събота, 18 юли 2015 г.


След месец и половина интензивна работа по няколко проекта едновременно, най-после успявам да стигна до продължението на разказа за Англия. За щастие спомените са все така живи, особено когато разглеждам многобройните снимки. Ето малка част от тях...

Back to my journal about England... Finally! So sorry that I stopped writing it, but June was such a busy month, that I still can't recover. The happy memories from our trip are fresh and vivid, especially when looking at the photos. Here's just a part of them...


Обичам, когато вървя, да вдигам поглед нагоре...
 I like to look up, when I walk...

Bridge of Aspiration...

Covent Garden (The Royal Opera House)...

Trafalgar square...

Victoria station...

Пролетта в Англия беше вълшебна, изпъстрена с нарциси и лалета. Особено в парковете.....

The weather was perfect! Everywhere - daffodils and tulips! In Green Park...

And in St James's Park...

Каква радост!!
A tree with martenitzas - what a nice surprise!!

Around Buckingham palace!

Westminster Abbey...

Big Ben...

The Thames and the London Eye...!

Два дена са абсолютно недостатъчни да разгледаш Лондон. Благодарение на наша скъпа приятелка, успяхме да видим "на бегом" някои от забележителностите. Хубаво би било да можем да отидем пак някой ден! Пожелавам го и на вас!!

We spent in London just two days. I know it's not enough for anything, but we managed, with the help of a good friend of ours, to feel the city's atmosphere and to see as much as possible. We hope we'll have the chance to visit it again and to discover more of its beauties!  

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  1. so glad you had a nice time and got to experience the city even in two days.
    lovely to see your photos, what caught your attention and to get a feel for the city too.
    sweet weekend to you.

    1. The hours, spent there, in the company of our son and friend, were fantastic! And not a drop of rain...:)

  2. It is so nice to see London through your eyes. I wish we had had chance to me. Next time?

  3. Rossichka, I can tell from this post how much you loved those London days...even if you realized that it was far too short a stay.

    I hope that you will have another opportunity to return for another, longer, visit. Autumn and even winter are also fabulous times in that stimulating place.


    1. Hello, Frances! Actually we went sightseeing in the afternoons. We were lucky to have someone who made a plan for us - thus we saved a lot of time!
      I loved England in Spring! I know it's very beautiful in Autumn, too (mainly from the posts of my English blogging-friends.) Hope you are better now!:)xx

  4. Хубава разходка сте си направили . :))) на мен ми се ходи в китните им красиви селца на Англия, Ирландия Германия...

    1. Искам да покажа всичките красоти, които видяхме, но е невъзможно. Ще имам още два поста - единият ще е за другите градове, които посетихме. Навсякъде е пълно с къщи - една от друга по-хубави и кокетни. Селцата са прекрасни, да!!

  5. I love your pictures and I'm glad you enjoyed London, there is so much to see though and I hope you get back there one day.

    Hugs to you dear friend.xxx

    1. I enjoyed everything during our stay in England! I'm in love with it.:)

  6. Only 2 days? Wow, you did well to see so many places in such little time. It looks like you've had a really good trip. :) I noticed that Shaun the Sheep was in a couple of your pictures. We have one just a few feet from my house. They seem to be everywhere at the moment!
    Jess xx

    1. A friend of ours helped us to see as much as possible! London was the first stop on our journey, we had other places to visit and mainly - to stay with our son for a week.:) Oh, what a joy it was.:)))

  7. Love your pics.
    I love how you know about melons in the river.
    I like our connection!

  8. Beautiful pics, dear Rossi! How does your son like England? Have a good summer! Love and hugs, Hedwig

    1. Thank you, Heddie! Our son was very happy to travel with us round about, to meet interesting and friendly people, to visit some museums that inspired him... His summer vacation is towards its end now and we are counting the last days together.:( But you know how it is...
      I'm having a rest finally! Hope August will not be as HOT as July - it was a real torture.
      Hope also that you enjoy your summer!:)xx

  9. Oh. what a trip!
    How many memories! I saw those wonderful and funny sheep I guess are by the creator of Wallace and Gomit (which I love)
    I think one of the trees I saw is an Araucaria. ( typical tree from my country)
    Surely it is shocking to see the ancient and the modern coexisting in the same place and time. An exciting trip!
    I wonder: What happened to the chair of that man? Stop the thief now! :)

    1. He-he, everyone was wondering about the chair. That actor was a really good one!
      The trip gave me so much! It is still warming me.:)
      What about Shaun the sheep - you are right. I've just checked it out - his creator is Nick Park.
      Oh, Roberto, thank you about telling me the name of that miraculous tree - we found it stunning, we had never seen such a tree before!!
      I'm so happy to read here from you! Hope you are doing well!! Is it already cold at your place? Our summer is absolutely HOT, as you may be know. Bye!xx