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Вчера вечерта се състоя новата премиера на Детска опера - Русе. Поредно невероятно преживяване за нашето семейство - този път не само в качеството ни на театрални педагози, но и на либретист и режисьор.

Yesterday evening the Children's and Youth Opera in Rousse had its new premiere, a third one just for an year - "Ani in the Flower Kingdom"! 

Вярвам, че ще усетите приказната атмосфера от тази вълшебна неделя!

The main character - Ani!

Децата бяха прекрасни!

Hope you'll feel the atmosphere of the performance!

Ах, колко е сладко да се поклониш след няколко месеца усилена вокална, танцова и актьорска работа!:)

The children worked very hard in the last few months - so talented, artistic and diligent! And finally the sweetest moment came - leeeeet's take a bow!

Композиторът Иван Кръстев, който създаде невероятната музика за оперетата!

The composer Ivan Krustev, who created the beaitiful music.

Илия, автор не само на либретото, но и на красивите текстове на песните...

My husband who wrote the libretto...

Коленете ми треперят от вълнение...

And me - the over excited director.:)

Почти целият постановъчен екип на "Ани в царството на цветята".

Nearly the whole team of pedagogues  - all professionals in different arts.

Радост като тази не може да бъде обяснена - тя е като вълшебство!

We are so happy, words fail me to describe!

П.П. Снимки - фото Пеев и Г. Сиромахов

P.S. Photos by photo Peev and G.Siromahov

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  1. Rossichka, oh what a wonderful performance. Yes, I would think that you might have been just a bit nervous...but by the end you must have been floating on air.

    Sometimes, when I visit your posts...like right now, Mr Google does not offer me a translation. I love that you offer your own English version of your posts, but I want to return here tomorrow, hoping to also get the Google version...sometimes it is amusing to compare yours with Mr G's.

    I keep thinking of all the children you have met and worked with, and what you have done to encourage their imagination and creativity. Such positive thoughts also fill my heart with joy. xo

    1. Dear Frances, thank you for seeing again beyond my words!
      Hmmm, I hope my English is not that bad... I find Google translatons quite funny!:D

    2. Your English is terrific! Mr G needs to perfect Bulgarian. xo

  2. Отговори
    1. Thank you, Rick! These photos give us an idea of the visual side of the operette - we were back stage, shoulder to shoulder with the children, getting ready to perform.:)

  3. Като знам от колко отдавна се вълнувахте, разбирам защо ти треперят коленете. Прекрасни сте!

    1. Ох, голяма радост, удовлетворение... И огромно изтощение... Аз нямам време да си почина, защото стягам куфари. Ще ти пиша.
      А Ема е прекрасна!:)Обичаме ви!

  4. Beautiful pictures! It must be very rewarding to come to such a good ending of a long proces together. All that work that leads to a 'grand finale'! What a great job!
    See you in 2 days!!!! :)))))))))))))))
    love, hedwig

    1. Yes, rewarding... And a big relief. Because this long process became very stressful at the end, as a director I was responsible for everything and everyone, the good and the bad moments! We are still very tired (the team), but happy with the result!:)
      He-he, Friday is near... My broom is ready!:)

  5. Oh !!!! Congratulations! I imagine it must not be easy to direct a play like this ... and, much less, if it was written by your husband!
    Really ... a double commitment. with your husband as ... husband. and with your husband as a writer.
    Congratulations, really, to everyone.♥♥♥
    Hey !!!!! Hedwig and you will meet! how exiting!
    Both are wonderful people. Are you traveling you to Holland? Congratulations! You know, I want to be there! Give a hug to Hedwig in my name (I will write to her, soshe gives to you a hug from me). Have a beautiful journey!!! :)

    1. Thanks for the congratulations! I gave them to my husband, too...
      And... thanks for the hug!:D Hedie gave it to me! It was great that we met and spent so much time together! It still sounds a bit unreal to me, but IT IS TRUE! And we were happy to talk and share some beautiful moments together! I LOVE Amsterdam!!
      Now it's time for the three of us to meet!:) xx