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Затаете дъх...
Hold your breath...
Познахте го, нали? Владимир Димитров- Майстора!!

This is a masterpiece of one of the most famous and loved Bulgarian painters -  Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora (the Master). His art is of a high quality, "unique au monde", modern as an expression and truly Bulgarian as atmosphere, sensibility, colouring and themes...

Нека да се полюбуваме на някои от вълшебните му картини, разкриващи българския бит...

Enjoy some of his magical paintings, revealing the traditional Bulgarian way of living...

... както и на тези, вдъхновени от красотата на българската жена и природа...

... as well as these, inspired by the beauty of the Bulgarian women and nature...

Ако сте любопитни, може да намерите повече информация тук ...
You can find more information about the artist  here...
... и тук , и тук.
...and here.

Също може да се насладите на други негови картини, докато слушате "Катерино, моме" в изпълнение на Деси Добрева.

Bulgarian  folk music is maybe the most recognizable representative of Bulgarian culture around the world.  You can listen to a famous Bulgarian folk song - "Katerino, mome", sung by a young Bulgarian pop-singer. I chose it, because it'll give you the opportunity to see some more of Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora's paintings. (The video begins with traditional Bulgarian embroideries). I hope you will like the music and Maystora's art!
A self-portrait

П.П. Този пост е първият от серия, посветена на културата и природата на България. Той бе провокиран от интереса на мои чуждестранни приятели от блог-пространството към нашата страна!

P.S. My dear foreign blogging friends, this post was provoked by the sincere interest of some of you towards my country. I'll do my best to get you acquainted with its culture, nature and folklore as far as I can...

Февруари, 2012 г. - Съвсем скоро разбрах, че двата поста за Владимир Димитров-Майстора са най-четените в моя блог и интересът към тях не спира! Искам да уточня, че не съм изкуствовед, нито художник, просто написах това, което чувствам, намирайки картините в Интернет. 

February, 2012 - I saw in surprise that the two posts about Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora are the most read ones in my blog! I am not an artist, but I wrote them from my soul and heart, using materials that I found in Internet. I'll be really happy, dear bloggers from all around the world,  if some of you leave comments here! Thank you!

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  1. Looking forward too see new posts. It's really great way of knowing your country better. Wonderful initiative! Fabulous paintings :D

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad you like the paintings - really "fabulous"!

  3. Ah, yes, Maistora Vladimir Dimitrov. I think I learned a little about him back in college. I especially like his painting, The Bulgarian Madonna? Such a beautiful contrast between bright colored background and soft monochromatic colors of the Madonna.

    Thank you for sharing this, Rossichka. Of course, I look forward to reading more! (^-^) oxx

  4. It's wonderful to learn that you know about him! I like his paintings very, very much! They are so vivid! I have the feeling I'm getting lost in the colours... Thanks for visiting!:-)

  5. Me, too! he has others, but this one is shining!

  6. Rossichka, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. It is so nice to 'meet' you! I will definitely keep up with your blog - what I have read so far is truly fascinating and I can't wait to read more and more. xx

  7. Hi Rossichka, thanks so much for your comments on my blog recently - you are very romantic! I've really enjoyed reading them :-) Take care of yourself dear friend.

  8. Dear Tessa, what a nice surprise! welcome to my blog! I'm so glas you found here something that attracted your attention... I'm still discovering your blog - "little by little" and it's a real pleasure and relax to do it in the silent and dreamy nights...

  9. Hi, Sue! I'm so glad you were here.:0) Your posts are always intriguing and provoking my thoughts, memories and feelings! So it's a great pleasure for me to read them - so sincere and wise. Thank you! Have a nice week!

  10. thank you for introducing me to the Master and his work, i listened to the song and i enjoyed it too.

    a nice post and a sweet mini tour of your country.

  11. I'm so glad you liked them! I'm smiling now...:-) Blogging is certainly a way to know each other's countries and cultures better, isn't it?

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I love the art you feature on your blog and especially the paintings by Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora. These are such vibrant and original works of art, truly amazing :)

  13. Thank YOU for stopping by! I'm so happy that the paintings of this amazing artist reached your heart! See you again in the blogging space!:-)

  14. Hey thanks for this post this is very wonderful painting. I have never heard of this painter so I am indebted to you!!!


    andrew :)

  15. How nice to meet you here, hello! (I know you from Amalia's blog). And what a coincidence - I was just wondering how to get in touch with you in order to comment your last post. A little while ago I followed your blog officially, after having been visiting it for some time). I have what to say on the theme "Hansel and Gretel", but was much disappointed to find out there's no way... Well, since you are here, and if you are intrigued, see the label "puppet theatre" - there you'll find something about my experience in directing "Hansel and Gretel"... I wish you inspiration and success with your work!
    P.S. So my bad chance turned in some minutes into a good luck...:-)

  16. Wow, gorgeous paintings!I'm ashamed to say this artist is new to me but now I've learned a little more about your country. Thanks Rossichka.

  17. There're hidden treasures in each culture, aren't there? You prove it yourself with the artists you introduce to the blogging world! What about Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora, I find his works truly magical and intend to post some more in a day or two...So... be my guest again!:-)

  18. just dropping by to say hello and to thank you for your continued support.

    i am nursing a swollen foot at the moment and cant go out to feed my cravings.

    Dave here.

  19. I hope you'll feel better soon. Maybe you'll find some other themes of inspiration at home!:-) I'm going to post something more about Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora in a few minutes...

  20. you're right...i LOVE his paintings...so rich and detailed! Thanks for introducing him to me!

  21. Oh yes! I see what you mean! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the masters use of light! love it.

  22. I somehow knew you would like his art! :)