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Има нещо красиво, трогателно и сплотяващо в продължаването на традициите. Тези моменти правят ежедневието ни празнично, цветно и вълнуващо. Пораждат много усмивки и искрена радост! Превръщат се в скъпи спомени. Изпълват семейните албуми и папките в компютрите с щастливи моменти.
Това си мислех вчера по време на съботната работилничка на нашата Група за театър "Камила", наблюдавайки деца и възрастни, ентусиазирани и увлечени в сътворяването на нещо красиво - в оцветяването на великденски яйца.

Following traditions teaches us about our past, makes us feel responsible for keeping them alive, but also evokes a special atmosphere of joy, inspiration and sense of  togetherness. 
Such thoughts came up to my mind yesterday after our Theatre group's workshop, dedicated to Easter dyeing of eggs.
Показахме на децата украсата със зеленина - много им хареса!

We showed the children a technique of using fresh green leaves and grass.

Ето малка част от резултатите...

They enjoyed it and here're some of the results...

След това дойде време за рисуването с восък, познато само в един район на България. Интересът беше голям, а някои по-големи деца показаха усет за тази техника.

Then came time for an old Bulgarian wax technique, known only in one region of the country. It needs the usage of a special instrument.

Тя е доста трудна и изисква търпение, концентрация и добра координация. Вижте какво се получи!

It's not easy at all - needs a lot of patience,concentration and coordination. But the children were fantastic!

Вкъщи направих любимите си "шарени" яйца (с олио), но опитах и нещо ново - с елементи от залепваща се хартия.

At home I made my tradional "multi coloured" eggs and tried something new - using scotch paper. 
Засега се разминавам с восъчната техника, но съпругът ми става все по-добър!:)

To be honest, I cannot apply the wax technique... But my husband is really good at it!

Всяка година очаквам с нетърпение великденската закуска! Този път - за двама...:(

I love so much the Easter breakfast! This year it was for two...:(

ХРИСТОС ВОСКРЕСЕ! Да има много любов и топлина в живота ви!

Wishing you all HAPPY EASTER! Light, warmth and love to fill up your life!

П.П. Снимки - мои и на Цветомир Цветанов.
P.S. Photos - by T.Tsvetanov and me.

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  1. Hi, Dear Rossi!
    Happy Easter to You and your family!
    I love seeing the concentration that children put at working
    The result is wonderful. I think that technique I saw in Bali, applied by the artists who make batik, and working with wax on silk fabric. It really is not simple.
    I really do not know where you and your husband take power.! Admirable. You, are always active!
    OK. I understand the reason for your face :(
    and your comment about Easter for two.
    Something like that happens to us. this year only came to spend the Easter with us one of my daughters with her husband (the son was working and could not come, and my other daughter lives far away) and we had some really beautiful days, but when the family is dispersed, and the children are not at the table, a little bit of sadness appears in any moment.
    Right, enough!!!! is best to think of Joy! :))))
    Rossichka, I wish a good week for you! and I congratulate you for your energy! :))))

    1. Hello, my friend! Thanks for the comforting words! You understand pretty well how I'm feeling, I understand you on my turn, too! I've always known that time will come when the child "leaves the nest". But I didn't expect it to be so painful...
      Our grown-up children need to be free to find and walk their own path in life... I'm just thinking (from a parent's point of view now) that my Mum and Dad were, perhaps, also silently suffering about me during the long years I was far away from home...?!
      Having such DEAR guests for Easter? Oh, your hearts must be full of happiness now!...
      What about our enthusiasm and energy... Thank you! We simply love what we do - maybe that's the key. But, of course, we feel tired. When? When we get back home and close the door... It's inevitable!:)
      How is the weather at your place? Is it a soft, beautiful Autumn or it's a rainy and cold one? Happy new week to you and your wife, Roberto! xx

    2. Do you know what? I've been thinking about the children who are away from home, and I think we should not think that only the parents feel the pain of absence
      the distance between us and them, is the same between them and us, I mean. they are away from their loved ones, parents, siblings, cousins​​, uncles. and no matter if they are young, they miss like us, and are away from their usual, and their language.
      This is not about being a comfort. is a reflection about this. separation is always difficult. and sad, anyway, I'm not a selfish father, do not want my children to be tied to me. I want happiness and progress in your own life.
      Have a nice week Rossichka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))

    3. You are right! I have nothing to add or refute... But then comes LOVE, that connects us and makes us smile and be stronger.

  2. Such beautiful Easter eggs.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank YOU for stopping by! We were happy with the result (I can't show all the photos here). And at home we'll keep (not eat!) the most beautiful eggs - just for pleasure.:)

  3. Rossichka, these ways of decorating eggs are different from those we used as children. Our wax designing came via "Crayola" wax crayons. We could draw on the undyed egg, then dip that egg into a color dye and see which of our drawn lines actually resisted the dye.

    The use of the natural leaves surely creates a lovely, mysterious design.

    It's great to see the photographs of those children having such a good time. I would love to have been able to sit at that table, too. I haven't dyed any eggs in decades! Maybe next year. xo

    1. I believe it could have a been a wonderful time for you, attending our workshop!... O.K., if you decide next year to try the "leaves" technique, I will give you more details.:)
      Do you know the egg tapping tradition? Here's some information...
      Have a lovely new week, Frances!

  4. E' un post meraviglioso, pieno di emozione e di atmosfera!

    Spero che tu abbia passato dei giorni sereni e gioiosi!

    I miei giorni di festa non sono finiti perchè ritorno a scuola il prossimo lunedì, e mi auguro di impegnare bene questo tempo: in modo creativo si intende!

    Un abbraccio, un bacione! A presto, Rosi

    1. Thank you, Rosi! We are busy , as usual, with our workshops and theatre/craft/creative writing groups at different schools.
      It's so nice to be at home and to enjoy the holiday creating beauties - I'm eager to see your next ones!
      The last couple of months I was occupied with the directing of "Thumbelina" . My previous post is about it - have you read it?
      Happy Holiday!xxx

  5. Rossichka, wow, absolutely amazing results!!! Using a leaf was completely new idea to me and the end result is so beautiful and sophisticated. All the other eggs are great too, next year I want to try as well...

    1. The leaf technique is very pleasant and easy. And the results are always beautiful! Here's how to do it...Put the leaf in a cup of water for a second and then apply it to the egg. Cut a piece of a stocking and put the egg carefully in it. Stretch the stocking, so that no edges remain on the egg. Tie it with a thread and put it into the vessel with the dye. After 5 minutes (or less) take it out, untie the stocking , take off the leaf and leave the egg for a while to dry out... Polish it with cooking oil. That's it!:) Thanks for the interest, Sasa!

    2. Amazing techniques! Rossichka, this is such an interesting post. Thank you. Happy Easter to you.

    3. I'm happy you liked the eggs, Robyn! If you are interested, I have "old" posts on the theme, under the label "Easter".
      I've just read the "gorgeous nothing" in you post. I'm so excited! Guess what - I'm going to order the book, thank you!:)))

  6. Hallo Rossichka, I am a bit late on your blog. I had easter guests too (mom and very good friend) You are always so busy. I looked in the dictionary and the word for you is: a dynamo. Your eggs are amazing! I like to try the leave technique, but I also had a table without children, and decorating eggs on my own is no fun.
    Take care and have a good rest from time to time! Love, Hedwig

  7. Hello, Hedie! So, you've had a nice holiday, shared with people you love!:)
    I explained the "leaf" technique to Sasa - it's never late to try it! Here everyone dyes eggs and "exchanges" them with relatives and friends for health and good luck - so their quantity never changes! We eat them with kozunak and this combination is very delicious!
    Yes, I need a rest, my body is quite tired... We have some important upcoming engagements with my husband, so my time to feel a little bit free is right now! Hugs, my dear friend!:)

  8. Such amazingly beautiful eggs and lucky children to learn a lovely craft from you :D
    Thumblina is so pretty and the show looks awesome. All the best of luck with it.xxx

    1. Thank you SO much! We are still in a festive mood! We've decided not to eat some of our eggs, but to keep them for a while just to make the home pretty...:D
      I need wishes for good luck, Kimberley! Everything was O.K. with the first performances, children liked the story, but I'm still not very calm... It's always like that in the beginning. xx

  9. All these eggs turned out wonderful, really a joy to see.
    I can only imagine the children going home with their eggs feeling proud and happy!

    1. Yes! Especially the bigger boys were proud. And we are glad that they learnt something that will use in future!:) Thank you, Tammie!

  10. They are all very hie but the one of the leaf is the best!

  11. Thank you! I like the leaves very much, too!:)
    Have you seen the photos from my previous post? If not, I suppose your children will enjoy them!:)