неделя, 23 октомври 2016 г.


Никога не е късно да се върнеш към хубавите спомени от едно море... Това си го повтарям вече втори месец, а избраните снимки за  блога търпеливо чакат на десктопа... 

It's never late to go back to your happy memories...  

И тъй като свободното ми време става все по-оскъдно, ето ги и тях - в ритъма на типичното ежедневие за една кратка, но зареждаща лятна ваканция с най-скъпите ми хора! На море в началото на слънчевия, ласкав септември!

I've been extremely busy during the last couple of months, but tonight here I am writing about my summer vacation at the seaside with my family! It was in the very beginning of September - warm and sunny as usual...

С един-единствен мрачен ден, идеален за разходка...

With only one windy and cloudy day, perfect for a walk...

И за мързеливо следобедно кафе...

And for spending a lazy hour or two at a very artistic place...

Имах време за всичко: да почета...

I had time for everything: to read...

Да галя топлия пясък, криещ съкровища...

To find "treasures", hidden in the warm sand...

Да се любувам на морето и небето...

To watch how the sea and sky change...

Да посрещна залеза в Синеморец...

To admire the sunset with family and friends...

И да се радвам на внезапната лятна страст на Илия - хвърчилата..:)

And to enjoy my husband's newborn passion for kites...:)

Лятото остана далеч, в момента приключвам един дълъг, изморителен, но изключително интересен проект, друг започвам веднага след него, просто не знам, дали скоро ще мога да пиша пак. А така ми се иска! Дано успея! 

It's beautiful autumn now, mild and still not rainy, I'm at the end of a project, another one is waiting to start after that... Hope to be able to post about them and to get back to my normal rhythm of blogging. I miss you all, so much!

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  1. Hi Rossischka, it is so good to know you had vacation and was relaxing. Your country is beautiful and to see the sunset is always exciting. Did you stay in a tent or a cabin or hotel? I wish you succes with the new projects. I hope to see you soon!!! (but I still dont know if it is possible) Love, hedwig

    1. Hello, Hedie! We rent rooms in a house - Varvara is a small village with wild beaches and beautiful rocks. As a whole, it has nothing in common with the seaside resorts (though there're several hotels).
      What about your question - yes, it is possible!! I will write you this evening. Big hugs!xx

  2. Hi Rossichka!!!
    First starting from the top. I like very much the drawing on your blog´s header!
    And i like your vacations pics too!
    I like the hosrse on the sand!
    I like the mermaid!!!!!!!!! Wow!
    And the sunset! I think that when you see the sunset i am having lunch :)
    And obvious i like the kites (i think that a man is not a man if dont like to play with kites like when he was a child. It is the child we have into our heart)
    And about what you talk with Hedwig: How you two will meet and where?????? I want to see photos of that moment! :)
    OK. i hope you have a beautiful week. and... dont work so hard!!!!!

    1. Hello, Roberto!
      I'm explaining...
      About the header... My puppet theatre children's group had a peformance in the mall and this is one of the illustration the children from the audience mae later. The child has remembered the essence of the scene and has written the words!:D
      About the kites... First my husband bought a kite, then made one from newspapers, then together with a friend made another one, from different materials... It was relaxing to see how they beautifully fly in the sky! If I have time, I will post about a beach with lots of kites at a nearby resort.
      Yes, we have a chance to meet with Hedie very soon!! Hope everything will be OK. Stay tuned!Bye for now!xx

  3. Rossichka, thank you for letting us see this beautiful place in which you all had the holiday break. The clouds and the sunsets in the photographs are magnificent, and what luck to have that beach to enjoy! What fun it is to let a sea breeze lift a kite up into the air and watch it dance!

    Just lovely. xo

    1. The weather was perfect for flying kites! And it was fun when it was windy...:D I miss our favourite place at the sea-side, we hope to go there again in spring, just for a couple of days!
      Thanks for stopping by, Frances! Promise to comment in your blog soon.:)xox

  4. все едно се прибрах вкъщи:)

    1. Ох, ти май си там като дърво без корен...ххх