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Това е Палечка. Вчера се появи пред първата си публика. На драматична сцена. И благодарение на таланта на тази прекрасна млада актриса, наистина оживя!
This is Thumbelina. Yesterday she met her first audience in Rousse Drama Theatre. This beautiful young actress felt her soul and gave her life!
През последните два месеца и половина живях с "Палечка" - от написването на драматизацията, през работата със сценографа и композитора, анализа на маса, изработването на декора, костюмите и куклите и създаването на видеоанимацията - до репетициите на сцена. И най-накрая - дойде денят на първото представление и премиерата! Ура-ура!:0) (Декорът и костюмите са на Елица Георгиева ("Икар" '2014),  кукли - Лиляна Василева.  А музиката на Пламен Мирчев-Мирона е великолепна!)
During the last two months and  a half I lived with "Thumbelina" - writing the dramatization, working with the scenographer (Elitza Georgieva) and the composer (Plamen Mirchev-Mirona), rehearsing with the actors until the day of the premiere came. Hurrah!!:0)

Предлагам ви кратък  визуален разказ.
Welcome to a short photo presentation of the performance!
"Защо ми е да се женя бе, мамо?
"Защото така трябва бе, сине!"
"Все напред и напред!... Виждам чудни места! Слънце грее над мен. Ах, къде ли ще спра?"
"Ами че тя няма крилца като нас!!"

"Прегърмя. Заваля. Ах, къде да се скрия? Да не бъда сама... Някой друг да открия..."
 "Кой ли звъни? Сигурно е моят съсед..."
"Палечке, ще останеш ли да презимуваш у дома?"
"Благодаря ти за песните през лятото, мила лястовичке!"
"Къде ли е нашата Палечка?..."
"Нямаш изход! Наесен се омъжваш!"
"Ти ме спаси, сега аз ще спася теб!"
"Не плачете, съседе!..."
" Как да не плача! Знаете ли колко боли?"
"Тук е твоят дом!..."
 "Ах, нима съм елфа?!"
"Да, ще стана твоя жена!"

Мили мой Андерсен, стремих се да остана вярна на приказката ти - като история и емоция. Да поведа актьорите в твоя свят, да ги увлека... За да развълнуваме децата в салона. Дано успеем!...
A performance about the obstacles and the barriers we meet, while trying to find out our place in the world, about freedom and the right to be happy.
I tried to stay true to HCAndersen's fairytale, to involve the actors in its specific atmosphere, to make them fall in love with it... I hope we'll touch the children... 

Може да видите интервю и репортаж по повод премиерата  тук (старт на 68-та минута)...:)
Here is a TV interview about the premiere (starting at the 68th minute)...:)

П.П Снимките са от първото представление. Фотограф - Йордан Бакалов.
P.S. Photos by Yordan Bakalov.

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  1. Oh Rossichka, you touched my heart! Seeing the photo's I can feel the emotions. The Thumbelina puppet is very cute and the big Thumbelina is beautiful. She looks so serious, so into her role. And all the creatures! The toad and the mole and the poor swallow, the costumes are amazing. And the rain scene! Wow! The flower prince looks very handsome!
    I really wish I could sit in the theatre and watch the performance. Prerhaps I should take that train to Ruse...
    I wish you and the performers good luck and great critics and that you be famous in the whole of Bulgaria!!! XXX Hedwig

    1. Thank you from all my heart, my friend! I'm feeling really flattered! Oh, how I wish I saw you in the audience!:D
      He-he, the train station is still functioning!!

  2. Love these scenes.
    Great Thumbelina theater.

  3. Amazing! Rossichka.
    You are an important person, (I do not say because I want to be flattering) I say this because I really feel that I am lucky that you come to my blog, take the time to leave comments, or you send me a letter with gifts, or you can play a game of sending cards, and to be so kind, and have such a good mood. and also put on stage these works, which consume much of your time,
    It is an honor for me to leave my comments here, and that you answer it. Really!!!!.

    OK. I will try to take that train, book one seat for me... but I do not think I get to the station on time, before, I must to cross the Atlantic. :)
    Have a nice weekend, my dear friend! and I wish you all the success in the world! (although I know this should not be to say, ha ha)

    1. Thank you, my dear Roberto! It's so comforting to read such words now, when the tension is over, and all the difficult moments are in the past... Today I try not to think about work, I need so much a good rest!! My brain and body are so tired... Still I have to do a liiiittle bit more in order to make the performance better, but after the weekend, definitely not now.
      I am not that special at all, just a woman who loves her profession!:-)
      I don't know whether by train, car or plane, but it would be fantastic if we meet one day... somewhere... Hedie, you and me!:DDD xxx

    2. Only, we believe from our hearts that can happen, and will happen.
      someday, tomorrow, next year, in our next life, it will happen.
      OK. I came to wish you and your loved ones, Happy Easter! :)♥

    3. Happy Easter Holiday to you and your family, too! Are you going to welcome dear guests?:) xx

  4. Dear Rossichka, you have created a very beautiful and moving production of Thumbelina. Your interpretation must be a delight to children of all ages!

    I think that you understand nature very well, and this helps you in creating such evocative costumes, settings and how to share your talent with many others.

    Thank you so much! xo

    1. Thank you, dear Frances!:) I worked for the first time in a Drama theatre, but about the children's audience, as usual. According to the reactions during the first performances, the kids are involved in the story. Hope, we touch their souls!
      The costumes and the settings are the scenographer's idea (a young talented lady, who received recently a national theatre award.)

  5. oh how very wonderful! I can tell that there was much care and passion put into all the details. It must have been a wonderful experience for you and also for those who saw the performance!

  6. Oh, thank you, I do hope so!
    I am still very exhausted, but the magical Spring will cure me...:))

  7. Wow. Such a magical illustration of a magical tale! I adore Thumbelina's story and your photos show how wonderfully you have portrayed it. I'm sure you received a standing ovation for this performance. :)

    1. I tried to do my best, beginning with the dramatization. While writing it, I was completely obsessed by Thumbelina and HCAndersen..:) It's been a hard process of finding the major "tune" of the whole - words, music, vision, acting... Now it's up to the actors!

  8. This looks amazing! One of my favorite stories. The costumes and staging looks fabulous. I am glad it was a success! much hard work and dedication by everyone involved, but rewarding.

    1. Yes, the work was very hard, but the result is worth it, though I would like to better some details here and there!:D I like "Thumbelina", too. I dreamt to put it on stage for about 10 years...
      I'm so happy you liked the stage-decision!

  9. Отговори
    1. I wore it in my heart and thoughts for about ten years... It's very exciting to sit among the children's audience!:)

  10. I am sending you heartfelt thanks for your kind comment on my blog and the reference you offered concerning Terri Windling's work on Rapunzel which I have read before and found equally interesting! It is a true joy to discover your fascinating work here on this blog and I will certainly return with great enthusiasm.

    Stephanie, your newest follower.

    1. You are welcome!:) It was through Rapunzel theme that I found Terri Windling's blog and wrote her about my performance. You can see some pics from it under the label Rapunzel.
      Thanks for following my blog!:)

  11. Hello. I just followed a link here from Frances at City Views Country Dreams. What an amazing production this looks to be, and so arresting visually. I find myself wishing I could see it :)