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И така, моят разказ за Англия продължава... Може би някои от вас са виждали тази табела и преди. Това е музеят на сестрите Бронте. Имах невероятния шанс да го посетя!

Here's the next story about my trip to England...
Look at this sign! Those of you who have been there will recognize the place at once - the Brontë Parsonage Museum. I was so LUCKY to visit it!

                                           В ХАУЪРТ                              IN HAWORTH

Хауърт e селцето, в което Шарлот, Емили и Ан Бронте са прекарали краткия си живот и са написали великолепните си романи. Единствено Ан не е починала и не е погребана там. Докато пътувахме по тесния, криволичещ път, се опитах да запечатам прелитащия край автобуса пейзаж - въпреки щедрото слънце и разкошната пролет, той постепенно стана някак суров и тягостен...

After spending unforgetable time in the friendly company of  Hannah, we took a bus for Haworth - the little village where Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë lived, wrote their remarkable novels and died so very young! (Only Anne is buried elsewhere - in Scarborough, where she died from tuberculosis.) Travelling by bus, I noticed how nature was changing and although it was early spring and everything was covered in fresh green, the landscape looked somehow cheerless and gloomy... The moors...

Разполагахме с много малко време, преди да поемем обратно, затова побързах да намеря къщата-музей.

I was very impatient and went right to the Parsonage, because we had less than a couple of hours till our next bus. 

                     Това не беше трудно...                  It wasn't difficult to find it...

                                       Ето я църквата...         You reach the church...

                                  До нея - гробището...         Followed by the cemetery...


И Домът на енорийския свещеник, преподобният сър Патрик Бронте... 

And there is the Parsonage!

Вътре беше забранено да се снима, но може да надзърнете в стаите ето тук! Вълнението ми беше огромно - примесено с радост, трепет, респект и благодарност към съдбата за възможността да бъда там!

I was not allowed to take photos inside, but you can see how it looks like here. One hour before closing, I was the only visitor and could watch the exhibits and read the explanations in seclusion! I can't explain the great excitement of being there: to step into the rooms where the family of the Reverend Patrick Brontë had lived, where "Wuthering Heights", "Jane Eyre" and "Agnes Grey" were written; to see manuscripts, writing tables, drawings; the couch on which they say Emily died; furniture and tableware the family used; Branwell's paintings, among which the famous portrait of his three sisters... You need at least one day to spend in Haworth - there's so much to be seen in the surroundings as well!

Поглед в задния двор на къщата-музей...    

A glimpse in the back yard of the house...

В това училище Шарлот Бронте е преподавала за кратко - то се намира в непосредствена близост до къщата.

This is where Charlotte taught for  a while - the building is at the right side of the Parsonage.

Градчето е изключително живописно - стръмни, тесни улички, пълни с кокетни къщи и много магазинчета, примамващи с шарени стоки и тематични сувенири. Ето какво видях...

We fell in love with Haworth! It is so picturesque and every single door and shop-window kindle the tourists' curiosity! Here's what I saw...

I couldn't quite believe my eyes - KATE BUSH?! But now I know that we missed an event! (Anyway, we couldn't stay, even if we knew - we had to go back...)

Thank you, Roberto, for this incredible song!!! 

А ето какво улови окото на сина ми...

And here's what my son captured in photos...

Колко много история има и в най-дребните детайли...

Even the smallest details wear so much history...

                                          Загадъчност...                     Mystery...

                                         Очарование...                      Charm...

И само като си помислиш, че тази гледка надали се е променила през последните няколко века!

And just imagine - maybe this sight hasn't changed a lot (or at all) during the last several centuries!

Хубаво е човек да мечтае, нали? Е, сигурно сами се досещате каква е следващата ми мечта!:)))

Dreams are among those things that keep us feeling alive and fill us with curiosity, sweet hopes and expectations. There's no need to tell you what I'm dreaming about, isn't it?:)))

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  1. Oh Rossichka, this is a dreamy post, indeed. I've never been to Haworth and truly appreciate every word and photograph that you've shared. I see what you mean about the moody landscape, but perhaps that was the perfect mood for such a visit?

    Did that handwritten sign actually say Kate Bush? Of course, I'd imagine she's been to Haworth many a time.


  2. Hello, Frances! I wonder about Kate Bush, too... But after all - why not? Haworth is a very artistic place, and there are lots of tourists visiting it!
    I liked the landscape - it was quite different from everything that I had seen before. I think these are the so called "moors" - they bring the atmosphere of the Bronte's novels!!

  3. it looks like you had a wonderful time there!
    i loved seeing your photos and then your sons. he also has a wonderful eye for capturing the spirit and artful ways of the area. thank you for sharing your trip.

    1. Yes, this is one of my most precious experiences in England! I am still on "the Bronte" wave... wanting to learn as much as I can about them!

  4. Hi! my great friend !!!!!!!!!
    First: Beautiful new header of your blog!
    (obviously. The red hair is of great impact!)
    Wonderful trip !!! I love to see your photos and I told you that you are a magnificent photographer! (part of your talent)
    The photo with your husband is very cute!
    when we are visiting places where lived someone we admire. the ride is more poignant. right?
    I congratulate you. You know there's an old song. Well known, called Wuthering Heights?


    Have nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. My dear Roberto, you made my day with this song! When I was young, I liked Kate Bush a lot, but I knew just several songs. This one blew me away!! It touched me so much... I found the lyrics, listened and listened. Kate Bush has a special feeling for that time, for the novel's atmosphere, for Cathy's character...
      The more I read about the Bronte family, the more I want to know about them! This is kind of obsession, I guess...
      About the new header now... That's why I don't like Photoshop and I don't use it! This is the first time I have published such a photo here, but I replaced it already with the original one. So... my hair is not red anymore.:D
      Hope you'll have more free time to relax during the weekend! XX

  5. It feels fantastic to walk on the ground where your idol walked. Especially when the idol is the 3 Bronte sisters and the house is so romantic and situated in such a lovely old english village. Fort a person wityh your imagination it must have been a wonderful experience! And all by yourself! I bet you expected to see her sitting quietly in a chair or walking through the soft green hills.
    Your header is a real eyecatcher! I know that bench! We sat there, the 3 of us ;))))
    Love, Hedwig

    1. Oh, this is another solitary bench, looking to the North Sea! Our bench is waiting for the three of us to sit there together and laugh, and share the silence, and admire the beautiful Black Sea!:) Maybe one day...
      It was a great experience to visit the Patronage and Haworth, yes! I continue to read and learn more now, especially from the interesting book I bought there. I think that place is enchanting....:)

    2. Oh, and the bench is looking to Holland!:)))

  6. Oh yes, now I see it is a totally different bench! Very english indeed! Do you see me waving???

    1. Yes, I do! That's why I put this photo in my header!:) I'm going to send you several photos in a while!xx

  7. Hello Rossichka, I always love to walk with you every time you share with us your trips, beautiful photos, and this time an important place for the 3 sisters Bronte readers, I love your new header! thanks for sharing your beautiful moments.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the Bronte post, Ale! I've been extremely busy during the last month, but when I get free, I will go to explore the many lovely ideas you've shared in your blog.:0) Hope you are having a nice weather, here summer has come with very high temperatures!!

  8. It is such a great place isn't it! So old and interesting. I like your photos, Matey has a lovely eye. I like his buildings :) Lots of love to you all xxx

    1. Yes, the impression is really very, very strong! I would be happy to visit it again one day, with more hours to spend there. So glad you enjoy the photos!