants something personal, send a mail, or have a blog with private access.
    BESOS!! ♥

  18. I will, I will, but when he comes back! If you continue to give me this advice, he may become suspicious what's going on with me...:)))))))))))))))
    It's O.K. with the word, simply I use it in another way. I suppose it's my mistake. So, THANK YOU!!

  19. You are absolutely right!! I see things through your eyes now and you nearly convinced me.:) Yes, everything we write in our blogs is public, so it depends on us what to say, when and to whom... By the way, I don't like to comment other persons (in life and here, maybe that's why I hate the journalists who talk too much, comment others and think they know everything about them and life matters). So, mentioning you here is an exception, but it's done with good feelings!:))
    Have a wonderful weekend! There's much work, waiting for me - a workshop with children and parents and a class at my puppet studio. But still it IS a weekend! Bye, Roberto!

  20. beautiful paper cuts and so full of love!
    very sweet drawing too! i wish i could think of cool title but it's past midnight right now so my brain isn't working properly hehe. ut i'll try with "the loveliest connection".
    and, no, Valentines isn't custom in my country either , it was imported here after the fall of communism.

  21. i just wanted to stop in and say you're so sweet :) your papercuts are too! hugs!

  22. Yes, Asja, this is one of the "the forbidden influences"... But I think young people enjoy St Valentine's Day a lot, especially those in love!:) Besides I find it refreshing to prettify my house with red and pnk hearts...:) This afternoon I have a class at my children's puppet studio and we're going to make "love" themed ornaments!

  23. Hello Rossichka, thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog! Yes, the cats helped me tremendously and I passed all the exams (yay!). I'm way too late for the give-away, but wanted to let you know what a neat idea the animal lovers are! So simple...and beautiful. Your blog is an inspiration! Have a lovely (belated) Valentine! :-)

  24. Hello, Kristien! What a nice surprise! You passed the exams? Good for you! Was this your first semester ever? I think that if you like the subject you're studying, then everything will be O.K.! But without desire and interest things are impossible and people just waste their time... Oh, what true helpers you have!
    Thanks for your sweet words about my blog!:)

  25. Hi Rossichka,

    Belated Happy Valentine's Day to you and thank you very much for your beautiful comments.

    Best Regards,

  26. I still keep the Valentine's ornaments in my house, so thank you, Dave!... Where have you been?:) I hope you are O.K. I see you haven't stopped working.