петък, 3 юли 2015 г.


Да отскочиш до морето по никое време, без нагласата за ваканция, но с надеждата за отпускане - оказа се страшно зареждащо!

To travel to the seaside just like that - for three days, with the only desire to feel the sea, to meet your friends who live there and to take a deep breath... Such a refreshing experience!:) 

Отново сред зелено-синия пейзаж на любимата Варвара...

Admiring the colours of Varvara again...

По топлия, даже нагорещен пясък...

Feeling the warm sand...

Сред красотите по плажа...

Enjoying the small beauties along the beach...

Събираме нови морски "съкровища" - материали за някоя лятна съботна работилничка...

Gathering sea "treasures" - materials for a summer Saturday workshop...

И откриваме, че един от щъркелите в селото си има детенце!

Discovering that one of the storks, nesting in the village, has a little baby!

Другото откритие - Синеморец. С една гостоприемна, муминска къща... С морето, опънато като лента. Невероятно красиво по залез, особено откъм бар "Кораба" - едно чудно арт място за срещи, съзерцание и/или усамотяване...

And then... Sinemoretz! Another beautiful place with a magnificent view to the sea from the bar "Koraba" - a charming artistic place for sharing lovely moments...

Главният виновник за това семейно приключение беше тя, невероятната Ясмина, скъп приятел от блог-пространството, а сега - още по-близка!

I met there for the first time a dear blog-friend of mine - Yasmina, and our families spent three unforgettable evenings together!:) Thank you for the invitation!

В последния трети ден - July morning! Аз като типична сова го проспах, но синът ми съхрани красотата му в ей такива снимки!

The last day began with the July morning! I'm an owl, so I couldn't get up, but my son kept the moments of the sun rising... Beatiful, isn't it?

Благодарим ти, Ясминка, че ни събра!!

P.S. During the last couple of months I was soooooooooooooooooo very busy, that I nearly stopped blogging. Hope to find time now to finish my posts about England and to tell you about the wonderful projects that we have run.
Hope also that you are all getting well, my friends!

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  1. Rossichka, I think that I can feel the sea breeze when I look at those photographs. How wonderful to have the opportunity for this short...but so precious, a break. Wonderful to meet a blogging friend, too.

    I know what it's like to have many busy weeks. Taking a refreshing break is valuable. xo

    1. You understand me perfectly well as always, Frances.:) Thank you! Yes, it was a short refreshing break as a gift after the many weeks of hard work... Hope you are doing well, having a nice weather and making plans for the summer.xx

  2. :)
    We are planning to go there again in late summer. It's a place where you feel free....

  3. Hi Rosschicka, what a beautiful summer day at the beach you spent! The first photo was amazing, I thought that it was an abstract piece of art, it took awhile to realize what is was. Also would love to get my hands on to your 'treasures', hmmm, wish I could join your workshop...

    1. He-he, our umbrellas in the sky, from a lying point of view!:)
      You are welcome to our workshops, but for now I promise to send you some photos in August ...
      Wish you a warm and quiet July!

  4. it looks
    and sounds
    like you had a wonderful trip
    i am an owl too, so hard to switch hours that we are use to
    i wish i would for a while
    lovely summer to you!

    1. I am full of energy late in the evening, I love to work then - when the world around is sleeping and the silence is so deep and sweet...

  5. The sea and the beach, a place to feel free!
    Love, Hedwig

    1. And THAT bench was at one of the places, but we couldn't "reach" it in the short time that we had. Hope I'll sit on it in late summer...
      How are you? Hope you are having a rest... xx

  6. oh i dont know if my commente disappeared, or you must to allow that appears here. as I already lost some comments, I was careful to copy it and now i paste here and send again :

    Hi Rossichka!It seems that centuries ago that I did not come here! You know. sometimes we have time and sometimes we do not. Because of the work. and this and that. As always, you are a very good photographer.! I am glad that you can take at least three days off. I can not do it. but soon I will take a little vacation, I'll tell you.
    How strange charm has the sea, which always makes us pick up at least a small stone or shell, to bring it back to our homes. The sea is an immense solitary being, who does not want us to leave it alone every time we to go visit him. That's why he makes us pick up small souvenirs, so that we never forget it.
    Have a nice week and weekend!!!!

    1. Hello, Roberto! I don't know why your comments dissapeared, but I'm glad I can read this one!:)
      I supposed you were busy, I hope you'll get back to normal soon.
      I'm spending my vacation at home now, enjoying the presence of our son, who's come back for the summer. We are planning to go to the seaside again at the end of August, but I'm O.K., doing so many things that I love and renovating a room in the apartment, too...:)
      Yes, you are right - we keep so many souvenirs from the sea to keep its charm and we even transform them sometimes in new kind of "beauties". Hope you are and your wife are doing well! Hugs from us!

  7. Lovely to hear from you Rossichka I am afraid I totally neglect my blog .Facebook seems to take over !! Delighted you had a nice break at the seaside -we need that at times.I will try to visit youmore often Bye for now

    1. I am still in Blogland - far away from Facebook... So I will be always glad to welcome you here!
      Have a lovely summer!