петък, 12 ноември 2010 г.


С децата от куклената студия днес ще изработваме книгоразделители на тема ЕСЕН. Правя набързо два за модел. Ето ги...

Today we are going to make bookmarks in the children's puppet studio. The theme is "AUTUMN". I have prepared two samples - here they are...
След като си говорим за цветовете на есента, всички се впускат да майсторят.

After discussing the palette of Autumn, the children begin to create.
Резултатите са вълшебни!
And the results are amazing!

Различни видове дървета и листа...

Different kinds of trees and leaves...

Пейзаж и гръмотевична буря. NB: червеният квадрат е кутия за паднали листа!:-)

A paysage and a thunderstorm. NB: the red object is a box for fallen leaves!:-) 

Тези листа летят нагоре, защото има вихрушка...

These leaves are flying upwards, because there's a whirlwind...

Рано сутринта бях на оздравителна разходка в парка. Там все още има дървета в различни цветове - както на последния книгоразделител.

Early in the morning I took a healthy walk in the park. And there I saw trees in all colours, just like in the last bookmark.

Все още зелено...,

Still greenish...,
тук-таме червено...

 here and there - red...

и прегоряло жълто...

and burnt yellow...
В краката - шума...,

In the feet - dry foliage...,
росни листа...

leaves, soaked with dew...
или красиви съкровища...

or beautiful treasures...
Наоколо - дървета с лица...

Around - trees with faces...
А високо в небето - тази катеричка-акробат...,

And high above - this squirrel-acrobat...,
провираща се в паяжината на клоните!

squeezing through the web of branches!

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  1. Dear Rossichka,
    this happens when we are in tune with nature, then we are also in tune with each other.
    I haven't squirrels where I live, so I create them by hand, but to see those real must be a very fascianting thing.
    And then also your work with kids remember mine very much.

    Thanks for your comments and your always-appreciated visits.
    A big hug, a good Sunday and see you soon,

  2. Dear Rosi, it was a pure luck to see that little squirrel (it doesn't happen often) , playing in the branches, jumping from tree to tree(!), simply flying and enjoying herself. She even came down on the trunk, quite close to me, but that photo isn't good, 'cause it was early in the morning and the light wasn't bright!
    It'll be interesting for me to know something more about your work with children!
    Have a lovely Sunday, too!:-)

  3. Hi, thank you so much for your visit and comment :-)

    Love your two ideas for the book mark, they are great, the kids made a great job making their book marks, I love them all.

    Have a fantastic week!!

  4. I'm so glad you've been here! Yes, working with children if fun, especially when all concerns puppet theatre. At the end of the school year we are going to make a puppet show and I'm choosing now the play.:)

  5. Thank you, Ale! In fact I have some special ideas for making bookmarks of my own. I've already made the samples, but must find the most suitable kind of paper. Not long ago I found out that my secret passion is... bookmarks and that in fact I have a small collection!:) So I've officially begun to collect them...
    What about children - they are incredible, yes! So artistic and with such an imagination! I've been working with children in puppet studios for more than 10 years now (as well as in different other projects) and I never choose them "by talent" 'cause each one of them has any...

  6. Rossi dear, nice to see those lovely kids with smiles on their faces... seems like something my children would love to do! :)) How are you my sweet friend? I have been away from blogging the past week... just couldn't keep up. But I'm trying to get back!

    I hope you're having wonderful moments... oxx

  7. Dear Amalia, SELAMAT MALAM! How strange and nice that you called me "Rossi", the way nearly everyone calls me!... Do you know, I am thinking about the same these days - how wonderful it would be if I could spend such hours with your and some other friends' kids!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I have already something in mind, but it's a secret, besides the idea hasn't cleared up yet!:)
    Well, I was very ill the last couple of weeks. I didn't spend much time for blogging. I'm feeling better now, but am still recovering and in the middle of the week I'll know the doctor's final conclusion.
    I'm so happy everytime you visit my blog!!! Have a smiling and lovely week!xx

  8. Hey Ross-i-chicka :) Oh thanks for that video link, what wonderful presentation eh.?

    I love these bookmarks, that long vertiacl format and the simplicity of the strong designs really make it dynamic. It imposes it's own compositional structure that is a lesson for us all.

    Hope you are now better!

    see you fromoz :)

  9. Hey, Andrew! Yes, that girl Akiane Kramarik is obviously very famous with her incredible, superhuman talent... There're some films in YOUTUBE.
    You like the bookmarks? Oh, thank you! I know nothing about the composition of a picture, so I did them (as well as the children) instinctively, following my imagination. As I wrote above, collecting bookmarks turned out to be my hidden passion, so I have ideas of making some of my own. When ready, I'll show...
    Sincerely, with a smile: Ross-i-chicka:))))

  10. I love seeing the work of children. we never can imagine, with our adult mind, the scope of the creativity of a child. I believe that adults will never reach that point as high creative freedom. when we stop being children, little by little, we go down stairs, and even though we are very creative, never return to that.

    Thanks, Rossichka.
    Your comment is very poetic but at the same time, it still is real.
    If we freeze the moment in which the branches are empty, it's like life itself, people will wonder what will happen with these branches. as, perhaps, he asks every day, what will happen tomorrow? and nobody has the answer.
    Thanks and kisses

  11. Dear Roberto, I am moved by your words and our close emotional perception of your work! It puts a lot of questions and provokes one's thinking. So - thank you for the way you feel and draw the world!!
    What about children - working with them gives me a lot of energy and zest to live. Yes, their imagination, artistry and creativity are endless. I like your sad words about us, adults, going slowly downstairs. BUT I think that those of us, who are connected with some kind of art, never reach the lowest step and can even stay on the staircase longer than the others!!

    With very best wishes!!!

  12. i can't wait to do projects with my little one :) thank you for giving me just one more thing to look forward to!

  13. children and art a perfect match! Lovely autumn photos as well.

  14. Dear Dawn, I'm sure your baby will show you what to do together - there'll be times when you'll be the one to follow her!:) Having in mind that your home is a Paper Kingdom, the results will be amazing for sure!:-) You can see another kinds of my work with children under the label "children's puppet studio"!

  15. Welcome, Tammie! Yes, you are right - there's a strong connection between children and art. They are free in expressing what they feel and in the way they want - no rules, everything is possible! And as "beauty flows", their imagination flows, too! I'm going to "explore" your blog now!

  16. Hello, Alexiev! I'm always glad to welcome a new visitor to my world of puppet theatre, papercuts and all the other things that fill my days. Thanks for the nice words! I'll need some time to see your blog!

  17. Thanks, Rossichka, I think I agree with you about the concept that some, who are connected with some kind of art, never reach the lowest step. This is a wonderful idea that you have made me know, how much I appreciate this opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and concepts, beyond the classic "wonderful your work, congratulations."
    I am sending you a kiss through the seas.

  18. Dear Roberto, this idea was born in our conversation. One word leads to another and so on and so forth... So words are not always a source of misunderstanding as St Exupery says in "The Little Prince". But it really happens sometimes and then the best thing to do is to keep silence! Txs for the kiss.:-). /I won't tell my husband...:0))))))))/

  19. Ah, thanks for your response. Ah, the kiss is a harmless kiss on the cheek. Here in my country we greet with a kiss on the cheek both men with women or men with men (when we are friends).
    Neglected, I send you another kiss ha ha. (Did I tell my wife that I send kisses to my friends far away? JA JA no problem.

  20. I know, I know that the kiss was a friendly one...:) We have the same habit in Bulgaria when we meet friends, no matter men or women.

  21. Hi Rossichka, thanks for liking my Christmas things :-)
    It looks like you are having a colourful autumn in Rousse just as we are here - the leaves are really special this year. x

  22. Hello, Sue! Yes, we are having a long and very warm autumn this year. The leaves are falling quietly - no wind, no rain to force them! Tomorrow I'll go again to the park and will take my camera in case I see something interesting and different! Good night!x

  23. All the book marks are lovely! You are an excellent teacher!
    i love your photos too and the way you captured that little squirrel it put a big smile on my face!

  24. Rossichka, I am so sorry you've been sick. Hope you are feeling better as each day passes. I'm very impressed with the bookmarks the children have made. What a great project!

  25. Thank you, thank you, Asja! I'm making plans today about my work with the children tomorrow. I haven't decided yet, but maybe we'll make and play with improvised puppets...
    Oh, that hopping squirrel! I had my head whirled to follow her quick little feet!:) I'm sorry I hadn't taken the better camera with me...

  26. Dear Robyn, I'm well now, thank you! The doctor said I was too close to broncho-pneumonia... I don't want to remember the last two weeks and especially the nights...
    Your words about the bookmarks and my work with children mean too much to me! Maybe we should make another ones on a winter theme.:)

  27. Such wonderful pictures and isn't it lovely to inspire children to create great art :D I love your bookmarks, you're so talented :D

  28. I'm glad I took that shots "on time", 'cause yesterday the park was not the same... Beautiful, but somehow poor with so many naked trees.
    I try to inspire children, to give them the incitement, but then they inspire me and that's the most precious thing! That's why I'm still feeling young...:0))))))))

  29. I love to have a bookmark like this that you are putting together, fully autumn. Very funny and beautiful.

    Kisses / Besadetes

  30. You've just given me the idea for my next giveaway! But I have to make some more bookmarks first...

  31. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Such delightful treats. first, the children are so happy. Then the trees and leaves. Be still my heart. Sometimes I panic because I feel I am running out of time, I want to capture every sight and moment and paint or draw them, I am so slow, time goes so fast...

  32. I doubt whether you are slow... No, time really goes too fast, but do you know for whom? For people like you - who have so many things to make, who need so many things to say, who want so many things to see. People, full of energy. Not like those, who sit in the bars all day and night and gaze in one point.
    What about children - they are incredible, aren't they? All the children, no matter where they live!:)

  33. Анонимен25.11.10 г., 16:31

    Nice art work above. The children looked like they had a lot of fun.

  34. Hello and welcome! Thanks! Yes, the children enjoyed a lot. Tomorrow we are going to make hand puppets from socks.:) I haven't met your blogs, so it'll be interesting to investigate.:)