понеделник, 14 февруари 2011 г.


Пет минути преди полунощ помолих съпруга ми да си избере едно сърчице.

Five mintutes before midnight I showed my husband these hearts and asked him to point one.

Номер 7 означава, че наградата отива при http://onepinkgoose.blogspot.com/. Честито!

He chose number 7 and this means that the winner is Cathy. Congratulations!! She liked the first couple in love, like most of you did! I don't know who they are - some kind of foxes, I think, but they are my favourites, too...:))))

Thank you all for the sweet words about my animals, you encourage me to enlarge their paper family!
Затрудних се при избора на заглавие за картичката, защото и четирите предложения ми харесаха. Но най-най-най се доближи до идеята ми http://andrewfinnie.blogspot.com/ със  "Сърцето ми е като хвърчило в твоите ръце"...

The choice of the title for this card was very difficult for me, because I love all of them. They reveal different aspects of perception and speak a lot about you - Roberto, Andrew, Robyn and Asja! Lovely ideas! But still I liked most : "My heart is like a kite in your hands!" So - congratulations, Andrew!
I would like to thank you all, dear friends, for being so nice to participate in my modest giveaway. I'm sending you my love and gratitude that I  met you in my journey in  Blog Land!



P.S. Don't be sorry, don't be sad, there'll be more giveaways, the next one - pretty soon... :0)

П.П. Обещавам скоро да има пак награда, така че - не унивайте! :0)

P.S. Cathy and Andrew, I'll contact with you via e-mail in order to receive your addresses!

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  1. Congratulations to Andrew and Cathy.Thanks Rossichka the visit and comments. I regret talking so different languages.

  2. Thanks for your visit, Maria! I began to understand a little, using my knowledge in French, but it's not the same! I can't follow your thoughts... Nevermind, we can understand each other in English and that's nice!:)

  3. Congratulations to the winners and to you dear rossichka, a Happy Valentine's Day. May your life be filled with love, everyday! Tsup!

  4. Thank you, Ces! Otherwise... it's very hard... But we must let love in our lives!

  5. Yipppe Rossichicka thank y ou so much. I am very honoured at your kindness. And I am also very excited. Hold on I am doing an Irish jig and cannot type ........

    I'm back :)

    Wowza! Holding my breath now!!!

    see you

    (that's great!)

  6. Congratulations to the winners.

    Rossichicka, I'm not sure if you know this blog but I thought of you immediately. Such beautiful folk art cutouts!

  7. Oh, Andrew, I smiled from ear to ear when I felt how much excited you are!:) Please, check your e-mail and send me an address as soon as you can!
    Have a lovely, loving, laughing day!:0)

  8. Dear Robyn, thank tou, thank you, thank you!!! A wonderful blog with cut-outs, close to my technique of paper cutting! How friendly of you!:)x

  9. Dearest Rossichka wherever you are,
    you are right about your scientific explanation, thank you very much and i understand very well :)

    im so sorry i havent been around lately, a little problem with the dragonfly, ahaha, and so i missed your giveaway! :/

  10. congrats to the winners!

    ps: hope youve been well, Rossichka...

  11. friendly Rossichka, hello
    First, thanks for your words.
    Second: I will say that I do not believe much in the analysis of the illustrations or text
    Why submit to the shameful situation to understand what I have written or drawn? :)
    Best to follow along without thinking, writing and drawing, not you think so?
    And if there are nice people like you who feel that with my words or my artwork have been touched in his heart. Just come and tell me they liked what I did, for me is enough.
    I am sending you a kiss in the middle of the week!
    Congratulations to Cathy an Andrew!!!!

  12. Hi Rossichka.i am raging i missed your givaway.Did you get my present yet?

  13. Beautiful Mita, I hope you are getting on well together with the dragonfly!Don't let him pretend he's a flower...:)) What about the giveaway, there'll be more, so I hope you'll take your chance!
    I'm so proud that you confirmed my scientific suggestions!:)
    P.S. I'm well, thank you! I'm rehearsing this week a puppet performance, where I play a naughty boy who turns into a dragon!:0)

  14. DEAR Roberto,
    For me it's not enough to say just: "I like this!" or "Lovely!", or "Wow!"... (in fact I never use it). I have the necessity to explain how I feel when looking at a painting/drawing or reading someone's thoughts... But sometimes the excitement and pleasure are so big, that words are useless! And I'm glad that you understand!
    Thanks for the distant kiss! It arrived with sparks of stars, moon and sun!:)

  15. I'm sorry, too, Patricia! But there'll be more in future... No, I haven't received your present yet!:( I hope it will come soon!

  16. :) I need to hit the receive replies button!

  17. Oh no I didn't mean that!!! I just meant I forgot to hit the recieve replies button. The one that says BN3YANN3AUNR :)

    Oh lucky you said I found the email in my spam box from the 14th !! huh! very strange

    thank you so much I will be in touch tommorrow :)

    see y ou and greetings :)

  18. O.K.! I'll send you the card on Tuesday, because I'm very busy with my work now... Greetings from our cold, but beautiful town!:)

  19. yea to the lucky winners

    as always your charming art touches me and makes my eyes smile.

  20. I thought I'd pop in and say 'yippeee' again.

    Yippee! :)

  21. Thank you, Tammie! You are so nice to me!:)

  22. What a nice start of the day with "yippee!"...:)))))

  23. OK, R. I understand. my comment was to make a joke only. Are always welcome all your words. Obviously, I hate that kind of comment that says:
    Because I understand that the person who says it has nothing better to say.
    All life, I prefer a: So cute!
    or an extensive commentary like yours (which I know well that are grounded in a very intelligent woman)
    Thanks and good weekend, greetings to your husband!

  24. Hey, Roberto, no need to explain! I understand what you mean... But what to do when you paint and write so well! And I just want you to know how I feel about it... Isn't this really important for an artist? It's the same with me - I'm most interested in the public's opinion about my performances, not in the critics' one! Tomorrow morning I'm going to act in a puppet play and I'm so excited about the children's reactions!... Best wishes from my husband, too! I think you would get on very well together, if you could meet!:)))

  25. Darling Rossi, I'm sorry I have missed your posts and thank you so much for all the kind, kind thoughts you've sent me.

    Life is tough at the moment, but I'm finding solace in drawing again. I hope you're taking good care of yourself, I've missed you. :) oxox

  26. I've missed you, too, Amalia!! But don't bother about your absence from the "blog society", because "c'est la vie"... Today we are here, but tomorrow - who knows?! Our personal life is full of challenges, expected and unexpected events, surprises, hard moments, happiness and sorrow... We are together in front of the computers day after day, night after night, enjoying our posts, discussing our works, commenting our words, laughing, crying, sharing... But when it's necessary or inevitably, we must pay attention to the important things for us and our families...
    I hope that your father, family and you feel better now!! I hope that very soon this hard period will remain in the past!
    I don't have much time recently for blogging,too, because I'm extremely busy with my puppet theatre projects... I'm delighted, but I feel sooooo tired!! Time is not enough for anything! Besides, I have some troubles... Just some more days and everything will be "normal" again!
    Lots of love from all my heart!!xx

  27. Hooooo noooooooo! I really wanted =::(
    anyway congratulations to the winner!!!
    hip hip urra!!
    Rossichka Thanks for the chance.... and the comment, don't worry about, that dark animal looks a bad boy but is really friendly!!

  28. If you say so - I believe you!:)
    What about the giveaway - there'll be more, I promised, and maybe the luck will be with you!
    Have a wonderful week!
    P.S. How old are your children?

  29. I am sure that the waves of the sea. or, the wind from the sea could wake of the "lethargy". One could imagine that she saw too many people, so isolated, and sat on a rock to wait. Perhaps when some people are disappointed of all people, sit to wait for something they do not know what it is.
    Thanks for your comment. Do you see? We weave words, I give you some of my wool, and you give me some of yours.
    PS: Surely, if she was with you, too she would smile.

  30. We weave words and we knit fairytales... Wooven fairytales!... You - with words and brush, me - with words and puppets, somebody else - with music, another one - with clay... Yes, this is the diversity of life!
    I like the idea that something (a storm?, a fish?, a boat?) may wake her up!
    Have a nice evening!:)

  31. Hey! I have sent an email. Hopefully it will not end up in Spam folder.!

    see you from oz :)

  32. I got it! And now it's my turn - to send you the card.:) I will do it in a day or two, cause I've been VERY busy with rehearsals and touring lately (this time as a puppeteer) and from today on I am free.
    Best wishes, smiles and not "cheese", but "zele" (it's the equivalent in Bulgarian for photo- smiles.) You pronounce it /'zele/ and it means "cauliflower"! :0)