неделя, 31 октомври 2010 г.


Опитвам се да уловя началото на есенното великолепие...
I'm trying to catch the autumn's glory...
Eдна рижа лисичка през шубрака премина
и остави подире си рижа следа
и каквото докосна - стана жълто и винено,
а след време и целият лес запламтя.

И листата въздъхваха и полягаха кротко,
всяко близо до корена свой се стаи
и деца, колективно дошли на разходка,
наизвадиха блокчета и бои.

Те прилежно рисуваха златната есен,
както пише отвека в буквара им строг
и рисунките бяха умели и сресани
и зарадваха младия педагог.

А след тях, докато ти въздъхваше тъжно,
от шубрака изскочи малчуган - един риж,
сякаш беше от огъня току-що се опърлил
и от тебе очакваше да го спасиш.

Само той ли бе чул как се ронят листата?
Само той ли видял бе до крайпътния храст
кичур риж от кожуха на лисичка, която
бе останала скрита за всеки от нас...

Това стихотворение на Даря Хараланова си го преповтарям кажи-речи всяка есен вече сигурно 20 години ...
Кой не  обича меките, дъхави килими от листа?
Who doesn't love the soft carpets of leaves?

Маска за Есенния карнавал
A mask for the Autumn Carnival
As imperceptibly as grief
The summer lapsed away, -
Too imperceptible, at last,
To seem like perfidy.

A quietness distilled,
As twilight long begun,
Or Nature, spending with herself
Sequestered afternoon.

The dusk drew earlier in,
The morning foreign shone, -
A courteous, yet harrowing grace,
As guest who would be gone.

And thus, without a wing,
Or service of a keel,
Our summer made her light escape
Into the beautiful.

Emily Dickinson, 1891

Златно и синьо...
Golden and blue...
Сред тревите, сред листата...
Among the leaves, among the grass...
Духът на Вси Светии долетя днес и в Русе...
Although Halloween doesn't have traditions in Bulgaria, its spirit could be felt today in the streets of Rousse...

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  1. ех, че хубавооо :)))))) а вие не живеехте ли в Пловдив? :)

  2. ха, голяма съм шматка, чак сега разбрах, че сте от Русе :)))

  3. Oh, such wonderful pictures. You've captured your Autumn so beautifully :D

  4. Thank you! It was 10 days ago in the park...

  5. Dear Rossichka,
    do you know the big novelty?
    I am goingo to take part to a theatre project made by a company (Il teatro del canguro) in my school with my children which are 5-6 years old. Together we'll prepare a show of memories and old games.
    Your photos are very beautiful and you know how much I love colors of autumn.
    In the photo your're a real nice woman and I really imagined you such as you are.

    Lots of love,

  6. Thanks for the compliment, Rosi, I blushed...:) It's a very exciting news - to take part in a theatre project with children! I hope you'll post something about it in future. I adore working with children. This year I'm leading again a puppet studio for children 7 to 12. I'll write about it, I promise. Meanwhile you can click on the label "projects with children". Best wishes!

  7. rossichka, well you know I think of you as 'rossichicka" - which is good, so If I spell it like that ever forgive me - lovely autumn flavours, you are so lucky to live in your country - in Australia it is only in the very cold parts do we have such colours - we have no real native deciduous trees - only those which the nasty British invaders bought in :) :)

    I am on having a rest from blogging see you when I get back

    take care

    andrew finnie :)

  8. What a wonderful peek into your autumn! Thank you for sharing those beautiful colors

  9. Dear Andrew, "rossichicka" sounds fine, I like it!:) Still, if you feel embarrassed with the spelling or are in a hurry, you can call me "rossi", 'cause that's the way most people do. I'm glad I brought some colours in your day! After the deep mists we have sun today, so I'll enjoy the autumn and see how trees have changed. Have a good rest!:O)

  10. Thank you, Vita! The autumn is still in its "beautiful" phase. I am watching a big lime-tree through the window which still has leaves. Sparrows and crows in its branches - up above the light-blue sky... I'm so happy you've been here!!:)

  11. Did I ever told that autumn is my most favorite season? Although I live in a tropical country now, I always seek to live in higher places just so I could relive the tiniest memories that I have of autumn when I was young.

    I'm sure autumn there is magical, just I see it in your pictures.


  12. Happy Halloween Rossichka, your place is full of beautiful autumn colours unlike here in the south of UK, its a bit dull.

    best regards and i hope you're always alright.

  13. I think there're things we take for granted, not realizing that they could be a luxury for others who may need or miss them... Of course autumn can never remain unnoticed, because one has to be blind not to see and enjoy its beauty... I published this post because the walk in the park inspired me, although I was not sure whether it would be interesting for the others. Now I am glad I did it. If I could, I would present you a bunch of autumn leaves!xx

  14. Hello, Dave! I try to imagine what photos you would make, if you were here... Inspiration is everywhere! My "autumn moments" are not good from professional point of view, but still one can feel the beauty!
    Unfortunately I'm quite ill at the moment, but I do hope to recover in a few days...:(

  15. ps. sorry to hear that, you should rest and get well soon.

  16. Rossichka Hi, thanks for stopping by. Well I'll tell you, I am a little tired of drawing out of obligation. when I do it for pleasure. still enjoy being in bed with flu.
    I hope you're better. and wish you a very good weekend.
    I enjoyed these pictures as well as beautiful, I discovered that some leaves are of the same trees we have here. Carnival mask seems spectacular.

  17. Hi, Roberto, unfortunately I'm still ill, too!:((( Every day differs from the other, but I'm not quite sure the flu is hurrying to leave me... I must keep the bed, with my hands "tied", forgetting for all home engagements... Maybe then I shall cut out something interesting?:)
    The park is full of different species of trees, I don't know all their names. I wish I recover soon, so that I could enjoy another walk there, because we'll have spring temperatures here next week, too!
    Best regards!!

  18. Dear friend, I'm sorry you're unwell. I'm sending you a hug across the World for a speedy recovery.x

  19. Thank you, Kimberley! I need such kind of positive energy!:))) You are always so concerned about me...xx

  20. Beautiful images of Autumn, Rossichka and accompanied by beautiful words!

  21. Txs! I suppose you are having an autumn as warm and beautiful as ours!
    The poem in Bulgarian is very nice and I have an idea how to "translate" it for the others...

  22. Beautiful images of Autumn so poetic.
    Big hugs

  23. Thank you, I hope you enjoy Autumn's glory, too!

  24. Rossichka,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet and kind comment. I don't understand your language but the photographs speak to me in a language that I comprehend. I hope that my leave will be short lived. At least a month or two, maybe three. Perhaps I will be able to return in the spring of next year. I have to tend to something very important. Thank you again.

  25. i love the first one...the yellows are beautiful!

  26. Dear Ces, I wish you good luck, strength, belief and everything else you need for the next few months! I hope you'll manage with the things you'll have to do and you'll be back again even if it has to be marked with some changes!
    You haven't noticed, but my posts are bilingual... However - photos, like music, really don't need a translation!:)

  27. Hello, E.V.! And welcome! Today I walked in the park again, but I could hardly see any golden tree left. In my comment for your "Christmas Card" post I wrote you about a Bulgarian artist, whose paintings I thought you would like. Did you see them?

  28. Now I know that you did and liked them! Thanks for visisting, E.V.!

  29. beautiful Rossichka! I think that's why I really like the autumn's around here - this part of the city has lot's of old non-native trees- which I know probably isn't great for the environment, but they are so beautiful when they change colour! I must be a European at heart, hehe! Like Andrew says above, we have no native deciduous trees, so we dont often get those beautiful changes of colour as the seasons turn, but we do in Melbourne as it's quite cold in winter and theres so many oaks, and elms etc.
    Hehe those kids look like they are having fun! :D

  30. I'm glad this post brought some pleasure! This is one of the "goals" of Autumn, perhaps...:) To be honest, my favourite season is spring for the revival of nature. But every Autumn I wonder whether I can say that I have two favourite seasons... I'm sure in Australia you have trees that we don't have and they could be a source of inspiration for us. Have a nice weekend, Nadia!:-)