петък, 21 август 2015 г.


Така жадуваното бягство от града - няколко дни, прекарани в стара селска къща. Най-после на тишина!

A few days, spent in an old house in a village - just the two of us... Sun warmth, silence, smells of earth and grass, bird songs, bats at dusk, crickets ... We escaped from the city to cure our hearts and nerves...

Имаме си красива съседка...

A beautiful neigbour's visiting us...

Всичко е толкова по-вкусно на чист въздух!

Everything's much more delicious in the open air!

Омагьосана съм!!!!

I am totally under Silvia Plath's spell - "The Bell Jar"!!

Неспирен танц на пеперуди...

Butterflies dance around all day long...

Всичко може да е повод за размишления...

So many reasons to think about the essence of life!

Прекрасен момент да си пожелаеш нещо!:)

The perfect moment to make a wish!:)

“Обичам границите. Август е границата между лятото и есента; не познавам по-хубав месец.
Здрачът е границата между деня и нощта, а брегът е границата между морето и сушата. Границата е копнеж: когато двете страни са влюбени, но още не са си казали нищо. Границата означава да бъдеш в движение. Пътят е най-важното нещо.” (преводът-мой)

Думите са на Туве Янсон. А вие какво мислите?

I stumbled upon a post of mine about Tove Jansson...

"I love borders. August is the border between summer and autumn; it is the most beautiful month I know.
Twilight is the border between day and night, and the shore is the border between sea and land. The border is longing: when both have fallen in love but still haven't said anything. The border is to be on the way. It is the way that is the most important thing.” 

What do you think?:)

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  1. omg hello Rossichka thank you so much for stopping by!!!!
    how are you? i hope you and your family have been well... it has been a looooong time since we talked the last time in 1949 i guess??? :D
    i have missed visiting your little island here in blogland and guess what i am reading The Bell Jar too (on iBooks hahaha)!!
    have a nice weekend ok and lots of hugs and kisses to you Lovely Rossichka xxoxox

    1. Hello, beautiful Mita! So nice to read a message from you!:) We are OK, thank you, with a big son now, studying at uni, far away...
      I suppose you are right about 1949 - you are young, I've grown older and forget easily.:D Hope to meet again here this century!:DD
      Wishing you love and smiles! xx
      "The Bell Jar" is among my favourite books... I like Sylvia Plath's poetry, too. I've found her recently, but it's never late...

  2. Rossichka, I very much enjoyed this post, as I followed your transitions amongst various topic. I think that my comment will be a very poor response.

    I very much agree about open air. For me the more time I am able to spend outdoors each day the more my life is enriched.

    Ms. Plath...can you imagine that although i have read lots and lots about her biography, none of it has actually encouraged me to read her poetry? I do wonder what she might have to say about female folks today, not just poets and artists.

    Quickly, because the time of day is quick...I love the quality of twilight.

    Dear Rossichka, I promise to offer you better comments next time. xo

  3. Dear Frances, what means a "better comment"? These were your thoughts at the moment and I treasure them!:)

    Here you can read Sylvia Plath reading a poem...

    Her poetry is not easy, if I may say so. I am trying to understand, I am alert all the time, I like the metaphors...

    Have a lovely new week!xx

  4. Hello R.
    Beautiful pictures and beautiful words.
    Yes probably. border (as an imaginary thing, not a tangible border) is an ideal point because forward are the beautiful uncertain longings. and maybe, back, all the old experiences (i dont know if bad, just experiences) that you want to forget. then it is the magic moment. promising something new. I guess in your case, is that second when you hear the applause, and there is no past or future. but you know that from that moment nothing is equal. And you want to start again tomorrow. In my case is the second when a good idea for a drawing appears in the labyrinth of my brain. great satisfaction. but tomorrow I start again to think of something new. Byeeeeee!!!!

    1. Hi, Roberto! I like everything you've said about borders of time, about past and future! Although static, the border means a movement: first you reach it, then you pass it...It's the gate between two realities...
      Just like August: full of summer memories and autumn promises...:)
      Thanks for stopping by!:)))))

  5. Oh how lucky you are to be able to spend time outside, away from the usual hustle and bustle of life! I think people should make time to just slow down and enjoy moments like this. I hope I will be able to do the same very soon... Much love to you, dear Rossi. XO

    1. Oh, I wish you to "take a breath" in a quiet and dear to your heart place soon! We are planning with my husband a similar short journey next week.:) I'm feeling somehow tired from the long-waited summer holiday...
      I'm so happy you've come back to Blogland, Amalia!

  6. Hi Rossi! What a beautiful quote of Tove Jansson! I agree totally. For me this is the most beautiful season: between autumn and summer. Still warm, but the sun is getting low and making long shadows, a bit of mist in the air, swallows gathering for the big trip, fruit rypening, leaves starting to yellow and me starting to long for something unknown, knowing I have to say goodbye to the warmth, lazy days are still here but at the same time they are a memory. Yes, it's a time to imprint the summer in your head because you feel the cold and darkness creeping in. Oh, I can go on and on about this time of year! A feast for the melancholic soul.
    Love, Hedwig

    1. You've put it all so beautifully, Heddie! It's evident this is a special moment in the year for you.;) I like the first signs of Autumn, maybe because they tell me that there's still so much beauty to come like a scenery to our lives - with their ups and downs, happy and sad, hard moments... But then I could breathe normally, even if it rains from time to time.
      Meanwhile our Summer doesn't want to go away, giving us a new gift - really hot days, up to 36 degrees! So, we are running to the seaside again - this time to say farewell to the sea, the beach, the gulls and, as you say, to imprint the summer in our hearts and minds.

  7. Thank you Rossi for your comment. i just came to wish you a beautiful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!