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Всичко започна невинно - изрязах си този жираф от рекламна брошура, пъхната в пощенската кутия.

Everything began with the photo of this giraffe that I cut out from a leaflet, having arrived with the post.
Брошурата беше сгъната на две. Цветовете й ми харесаха и реших да си изрежа сама нещо жирафоподобно...

I liked the leaflet's colours and decided to cut some giraffe-like animals. The leaflet was folded, that's why the figures are doubled.
После две късчета хартия ми заприличаха на тези птичета (само оформих крачетата).

Two pieces of paper resembled me these birdies (I made only their legs).

Открих още птицеподобни изрезки... Леко се намесих за опашките.

And after that - another ones... I "helped" a little for the tails.
От останалите отпадъчета сътворих тези сиамски близнаци, които се обичат.

From the rest leftovers I created these Siamese twins, who love each other.
Остана материал и за един човек. Профилът си беше готов - само скъсих челото и му изрязах око, за да вижда.

The profile of this man was ready - I just made his forehead shorter and gave him an eye to look around.
Толкова бях нетърпелива да заснема тези щуротийки, че в крайна сметка не са на най-подходящия фон. Но по-важно е да уловиш мига, нали?
ПОУКА - Не бързайте да изхвърляте хартиените боклучета, когато режете нещо! :-)

I was so impatient to take some shots that I didn't find the most suitable background. But more improtant for me was to catch the moment!
AND THE MORAL OF THAT IS - Do not hurry to throw away the leftovers after paper cutting!:-)

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  1. Hah! I like stories with a moral (I was going to say because I have none - but that would be silly and untrue). I love how your mind thinks - you have stepped away from the ordinary with your art making - the way your mind works is so very interesting! Out of the box, out of the sphere - out of the triangle!

    (that is a complement)

    cheers from OZ


  2. Oh, Andrew, thanks for that most unusual and beautiful compliment - "out of the box, out of the sphere, out of the triangle!" While reading your comment I think I got close to the way you all, the artists, feel when you read our perceptions of your art... I must admit, it is quite strange and you must be very tolerant people to accept our thoughts and discuss them with us!:-)
    What about the sentence :"And the moral of that is..." - it's from "Alice in Wonderland". I remember it, because many years ago I took part in a school performance in the role of Alice (we acted in English, because we studied in the English Language School). A very sweet memory, but not a single photo!:(

  3. Now these animals are definitely something else! I think I especially love those "giraffe-like" figures... they look like something that would come out of The Lost World. Wonderful cuttings, Rossichka!

    And it's nice to know that you and Andrew are talking about morals...hahahah!! oxx

  4. Thank you, Amalia! The "giraffe-like" animals are mine (not created from leftovers). I dream to have time for more papercutting, but the next couple of weeks I'll be busy again - this time with new rehearsals in the puppet theatre. Maybe I would post some old paprecuts...
    Yes, we had a nice "chat" with Andrew about morals...:-)

  5. I love your paper cuts, they are always so original and you are very resourceful! Turning leaflets into art is a great idea and also environment friendly!

  6. Thank you, Asja, you are very kind to encourage me again! I didn't expect that creating figures from the leaflets would be interesting for the others, not just for me!:)

  7. Oh fantastic! I love these so much and that you are so talented to make such beautiful art from such humble beginnings. You're a true genious :D

    Thank you for visiting, I so enjoy your comments, and hopefully I'll have a doll finished tomorrow. I'm making a woodelf doll for my friend who I call the Woodelf :D

  8. Oh, oh, I really blushed, Kimberley!:) Thank you for saying these nice words for my papercuts! I'll go on cutting, because I have new ideas and a lot to try and discover...
    You must be very much excited about the doll!!

  9. you have always something new and unique to show us, very original.

    best regards,

  10. Thank you! I was hesitating whether to post these papercuts. Now, knowing that they provoke interest, I'll show new ones for sure!:)

  11. Hi R.
    (Sorry for the abbreviation, but it is difficult to write your name, you can tell me R. ja jaa)
    It's very nice to receive letters, I see that with the leaflet you make art, "With the letters do not, right? ja ja.
    I always say that we must return to send letters, there is nothing better than getting a paper where are the words that someone wrote to us, that this person had in his hands, and has her scent, which has its perfume. The mails are convenient and fast, but ... mmmmm. is not the same.
    Fortunately, the friends that bloggers are starting some of this I told you.
    Thanks. You still always creating. It is a difficult, overwhelming, and exhausting destination, but very beautiful.

  12. Hello, Roberto! It's O.K., call me R.!:) My real name is Rossitsa and it has several diminutives, so the shortest of them all will be R.!
    I used and loved to write letters not so very long ago. I keep several boxes full of letters from different persons. Last weekend my husband and I, we found and read our correspondence from about 15 years ago when we were separated for quite short periods due to studying or working. Oh, sweet memories...
    I have new ideas for papercutting and I'll show the results, so thank for your support!:)

  13. Rossitsa is a lovely name. You must have parents with good taste? Thankyou so much for your kind comment on my blog.

    It is so true what you said.

    Aghh and the moral - yes my book of Aesops fables tell you the moral at the end of each story - it is an interesting concept I think. Old fashioned but good sometimes - espcailly when you have decided on another moral for the story all together!

    cheers from down under :)

    Hey a Pirate joke?

    Q" "Why are pirates pirates?"
    A: "Oh just because they arrrrr."


    it's good to know silly jokes. It makes people happy when they laugh at you!

  14. I completely agree about the jokes, Andrew! Last evening my dentist told me a STUPID one, but we laughed a lot and the tooth hurt me less...:0) So...
    The crocodile and the frog were arguing who was greener, but couldn't take a decision. They asked the elephant to judge. He thought a little and said: "Buy a tractor for you both!".... My husband is famous with his anecdote-telling. People always ask him to tell something "funny" and laugh. Unfortunately, after so many years of marriage I hardly know 5!...
    What about moral... Yes, maybe it's old fashioned to tell children what you want them to know or to think upon, or to wear away with them from the performance, but I make it from time to time. It depends on the material. For example I inserted the moral of my last puppet play - "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" in the final, actors' song. You know this fairy-tale has a sad ending and there're children who get upset by the burning of the Soldier and the Ballerina. I hope they calm a little when they hear the final words, "dressed" in the beautiful music...
    Thanks for the compliment! I'm thankful to my parents for choosing this name for me. We have some special letters and sounds in Bulgarian -"ц" (the combination of "t" and "s") is one of them. It must be pronounced like in "tzar"...

  15. "famous for..." Well, I see some of my mistakes, excuse me for all the rest!:)))

  16. What a beauty!! You are so creative and talented girl Scissorhands.

    Sorry my English...

  17. Thank you! It's a recognition, coming from you! What about the "girl" - it was so long ago...:(, :-)!

  18. LOL - love the moral to the story!
    Great cutouts too :O)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend X

  19. Thank you, Abi! Maybe the same moral applies to your doll creating?I suppose you keep the fabric leftovers...:) I intend to explore some new things in paper crafting during the weekend!

  20. Thank you very much for such a nice comment,love your paper cuts, I leave a big hug.

  21. A hug from me, too for your sweet words! I really like your drawings VERY MUCH!:)

  22. HI Rossichka. Many unexpected ideas surface when you are having fun with your art.I am enjoying your paper cuts, especially the little honeybirds.

  23. Yes, you are right, Robyn! When I decided to make my first papercards for the giveaway, I felt very tense, but when I don't plan my papercutting, a lot of things provoke my imagination and I just store aside - materials and ideas! It's very sweet of you to call my birdies "honeybirds"...!

  24. How fun! Its amazing where we can find inspiration. :)

  25. What a nice surprise - welcome to my little world of puppets and papercuts! I like the way you draw women's faces... I had "lost" your blog somewhere in the blog land, while jumping from blog to blog. Now that I found you (in fact you did!), I'll follow it!:)

  26. Thank you! I like your illustrations, too, but I'll need some time to "explore" your blog... It's so nice to discover new worlds!