петък, 19 ноември 2010 г.


Изрязах набързо тази танцьорка. От листа хартия останаха две еднакви парчета.

I cut out this dancing girl. From the sheet of paper remained two equal parts.

Първото ми заприлича на този ангел. "Помогнах " му да полети...

In the first one I saw this angel. I "helped" him fly...
А второто - обърнато в друга посока - на хипопотам. "Помогнах" му да се засмее...

In the second one, after rotation - this hippopotamus. I "helped" him laugh...
Обръщането на изрезката в различни посоки крие изненади. Най-ясен пример дават тези две животинки, наподобяващи катерица и патица. Липсва всякаква намеса от моя страна, въпреки че сигурно ще ги пообработя.

The rotation of the leftover can surprise you. Here is an example - two animals, resembling a squirrel and a duck. I haven't touched the scissors, but I'll probably clean the silhouettes in future.
Както, например, дооформих този профил...

In the way I made this profile more concrete...
Ето няколко стари персонажи от "боклучета".

Here are some old objects that had been hidden in the paper scraps.
Петелът се роди днес. (Добре, че не посегнах към кошчето за боклук!)

The rooster was "born" today. (I'm glad I didn't throw the leftovers!)
 А това е първият ми колаж. Що е то? СУРИКАТИ!!! Нищичко не съм рязала, само прибавих опашките. И пейзажа, разбира се!

And here is my first paper collage. What are these creatures? MEERKATS! I have nothing cut additionally, just glued the two tails. And the landscape, of course!

Имам още, но нека останат за друг път!:-)

I have more, but they'll wait for some other post!:-)

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  1. имам чувтсвото, че накъдето и да погледнеш, все ще видиш чудни светове. твои си :)
    оправи ли се вече? :)

  2. Мисля, че да! След няколко дни съм на последен контролен преглед. Вече пия само сиропче и витаминчета.
    Ами... погледът ми нещо се е "деформирал" напоследък, ама аз си го харесвам! Хубави събота и неделя! Лееееееека нощ!:-)

  3. Hello Rossichka. I would like you to see this blog from my friend Eleanor. Especially the animation "Circus", I think you'll like it.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Thank you, Roberto! You are a good friend - you know exactly what will interest me! As a matter of fact I know Eleonora's blog (probably via your blog!), but I hadn't seen the "Circus" post yet. She is an amazing artist!
    Have a wonderful weekend, too!

  5. This reminds me of the time my mother spent with me and my sisters and brothers. She made paper cut outs and we told stories. Those were wonderful times and the memory of them still wams my heart. Thank you, Rossichka, for making me remember. I especially like the first one.

  6. I'm glad I woke up these sweet memories! It's strange, but I discovered that I can make paper cuts when I was in my early 30's.:) I have a dim reminiscence that my father had showed me how to cut a face by folding. And I'm so thankful to him!
    I have a Ballerina series - maybe I should show it? Have a special Sunday, Ces!

  7. these are all so much fun! I love that you see things in paper much as some people see things in clouds.

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I can't imagine never seeing a deer in the wild, I live with them, not in my cabin, but we share the same forest.

  8. How nice - to "share the same forest"!! It sounds a little bit magical to me!...
    Thanks for your kind words! I'll post similar papercuts (and other cut outs) in future. After my two last puppet projects I have some free time now. Give me the scissors!:)

  9. Adorable as always! I love the simplicity of your work, and how you turn a piece of paper into a lovely thing and give soul to it :)

    Have a wonderful week my friend! xo

  10. Thank you, Afi, for encouraging me! I wish I had not any troubles and problems, so that I could spend much more time for paper cutting! But... this is life. As the French singer Joe Dassin sang - "Ma vie continue. Je vais comme elle viens."...:) Have an inspirational week!

  11. ..."elle vienT"... Thanks once again for your lovely comment!:0)

  12. Hi Rossichka, your paper figures are adorable! Is cute to know that a piece of paper could be tranformed in little inspirations!
    Thanks for share this!

    From Tokyo.

  13. Hello and welcome, Horacio! Yes, these are tiny scraps, transformed for a new life. What to do - I just see them and it's so funny!:)

  14. Such amazing art, Rossichka, you are a genius :D

    I so love visiting here and seeing what you're making and thank you for visiting me too.x

  15. Oh, no... I'm just trying to make things in the way I feel and imagine them. I have a lot of ideas for different kinds of paper cutting, but I have not so much free time at the moment! Still I steel some minutes! Thank you, Kimberley, it's so nice to know that you visit my blog with pleasure!:-)x

  16. Rossi dearest, that dancing girl really stole my heart!! How you managed to focus and cut these beautiful figures is simply amazing. Me? I think I would survive the first 5 minutes and lose my patience completely after the next five. Hahahaa...

    And thank you so much for the lovely comment you left me. You are kind, kind friend, you know that? oxox

  17. My sweet Amalia, your friendly words made my night!:)TERIMA KASIH! It's after midnight here and I'm doing "my things" in silence, while the house is sleeping! You know, I relax while papercutting, but unfortunately I have too little time for it now, because some unexpected engagements occurred... Ces also liked the dancing girl. Well, then I must take out from the boxes my old ballerinas, maybe make some new ones, and show them to you all! By the way, open your e-mail after 10 minutes!
    Hugs! Rossixx

  18. Rossichka, Andrew has a message for you:


  19. Aha Ces, thankyou! I love your patch. You look like me but attractive :)

    Hey Rossichicka, let's see if this works. I came this morn yet I kept on being garbled on my end - if that draws a picture for you? Heh.

    Well these are just so much fun eh? They breath life into us because they draw from our imaginations. We see ithm something that isn't there - and feel the joy of it.

    You have the eye. Just proves that its the artist not the tools that makes the art. I would never have thought of paper cuts _ I thought Hans Christian was a nut when I read about it. Now I see yours and I know I was wrong.

    Odd because I am never wrong.

    see you in a wheil I hope

    greetings from osztralia ")

  20. Thank you, Ces, for transmiting Andrew's message!:)

  21. Hello there in "ozstralia"! I'm relieved that you are safe! I'll read your post, hopefully, till end of the day, because obviously I'll need more time than usual, a dictionary and a pen to write down the items I would like to comment...:)(I'm not kidding - still English is not my native language!)
    Your evaluation of my paper cuts mean much to me, Andrew. Really! I've always cut out faces from paper and coloured papers with the children in my puppet studios. I've taught them how to do it. But I had never tried to cut out something else until... the beginning of this year. So everything is new to me and really is a great fun! In case that you haven't noticed or have forgotten HCAndersen's scissors - have a look here - http://rossichka.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-dear-andersen.html. Isn't it amazing how he could cut with them his tender and rich in details papercuts??? For me he was a genius and I will never ever forget the room with his papercuts in HCAndersen's Museum in Odense. Maybe they had nourished my imagination then, five years ago... Who knows?!
    I hope we'll keep in touch! Take care!:-)

  22. I appreciate your nice comment, the scenery is beautiful work, some
    Once I did when I was at school, come around here is always good,your work with paper si magic, I leave you a hug

  23. Hello, hello! I'm always impressed by your compositions, it's true. I'll try to explain... Your personages are situated like in real life, where in a large group of people everyone has its place and there's no need to change the positions in order to see each one of them...
    It turns out to be that we have made so many interesting things while at school, haven't we?... Thanks for the kind words!:)x

  24. i just found you on my blog, this is my first time visit:
    здравей i want to be cut out into shapes by you because i want to be beautiful.

    -mita from indonesia

  25. здравей ---> im using google translate :D
    i meant to say hello

    -mita (still from Indonesia)

  26. or should i say Мита from Indonesia.

    ok i quit talking :D see you byebye Rossichka have a lovely day.

    *a kiss*

  27. Здравей! What a nice surprise! I know you from the comments of Amalia, Andrew and Roberto. Apa kabar? (I learned some of the Indonesian greetings because of Amalia!) You ARE beautiful, but... maybe I can try to cut you out of paper some day?:) Thanks for the compliment about my work!

  28. I know you from their blogs and I like very much your pieces of art...:)

  29. I love all of your shapes and designs, all of them ignite imagination! i think smiling hippo might be my favorite but you gave soul and brought to life all of them!
    Have a wonderful weekend too!

  30. Thank you! In fact the colours are brighter but I couldn't make good photos...:( The hippo is merry, yes! My favourite is the angel. Soon I'll post some animals, among them the elephants that remind yours. (I've told you about this if you remember...) Bye for now!

  31. Andrew and Roberto, ah okay!! :)
    yes yes, im the terrible one, hahah, never mind my comments, i like being silly :D

  32. :) You just have your way of talking with each other and that's O.K.!:) After all, I'm much more interested in your drawings, which are magical and as if keeping secrets!...

  33. Thanks for visiting my blog, rossichka - I love yours - you truly perform magic tricks with scissors and paper.

  34. Thanks for your kind words, Sandie! It's always exciting to meet new, interesting people and their blog worlds. I hope we'll keep in touch!

  35. Hi Rossichka,
    I thank you for your visit and entry,
    To answer to your question about if I use the book marks I make, yes I do, sometimes as book marks and some times to hang them everywhere, that way, I can see them often and they bring me joy from where they are,
    Have a lovely week.

  36. :) It's the same with my papercuts - they are everywhere on and around my desk. When they become "old", I put some of them in the boxes to make place for the new ones! Yes, they bring joy!:) Have a wonderful week, too!