вторник, 30 ноември 2010 г.


Този път няма да са ми необходими много думи. Просто искам да ви представя опитите ми в изрязването на животни. Моля, бъдете снизходителни !:)

This post won't need many words. I just want to introduce to you my first cuttings of animals. Please, be indulgent! :)
Малко приличат на понита...

Horses or ponies?...

Няколко домашни животни...

Some domestic animals...

Трябваше да ги изрежа от по-ярка на цвят хартия!

I should have cut them out of bright coloured paper!

Първият ми опит са тези слончета-бебета...
My first attempt are these babies-elephants...

Тези са попораснали! 

These are grown-up!

Може ли без птичета?...

Can't miss the birdies!...

Тези сладурчовци не ги знам какви са, но определено не са хора.

What are these sweeties? Definitely not human!

Това е засега. До следващата серия. Пожелавам на всички вълшебен декември!:0)

This is all for now. Till the second series! Bye and have a marvellous December!:0)

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  1. I love them! They are even better than your 'heads', my favourite has to be the first, the horses (or ponies).

  2. Thank you, Gretel! So... I'll keep cutting out animals! My favourite are the penguin-like creatures and the giraffes.:)

  3. целуващите се крокодили са ми любими :))))

  4. Обещавам да ги изрежа от ярко зелено! Хич ме няма като трябва да снимам цветни изрезки - хартиите си променят цветовете за мой ужас. Знам, че зависи от светлината навън и от мястото, където съм ги подредила, но аз само мога "да щракам"... Нищо! Идеята е важна.:)

  5. these are adorable!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I will post more on the baba yaga costume as it develops and a picture of the harness that the child actor gets to wear in order to hold it up. so check back!

  6. Oh, thank you, I'll wait eagerly for the next photos! By the way, I work with children, too and also direct puppet plays, so you can check the labels and read, if interested! Thanks for the nice words about my paper cuttings!

  7. they are all so sweet and obviously full of love for each other!

  8. Yes, aren't they? The white elephants are the ones that I cut out just for fun and later saw your similar elephants in the calendar! After all the elephants all around the world have short tails and long trunks, hi-hi!:)))))

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and artwork Rossichka. It was very kind of you. I love your paper cuttings. I think the seahorses are my favourites. I enjoy drawing them too. Have a great week. Cathy

  10. Oh, Cathy, I'm so happy you've been here!:) Thank you for your kind words! It's so interesting that everyone up till now has pointed out different favourites! ...I find the seahorses to be enigmatic creatures. The fact is that I don't draw the figures (I'm not sure whether I could). Simply the scissors lead my hand...;)
    I like your style so much and now am eager to follow your blog!

  11. What a fabulous animal parade! I think I'm debating whether I love the bunnies or the red elephants better... although those sea horses look especially lovely! Well, I love them all, Rossi... It amazes me how you could be so patient cutting away these intricate characters. Whereas I, probably would only survive the first 5 minutes! :D

  12. Sweet Amalia, I will not lie if I say that such warm and encouraging comments make me happy! My animals are unpretentious. I don't know whether I could draw them if I try, but what I know for sure is that I'll cut out another species and I hope to make new, more succesful doubles of these ones. Probably paper cutting is like knitting - for some it's boring, for others - relaxing. But the most important thing is that you are not nervous or impatient when you draw your amazing pictures! That's because you love drawing and are born to be an Artist!:)))xx
    P.S. Please, send me and e-mail with your

  13. Romantic and adorable couples! Love them all, especially two horses!

    It was so lovely to read your winter memories in my blog...Ah...Good old days :) So it's not only me that doesn't love winter these days!! :)) I was thinking that there is sometimes wrong with me ^_^

    As always it's a pleasure to visit your lovely blog and see your work!

    See you soon my friend! xo

  14. Romantic love, isn't it?:) I'm gathering to glue the horses on a sheet of paper with a contrast colour. What about my childhood winter memories - you provoked them and let me go "out of the shell", Afi!...
    Thank you for your friendly comment!

  15. Здравей! Аз ли те изгубих, ти ли се изгуби?... Спомням си, че блогът ти все "мълчеше" и накрая спрях да проверявам. Сега виждам, че от ноември отново си там. Надявам се, че всичко е наред.
    Благодаря за похвалата!:)

  16. They are amazing!!! thanks for the visit too! I'll keep the dolls that don't sell!!
    Have a good weekend my friend.

  17. Thank you, Abi! I'll cut out more "couples".:)
    I'm taking part in a paper project and I have to send my work tomorrow. I'm watching it every time I pass by it and am feeling quite strange at the thought that I won't see it again. That's why I asked you about the dolls. (I've always wondered how do the artists feel when they sell their pictures!) They are all so beautiful! I suppose sometimes it's hard to part, especially when you are emotionally involved...

  18. Thanks Rossichka.
    You are always very kind with your words.
    time passes. the sun is always shining.
    The world is crazy, but worth living.
    Ah, what a beautiful images of love, you show in this post!
    Thank you:)!

  19. It's nice to hear your thoughts on the drawing! And may I add - love is above all, it's the moving force...
    Thanks for the kind words!:)

  20. hey Rossi la chicka :) Sorry to be gone so long. My psychaitrist tells me I must go surfing evrey few days otherwise I will be unhappy :) :) and be a bad speller. Heh.

    Oh these ar just so cute eh? It is unmanly for me to use 'cute' but I will anyway because words are made to get the message across. They are warm and cuddly and make us smile and we can feel for them because they remind us of oureslves, n'est ce pas?

    It's good to see your art. It's very eye opening.

    thankyou :)

  21. Oui, c'est vrai! We see ourselves in them. No matter how we look like, whether we are thin or fat, graceful or awkward, rich or poor... LOVE is love.
    Thanks, Andrew, for your kind words!

  22. I can not put it better than what was already said above. I love all of them!!! Especially the elephants. Your paper cutting is very very inspiring.

  23. Oh, dear Vita, it's so nice to see you've been here! Be my guest more often, please!:)))) Thank you for your kind words! I've never suggested that my papercuts could inspire someone, really... But the universe of inspiration is a weird place!:-)
    Merry Christmas and С Новып Годом! Всего счастливого для тебя и твоей семьи!хх