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Ето я и нея!... Вече са двама. Отново заедно. Спокойни и влюбени. След няколкомесечен полет над континенти, океани и морета... О, ако щъркелите можеха да говорят - какво ли щяха да ни разкажат за пътешествията си?

So here they are... He and She. Two lovely storks. Together again. After a long fly across the world - over continents, oceans and seas. Can you imagine that?? Oh, if they could tell us about their adventures! 


Моята блог-приятелка Але иска да направи подарък на някого - непременно посетете блога й. Надявам се, че персонажите й ще ви развеселят и ободрят - истински герои от анимационен филм!

My dear blog friend Ale has a giveaway! You could read about it here. Enjoy her sweet, cheerful characters - they always make me smile and feel like a child! I hope you will like them, too:)

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  1. Hello, beautiful and creative woman!
    Thanks for your comment, have you noticed that I always write sad things? I do not know why. I'm a happy guy, but what I write sounds sad. (material for Freud) :)
    I do not care, I'm no friend of psychologists!
    You know that this house where I live in now, it was a small vacation home, we came every year to spend the summer with our children. and every summer a couple of swallows coming from the northern hemisphere, made ​​their nest on the roof, one day, I put poison to kill a dangerous wasps (I'm allergic to their sting) and swallows never returned . What a pity! Stupid me!
    With Ale, and other friends, illustrators, I am making card exchange, as we did before with you and other friends! She is an excellent friend and artist!
    Have a nice week Rossichka!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, my! How could I miss answering you, Roberto?! SORRY!... I was really very busy, you know with what. But I will post about it today, so stay tuned!;-)
      It's a sad story about the swallows, but you should not feel guilty!
      I'm curious to see the result of this creative exchange! xx

  2. My gosh, what beautiful pictures of the storks and I'm so happy they're together again, thank you for sharing their story :D
    Talking of happy, I so enjoyed the video from your beautiful town. What a lovely, pretty place you live in and the people were so talented, especially the little boy break-dancing!
    Hopefully horse pictures coming soon, I just have to work through the many deer pictures filling my head!
    I hope you're well, sweet friend. xxx

    1. I'm happy on my turn that these pics brought you joy and inspiration! Of course that you can use them to draw from! What an honour!:)
      My town has a very beautiful old architecture and I must dedicate a post to it.
      I am well, thank you, but a little confused and quite tired, because I've been having rehearsals the last couple of weeks and the premiere is "knocking on the door"!
      Have a lovely new week, Kimberley!xx

  3. I forgot to ask if I could use one of the stork pictures to draw from, they're just so inspiring to me :D

  4. Again, you share with us a beautiful story, and photos, a couple again at home, always home, whish we could talk with this couple, lots of stories they must have to tell us, stories about places and people, we coulp spend hours listening to them,
    Thanks so much for your Note about my giveaway, yes, I welcome all your friends, to leave a comment,
    Have a beautiful Day.!

    1. Yes, what unbelievable stories they could tell us... But because they cannot talk and we cannot understand their language, it's up to writers and illustrators to suggest and imagine how such a long fly might look like...:0)
      I do hope someone will read about your giveaway, Ale!

  5. Анонимен30.03.14 г., 15:50

    och I send the beautiful love birds and you my love :-)!! X

  6. Отговори
    1. Me, too! If I have the chance to see them again - who knows, maybe there'll be baby storks in the nest?;)

  7. Rossichka, seeing the two storks resting together in their nest makes me smile. I wonder if they have raised other baby storks in prior years? Perhaps you will be able to let us know if their will be new additions to that family this spring/

    I am imagining all the possibilities of stork puppets appearing in/on a nest stage. A little springtime performance.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments over at my place. xo

    1. Dear Frances, this is a very good idea to have stork characters in a puppet performance about spring, thank you!:)
      I will try to have a look at that nest until Autumn, so stayed tuned!:D xx