сряда, 6 октомври 2010 г.


програмата на фестивала
the festival programme

Вчера приключи ХІІ-ят международен куклен фестивал "Интерлялка", който се проведе в Ужгород, Украйна.

Yesterday finished the XIIth International Puppet Festival "Interlyalka", that took place in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

Преди броени часове разбрахме, че спектакълът "Рапунцел" е получил наградата за сценография и кукли (моят любим сценограф - Свила Величкова)!

"Rapunzel" received the Award for "The best puppet design and The best scenery" (my favourite scenographer - Svila Velichkova)!

Малък сладък подарък за мен от Ужгород. Донесен рано-рано тази сутрин. 
A sweet souvenir from Uzhgorod especially for me.
На връщане от Украйна през Русе, Куклен театър-Сливен гастролира на куклената ни сцена. Безкрайно изморени, недоспали, но доволни и раздаващи се - такива са актьорите и техническите служби. ОГРОМНО БЛАГОДАРЯ!!

This morning "Rapunzel" had a guest-performance in our town on their way back home from Ukraine (Rousse is our north boundary with Roumania.). I'm so happy because my son, husband and brother could watch it! Exhausted from the long travelling, having slept just 3-4 hours, the actors and the technical staff performed as if it was the premiere! THANK YOU!!
Година след премиерата пак се усмихваме и се радваме, че сме заедно! Снимка за спомен с обичните ми актьори.
A year later - still smiling and glad to be together! My beloved actors and I (the 3rd from the left).

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  1. чудесни мигове са това! гордея се с теб, Роси! :))))))

  2. - Thank you, Nela! I still can't believe it!
    - Ясмина, всички тия награди са ми като насън! Дано отида на следващия фестивал, ако има ново участие - да се порадвам как хорага приемат спектакъла!:)

  3. Hey Rossichka that's just wonderful and exciting and fantastic! Apart from that I know you thoroughly deserved it and that you would have worked very hard. (Luck comes to those who work hard!)

    And those muffins look scrunchy :)

  4. My goodness! I'm so happy for you, Rossichka... congrats, congrats, congrats!!! Oh, I wish I could see the performance myself...I'm sure it's magic. (^_^) ♥♥

  5. Ale and Lrc, thanks for your congratulations! And for your visits!:-)

  6. Hi, Andrew! A sweet way to hide!:0) I really worked hard and quite long upon this play, so maybe you are right? It's very pleasant that people abroad, from different countries like the performance...
    The muffins were VEEEERY delicious - their master was my husband! Just guess how many women wanted to come and live with us...:))))

  7. My sweet Amalia, I know you share my joy! Thank you! I'm sure you would love the performance - there's humour, but also romantic moments in it!:-)

  8. Oh, many congratulations Rossichka and very well deserved! And such a lovely photo of you!

  9. Thank you, Gretel! I haven't "heard your voice" for a long time - so glad you've been here! I hope you'll read my older posts - maybe you'll find something interesting for you?...:)

  10. поздравления, роси, и от мен...:)))) красив разказ. и пак съжалявам, че ме нямаше в пловдив в началото на септември, за да видя "Рапунцел".

  11. Мерси, Дени! Нищо, да се надяваме друг път с друг спектакъл да гостувам!хх

  12. Congratulations Rossichka, i could feel the excitement and accomplishment in your post.

    ...and the last photo speaks a thousand words.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Q

  13. Yes, it does - I couldn't say it better! Thank you!

  14. Huge congratulations to you all, you must be so very proud :D

    Hugs, for a nice rest now, hopefully!!!

  15. Yes, in fact I am proud and satisfied! Thank you for your sweet words! I'm having a kind of a rest these days, 'cause on Wednesday I begin rehearsals again. I must help new actors to participate in an old perfomance. It's a little bit boring, but won't be tiresome, I hope!:)

  16. Thanks Rossichka. Your words are greatly appreciated. I really do not I have a problem with what I'm painting. I like it, and could possibly continue to do so for a long time, but I think when you show what you do not always show the same, because the person who watches what we do can become bored. Surely the purpose of what we do, is not someone to have fun.
    but the repetition used to the eye and mind. (at least the artist himself) and that should not happen. Maybe creative people should be until his last days is the fate that they have, by virtue of being.
    Anyway I will not change much. I think the changes they should not be imposed, they come alone. Thanks for your comment (Ah, I saw that, moreover very intelligent, you're a beautiful woman, congratulations)

  17. Yes, the changes shouldn't be imposed! I know you'll recognize the right moment for your new searches in art and I'll be here to admire!:-) Thanks for your kind words, you're a gentleman!:)

  18. Congratulations for awards!
    Puppets show is always fascinating for kids and adults. Kids are amazed, antraced while adults return little boys with magic of memories.
    Are you in the picture above?

    Thanks for your visits and your comments so kindly and generous.

    Compliments for your beautiful English.
    See you soon, Rosi.

  19. Thank you, Rosi, for your sweet congratulations and compliments! Yes, I am the 3rd from left to right... It's a pleasure for my soul and eyes to visit your blog!:) What about puppet theatre - it's a real magic and has a strong influence upon children! You have traditions in Italy!