четвъртък, 18 декември 2014 г.


Декември стремглаво се топи... А красивите ледени скулптури от първия леден фест в Русе не помръдват, дори когато слънчевите лъчи успеят да пробият плътната завеса от мъгла над града. 
December is melting quickly... Unlike the ice sculptures from the first Ice Fest, held in Rousse.

Макар и скромен, фестивалът се радва на голям интерес, а присъствието на тези чудновати ледени фигури около нас е притегателно и определено запомнящо се!
People enjoy those beautiful transparent figures - the new "citizens", inhabiting the Central Garden for a while!:)

А иначе цветните петна в отминалите сиви седмици са много - най-вече от творенията на децата, участвали в съботните  работилнички на театралната ни група, където създадоха рибени колажи...
But the picture of my life from the last several weeks wears bright colours, too... From these fish collages, created in our Saturday workshops...

И поп-ъп картички. Интересът към тях беше огромен, резултатът - повече от насърчителен, а духът на Коледа - повикан рано-рано...:)
And the sweet pop-up greeting cards, that attracted everyone's attention and provoked the kids' creativity...

И въпреки че загатва по вълшебен начин красотата на уникалната архитектура в центъра, мъглата понякога ми дотежава.
The city has sunk in mist. And its unique architecture assumes a special, magical effect.... But sometimes it's too much for me.

Тогава очите ми радват цъфналите коледничета вкъщи!
And then, when I come back home, I enjoy the beautiful flowers of  Schlumbergera.  Aren't they lovely?

Да, декември се топи... И се задава един прекрасен, шарен, уютен,  прелестен, радостен празник, чакан от малки и големи!:)
Yes, December is melting... And we are preparing to welcome the colourful, joyful, cosy, "home-sweet-home" Christmas and to share its marvels with our beloved ones!


И понеже до Бъдни вечер съм изключително заета с коледни работилнички и представления, нека ви пожелая отсега най-най-най сърдечно:

Весела Коледа на вас и всички, които обичате!

We've been very busy with Christmas workshops, rehearsals, performances and other activities for/with children! That's why I take the occasion that I have a free evening today, to send my warmest greetings for a

Merry Christmas to all of you, my dear friends and followers!

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  1. Love the ice sculptures, and especially the pop-up cards.
    Very creative.

    1. I'm curious to see how many days the sculptures will endure - they are carved out of special ice, of course...
      Making pop-up cards is my new passion!:) I'm glad the children and their parents managed pretty well!

  2. Merry Christmas to you Rossichka. I hope it is joyful, peaceful and full of colour.

    1. Thank you, Charlotte! The same to you! And unceasing inspiration!
      Oh, I can't believe the time for Christmas greetings has come again!:)

  3. Your December looks beautiful and exciting. So many amazing things to enjoy and appreciate.
    (I might steal the Christmas pop up card idea next year...)
    Happy holidays Rossichka!

  4. Thanks, Sasa! The same to you!
    I am still hoping to send two pop-up greeting cards to friends of ours. Only that I can't find time to make them in the way I want...:(

  5. Oh Rossichka, I do know what you mean about grabbing a free moment in late December when you see it appear.

    How happy I am to see the ice sculptures (we've not even had proper overnight frosts here yet) and also those amazing fish creations. They are beautiful!

    Tonight, I hope to actually do another Christmas post myself. My eyes are already tired, but ... I think that the Christmas spirit will carry me through.


    1. Good morning! A very intense day is beginning for me... But what a better for a start than a message from a friend? Thank you, Frances and byeeeeeeeeee....:)
      By the way, yesterday I checked out the ice sculptures - nearly all of them were damaged by the high (for the ice, not for us!) temperatures... :(

  6. ice sculptures are a joy to see,
    temporary art.
    we have had misty days lately too, there is something magical about the glimpses they offer.
    such sweet and cheerful art! pop ups are so much fun. i have never tried making them. lovely holidays to you!

  7. Oh, you should try to make pop ups! It's such a pleasure! Here's a tutorial...:) http://wp.robertsabuda.com/pop-make-christmas-tree/
    I do hope you are better now! Have a good rest during the holidays and may the Christmas spirit enlighten your days and nights, Tammie!xx

  8. Dear Rossi, you found a lot of beautiful things again! Where to begin? The ice figures seem to have escaped from a fairytale! And the cd fishes !!! What a great idea. The pearl color is so fun and so fishy. Like Sasa I will try out a pop up card too some day! But most of all I like your windowsill. It looks so cosy, so warm, so home sweet home. The angel, the beautiful stones, the little, crocheted cloth, the jazz card, the bare trees.
    I wish you very pleasant days and a happy New Year!!!
    Love you, Hedwig

    1. Dear Hedie, you'll enjoy the making of a pop-up card, I'm sure. The link is in my answer to Sasa. The CD fish is not our idea, but we made several samples, using different materials to provoke the children's imagination.
      The windowsill? I didn't have an idea it might impress someone so much...:) I love it, too, and make some changes from time to time... The angel is from Kenya, the stones - from our seaside, Cyprus and England, the Jazz card is from a fantastic exhibition on the theme that a friend of ours recently had - he's a master of watercolour drawing! And the other stones were drawn by my husband...
      I wish you a very Merry Christmas with lovely presents and a house, full of love, laugh and festive mood! Our son has come, hope yours are with you, too! BIG hugs! xx

  9. Hi Rossi !! December was. Christmas came, and yes it is busy
    we are in summer (these ice sculptures would not last one minute here) and are preparing the Christmas Eve dinner, in fact, in my country we celebrate, Christmas Eve. It is a warm night, we eat outside the home and drink cold drinks. Total opposite to Europe! Some day i would love to spend one Christmas into a cold weather!!! , I can not imagine how they are!!!!.
    Like Sasa and Hedwig. I also want to make a pop card (in fact I already tried and had no good result) I swear I did not realize that fish are CD! Very funny! I love the drawing of the latest pop card!
    Well, I read that your son is with you !! Hallelujah! One of my daughters and my son are with us !! I wish for you and your family much happiness, hard work and good health !!
      I send a hug from my heart !!! ♥

    1. My dear friend! Your house is full now and your heart is singing -is there anything better for a Christmas Eve and New Year holidays? We wish you with my husband wonderful time spent together!
      I think there's a special charm of welcoming the New Year in a snowy, cold weather! Everything is somehow cosier then - the warmth at home, the beauty outside... I wish you to feel it one day!:)
      Well, actually we had quite a warm and sunny day today. But... the snow is coming and probably we will have a snowy beginning of 2015.:)
      Be happy, all of you!! Hugs!!

  10. Thanks Rossichka !!! Already spent Christmas Eve, Christmas is over. and now await the last night of the year !. OH !!!! all this separated me from my work, and now, it is laborious return to it! Have a good weekend! :)

    1. There's a big change here - the snow came!...:) I'm planning to have a good rest at home the next several days... at last!:D