неделя, 30 ноември 2014 г.


Потърсих ги преди няколко дни. Сетих се, че са скътани в една картонена кутия. През зимните месеци се бях върнала към хартиените изрезки, после обаче "колелото се завъртя" и ги изоставих. От позиция на изминалото време новите лица вече са стари, но все така сладки и готови да ме отведат до множество други лица и територии. Нямам търпение!!
Ето някои от тях...

I remembered I had put them in a cardboard box. To keep them from smashing and tearing. This winter I was very active in papercutting, but soon life matters made me drop the scissors and I used it just sporadically. Oh, my new faces! So nice to see them again! Well, they are "old" now, but inspire me to discover where the ideas, generated in them, will lead me to. I'm comiiiiing!:))
Here're some of them...

Денят е сив, а и цветовете на хартията са бледи, така че не се получиха много добри снимки, съжалявам..:(

Sorry for the pics quality - it's a grey day here, besides the paper sheets are in pale colours...:(

P.S. Maybe you've seen the first face before, but it's one of my favourites from that period!:D

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  1. Beautiful! I love seeing these paper faces (and pebbles) in your posts so much. :)

    1. Thanks, Maja! Pebbles? I connect them only with summer, but maybe winter is also suitable for pebble drawings? We've brought so many from the seaside, even now we are trying to find them a place!:D

  2. How are you, my friend ?. I'm back at home, and today, Sunday, I came to see your blog. It's been a month and I saw here a lot of new things. (I will write only in this last post)
    Well, you know, I admire your work with children, it is something that not everyone can, or know, to do. Now I'm thinking it's a bit like perdure, yourself, in the future, because each of these children,will never forget you, I'm sure.
    It's great that you keep working with your scissors, and that you have new ideas, and projects. To do that is also a way of living beyond our today, to beat the time, but obviously when you live in the memory of a person, I think it is more durable than anything material in this world that we can leave when "we close the last door"
    Oh. I became melancholy! Sorry! :)
    OK I'm happy to walk around the blogs of my friends, and see that you still there doing wonderful things! A big kiss as the highest mountain in the world! :)

    1. Oh, what a lovely surprise - welcome back, Roberto! It's needless to say that I missed you, but I knew you were smiling and your heart was beating happily somewhere across the continents! Hope you have very sweet memories and they will keep you warm inside very, very long! No tears, yes?!xx
      Thank you for finding time to visit my place and to say such friendly, encouraging words! The love between the children and us is mutual. Maybe we will leave deeper traces in some of them, we'd like that!
      Bye for now, best wishes to you and your wife for a quiet week at home!xox

  3. Hi rossichka, how beautiful work you have here for us, how beautiful is each one of your paper faces, you tell us a big story with each one, the first one is a beauty, a King or a Queen, and looks a Little worry, thinking on what to do today, thinking on its people? love all about it, and most its hands!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work again. Have a great day!

  4. Hello, Ale! Yes, this is a Sad King. Worrying about something or someone (you can choose that)! And ready to pray... Thank you, I also think there's a story behind each face.:)
    Happy December!

  5. Great to open a box and find your old friends in there! And they look just as new because you didn't see them long time.
    I like your faces, specially the two smiling 'men'. They are all different characters. I find it amazing that you still can think of new faces. When I cut like that(once in 10 years :)) I always make more or less the same face. (And very rough and clumsy) You draw with the scissors! It's so beautiful all people have such different ways and materials to express themselves.
    Keep the work going! Love, Hedwig

    1. This is a deep desire inside me - papercutting... Only that I can't afford myself the pleasure of doing it as much as I want - for hours and hours and very long days. I gather carefully different sheets of paper - "just in case" ,and use the last minutes of the day to work with the scissors...:)
      I like the eyes of those smiling men. One is a Chinese for sure. :)When I begin cutting I don't know who will appear at the end. My hand leads me and I find it exciting.
      Thank you, Hedie!!!! You are right that different people express themselves through different means of arts and crafts. And yes, it IS beautiful! XOX

  6. it is so lovely to see your faces
    i was just thinking how you have your own style
    i think if i saw these paper cuttings anywhere that i would think of you!

  7. A face for every occasion, a face for everyday and a face for holidays, a face to continue to wonder and an indifferent face for banalities, a face so sad because we cannot avoid bad moments and a very angry face to react when we have to.

    Hugs and kisses,

  8. I am impressed that my papercuts have provoked you to write this, Rosi!
    Yes, we have different faces, but not everyone shows all of them... And yes, each of these paper faces expresses a certain emotion and behind it there's a story that can be told... In paper maybe?;)
    Big hugs for a Good night!:)

  9. I really missed visit your blog!! This seams a really cool papercut work.

  10. So many different characters created with few simple cuts. (Or I am not sure if they are so simple but still...)
    Every time I see your paper cuts I make myself a mental note: buy some colorful paper, good scissors and give it a try... It looks so fun and relaxing.
    Hope you get chance to realize some of your new ideas soon!

    1. I think that when you feel ready, the scissors will find you!:)
      These papercuts lie in a new box now, together with some paper experiments... But I am already rather busy with Christmas projects for children, so I'll do what I'll do maybe during the holidays... Have a lovely Sunday, Sasa!

  11. hi its me.. remember?

    sorry i was here on your blog yesterday but i was too shy to say anything, i dont know why.
    i just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for every words you said on my blog, thats very nice of you Rossi!

    i am sorry because i havent been online and abandoned my blog too much, therefore i really appreciate your visit to my blog.

    Take care and happy holidays to you and your family :)

    Much love xox

    1. Thank you, Mita! Time and distance are not boundaries to stop us saying "hi!" and "Be happy!"
      Happy Holidays! Hope to see you in your wonderful blog again soon!:))